Financial Apartheid Britain Today !

Intentional of otherwise, Prime Minister David Cameron is presiding over the erection of yet another Financial Apartheid barrier against the aspiring working classes, no doubt to appease Wall Street Banks.

This time its the nursing profession, where once upon a time it was open to anyone bright enough through on the job training, now you need a university qualification, which was perhaps fair enough when our NHS paid all the costs.

However, now our young nurses are to be saddled with up to 60k of debt, and therefore pay a ” Private Tax ” to the loan provider, who if said nurse falls into arrears may force them to kill or cripple one of their patients.

It may even be the case that after aforementioned ” Private Tax ” said nurse could end up working for less than George Osborne’s ” Living Wage ” as expected to be paid to unskilled staff like cleaners. That is not to say that cleaners are unimportant to the efficient operation of our NHS.

In an ideal pro education and advancement of our Human Race society in general, perhaps all Health, Science and Engineering university education should be free, but with the proviso that graduates should work at home for at least the first Ten Years.

The same principle applies to the current BMA dispute, and casting back in my mind to 1994, here’s a horror story about a Registrar, perhaps just like the one squealing on BBC Question time last Thursday.

I’m almost certain that I was deliberately infected with MRSA at the Royal Preston Hospital when they closed up the operation on my back which crippled me. When I was in the High Dependency bay the lazy idle night shift nurses risked damaging my kidneys by not emptying my full catheter bag, ( already done it once that shift ) my operation was postponed for a week as the brain tumor case in the theater before me used up too much ” anesthetic time “.

I had my operation on a Tuesday and by Friday afternoon the had me walking in great pain, the brain tumor lad was ready to go home, his operation apparently a complete success. However, the large wound on the right side of his head burst open and he was kept in over the weekend. I joined him on the end bay the Saturday morning and we soon became friends, he worked as a HGV tyre fitter at Preston and lived on the Shadsworth Council Estate at Blackburn.

Anyway at first he showed no adverse symptoms, but later that nigh he started to lose control of his right arm, by Sunday morning you could smell the wound, his arm was worse plus his sight was affected in his right eye. The nurses and registrar were well aware of his predicament yet the consultant was not called and only found out on his regular early morning round on Monday.

My friend was rushed down to theater for an emergency operation, when he came back he was on the high dependency by with drip feed antibiotics up. I don’t know if he made a full recovery, but perhaps like me he was too good at his job and therefore an obstacle to corporate puppet politicians intentions.


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