Bogus Freedom Champions APPLE = APPLE Terrorists Best Friend !

The fact that Apple inc is going to challenge the FBI’s request to access its encrypted iphone records must infer that Apple has something bigger to hide, perhaps that San Bernardino like the Paris and Tunisia terrorist attacks were all coordinated using apple encryption along with and covertly financed via Bitcoin.

Its pretty clear to me that some of the victims of the aforementioned terror attacks were targeted Assassinations, and perhaps if said victims were not iphone subscribers themselves, perhaps they had texted an Apple user to say they would be there.

It must be Apple’s duty of care to allow the FBI or any other law enforcement agency to access its encrypted databases, even if only as key to protecting the future safety of its lawful users.

The fact that Apple frequently brandishes its ” Green ” credentials must prove my long held assertion that alleged Environmental NGO’s are a far greater threat to our western civilisation than your average Muslim ever was. Perhaps ISIS / ISIL are actually Green Muslims, but then many claim POTUS Obama is a Muslim, and it rather looks as though his oppo’s assassinated the US Supreme Court Judge who blocked his equivalent of our UK 2008 Climate Change Act.

Poor old guy murdered for standing up for the US Constitution, apparently fit as a butcher’s dog at 79, no pre existing medical conditions dies suddenly and allegedly no autopsy ?

Am I missing something here or do we need good old Quincy ME on the case !


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