£4000 Reconditioned Exchange Toyota Prius Batteries ?

I had my first ride in a Toyota Prius yesterday and it cropped up in my conversation with the Taxi Driver that a company was offering aforementioned batteries with a One Year Warranty, I was impressed with its performance at first but later in the journey after hard slogs up banks its performance dulled significantly suggesting a potential battery capacity deficiency.

Anyway its seems pretty clear to me now that said exchange batteries had probably simply had the defective cells bridged, which probably means that they could set on fire whilst charging and write the entire car off, perhaps convenient if you have been sucked in by the Hybrid scam and need a way out ?

Of course the same principle applies to full electric cars fitted with Green Tech Lithium / Iron batteries, and perhaps the manufacturers of such have been ” bodging them up ” at the works prior to dispatch to the companies which use them. Of course this my be essential to retain profits from a technology which like with Micro-Chips, the tooling for which is far too precision critical to be ultimately reliable enough for long term production runs.

Those of you who regularly follow my NollyPrott blog will be aware of my assertion that both the 4U924 Alps Crash and MH370 were caused by Green Tech battery malfunctions. Taking the possibilities further perhaps in the case of 4U925 the batteries had been ” reconditioned “, or in the case of Mh370 the batteries were defective from new and fitted to an order for planes you desired to bankrupt. Of course if you bankrupted you target company it would have been advisable to take out a Credit Default Swap or some other stock market derivatives to ensure you got you money back.

That would appear to be the case with Air Malaysia, especially after the Ukraine Wall Street puppet Government with Oligarch President got their air force to shoot down MH17, whilst at the same time murdering the WHO guy from Blackpool with the cure for AIDS based on NHS ” Pink Compound “. All in order that Monsanto could grow Bio-Ethanol to sell via EU and US alleged renewable fuel directives as no sane farmer wants to feed GMO anything to his animals.

The same principle probably also applies to the ” Reconditioned ipads ” being sold on TV shopping channels like QVC, likewise those stupid things you could stand and ride round on, fall off and break you elbow they were selling for Xmas.

It would appear that TESLA is doomed, and perhaps the answer to electric cars is like I originally said back in 2009, batteries on a trailer but with a 500cc twin generator in the car itself in order to get you to the nearest battery exchange center in emergency. ( Electro-Diesel )

No doubt the truth will out shortly, I am informed that the Ukraine PM tells his extremely disgruntled with the outcome of their pro EU revolution people that they can’t have a new election, shades of Hitler in the 1930s. Meanwhile the French Tart at head of the IMF sustains the imploding Ukraine economy, perhaps in the vain hope that she wont get convicted for the corruption charges she is facing, that’s if Wall Street can still afford to bribe the judges !


2 thoughts on “£4000 Reconditioned Exchange Toyota Prius Batteries ?

  1. Think the small engine running at constant speed charging battery bank to power multi wheel small motors barely enough to drive at city speed limit is the most efficient system. ICE also produces the heat to keep the windows clean.

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