333 Freephone NHS UK Mental Health Crisis Hot-line Required !

As part of my undercover work exploring Lancashire Care mental health services provision I have been testing out the crisis line available 24/7/365 which could be improved and refined somewhat, even when the vast majority of the call operators appear caring and dedicated to actually helping people.

Perhaps the main handicap with the current system is that its aimed solely at existing mental health patients, plus its on a national rate call charge which means if you have no credit on your phone you can’t ring it, plus the first thing they do is almost demand you your name, perhaps not a good idea until the call operator has gained the caller’s confidence. Furthermore in may be advantageous to be offered a choice of either male of female call operator from the outset, and probably further enhanced by the call operator having the” local “area accent although Northern, Southern Welsh, Scottish or Northern Ireland should suffice.

It has to be a Win Win, create jobs whilst at the same time perhaps identifying Child Abuse, any attempts by rouge NHS operatives to kill patients allegedly in their care and other organised crime whilst saving the lives of often innocent victims of the pressures on modern life.


I only got one look at yesterdays terrorism case but it did cross my mind that the Asian ( healthcare corporate ) driver tracked to the air bases in East Anglia may have been employed via an Employment Agency and responsible for substituting poison batch number drugs for the safe thing. Likewise other persons employed by said agency may have been involved in sabotage attacks ( Arson etc ) on small business ?


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