Toxteth School Girls Injured OAP or ABS !?!

The said Liverpool ” Accident ” happened at school home time when the streets would have been busy but perhaps no problem on a wide road at 30 Mph with plenty of room to avoid any child stepping into the road without looking, plus once third central lane hatched off as a pedestrian refuge also.

Not much film footage to go off on our local TV news but it became apparent to me that another vehicle immediately preceding the Peugeot was probably involved as the actual cause of the said accident was probably someone braking sharply. Then in an attempt to avoid a rear end collision the unsuspecting OAP braked hard whilst swerving to the right, placing one wheel on the couloured central hatching.

That may have induced a malfunction in the ABS software causing the brakes to release and was perhaps compounded by salt lying in the central hatching. It may also be the case that the additive now commonly used to ” make the salt stick to the road ” may also have varied the coefficient of friction across an axle, therefore leading to ABS Malfunction.

Obviously dead easy for the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders SMMT to lubricate the investigating traffic officers with a BUNG of some payment in kind perhaps to another family member. Dead easy to blame the the OAP by claiming they have dementia, even if their eyesight is good and reaction times average, whilst perhaps also denying them their independence and right to family life !

Once back in the 1980s I was told a horror story about Merseyside Police by a guy who delivered ambulances on trade plates and who had broken down on the M62 early one morning only to be towed in by Police Contractors. He told how he later went to collect the ambulance at the contractors yard where he saw several obvious police officers nicking the tyres of cars towed in there and replacing them with bald ones.

I Do hope Merseyside Police has changed ideological direction since then !

Just to add it would appear that the current fad for wrap round streamlined combined headlight and indicator lenses may have been responsible for the seriousness of some of the unfortunate injuries.


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