UN Global Warming Fraud Caused Syrian CivilWar, Monsanto Ethanol Ukraine !

I was just thinking back to the various YouTube footage which sparked the explosion of the Syrian Civil War, far to traumatic to be shown on the TV news and once critical clip I could only bear to watch once only myself.

In the said clip. low Income Muslims protesting about the price of Paraffin ( kerosine ) ( the 99% constituent of Jet Fuel ) they used for cooking and heating their homes in winter, whilst at the time Crude Oil prices were at $120 a Barrel and predicted to rise yet further.

The angry Syrian demonstrators were headed by what appeared top be Syrian ” Middle Class ” tradesmen and Shopkeepers, down a wide road with modern buildings on each side and pushing back the Syrian Army brandishing AK 47’s. The Syrian army started firing into the air, yet the demonstrators pressed on, then suddenly one of the ” Middle Class ” demonstrators was shot square from the side into his lower jaw, obviously by a trained marksman with a ” Dum Dum ” bullet from a sniper rifle.

Anyway without going into too much gory detail it blew the unfortunate guy’s lower jaw clean off leaving his tongue dangling in mid air, not much blood but it was obvious he was going to die a horrible death unless someone ” shot him in the head ” and put him out of his misery first.

At this point I was going to go onto the Ukraine Revolution & subsequent Civil War which BBC Newsnight amply proved was due to a sniper located in a corporate owned Hotel who shot both sides almost certainly in order that Monsanto could sell GMO Maize to produce Ethanol Bio-Fuel. However, the case of the British Soldier jailed for shooting an injured Afghan Insurgent was probably a ” mercy killing ” as even if they had got said insurgent to hospital there was no future for him in his home country.

The rest is history now like the Ukraine Air Force Shot Down MH17 to get sanctions on Russia plus assassinate the NHS guy from Blackpool who had the cure for Aids based on studying my annual MoT blood tests at Clitheroe Health Centre. I suspect that several key Stock market criminals used said air disaster to Disappear like 9/11 when the stock market was totally insolvent then after the Dot Com boom. likewise Paris Attacks, Burkina Faso etc !


2 thoughts on “UN Global Warming Fraud Caused Syrian CivilWar, Monsanto Ethanol Ukraine !

  1. After I was forced to give up HGV driving I religiously watched BBC Open University programmes on BBC2 after midnight, in particular Earth Science presented from the Climategate fame University of East Anglia up until Tony Blair cut the funding in 2006.

    Earth Science examined all aspects of climate change theory yet concluded that all they could find was ” Man’s Fingerprint ” which is obviously the Heat Island effect of urban areas due to domestic heating and that stored in the buildings themselves, waste heat from burning fuel. I once read somewhere that a guy from mainland Europe back in the 17th Century ( before the invention of accurate thermometers ) noticed that it was warmer at night in towns and wrote down and recorded for posterity yet the Climate Science establishment deny the simple truth that Heat islands are man’s only contribution to Global Warming.


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