64Plate Peugeot308 DEATHTRAP AVIS Airport Rental !

On Christmas Day 2015 I was invited to our PYE family festive meal, although I couldn’t drive the 25 miles there as DVLC have revoked my driving licence, subject to appeal Auntie Joan Pye having been found dead at said Farm shortly before Xmas !

Anyway the remaining family attending were reluctant to pick me up as it would mean that the couldn’t drink Alcohol as they had to drive home, but my nephew could collect me if I got a Taxi Home. Anyway my cousin eventually said she would bring me home in her Landrover Discovery.

My nephew picked me up and we proceeded towards Chorley via the A50 A671 Harwood Bar Clayton Le Moors M65 #M6 Leyland, and whilst at first I was impressed with its performance the shime soon wore off. On the straight at cruising speed i noticed that my nephew was having to continually correct the steering like in one of the old Hollywod movies shot from the bonnet. You should safely be able both take your hand off the steering wheel momentarily to check if its pulling to one side if buying a second hand car. If riding shotgun in an HGV and observing the driver of said HGV one may well decern that a Drag Link End is hanging off, and if VOSA pull you in they will give you an instant prohibition. ( Electronic Power Steering ? )

It also became apparent to me that the electronic digital speedo was worse than useless informing the driver of he speed several seconds ago both on acceleration and deceleration, so easy prey for Average Speed Camera’s to put points on your licence and increase your increase your insurance premium !

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3 thoughts on “64Plate Peugeot308 DEATHTRAP AVIS Airport Rental !

  1. Before the Xmas meal I went along with my cousin in aforementioned Discovery to Buckshaw Village on the site of a Former ROF factory to deliver last minute Xmas boxes, whic I couldn’t really fault except for the gearbox software. She couldn’t quite make up her mind which geat to be in at probably accurately indicated 30 Mph, probably a deliberate fault in order to wear the gearbox long before the body fell to bits, force you to buy a warranty.

    Buckshaw Village reminded me of classical St Petersburg with loads of what appeared unocupied apartments surrounding a pathetic ROSPA approved Wickstead playground unlikely to excite anyone !

    Other problems with the 308 Death Trap included insufficient spring rate differential between front and rear suspension, plus the electric window wound wind full shut if you attempted to nudge it up a bit, and therefore could trap your arm !

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