Mystery Body SaddleWorth Moor LinkedIn Ian Brady ?!?

My gut instinct leads me to believe that the body of the mystery old man found dead on Saddleworth Moor ( allegedly by a Cyclist ) funded Ian Brady to commit the Moors Murders, and is linked with the wrongful conviction of Stephan Kishko !

It is highly probable that said old man used the Sharm el Sheik Air Crash to ” Disappear ” probably flew back from Moscow to Heathrow and probably stayed in a Corporate Hotel before setting out North the morning after. It was reported that he was sighted at Ealing Broadway Tube station so he must of had an Oyster Card ( or used Apple pay or some other card-less system ) , plus he would have had to change to the Circle Line to get to Euston. It is almost certain he used a Virgin Train to get to Manchester Piccadilly, thence without going public side of any barriers caught a First Group train from the east coast to Manchester Airport where he may have had a coffee and food from a corporate chain.

Then from Manchester Airport on a Fist Group train to Yorkshire perhaps alighting at Stalybridge, then First Bus to identified Greenfield Hotel to ” Ask Directions “, where again he probably took refreshments including Alcohol to make the fatal drug overdose which almost certainly killed him more effective. Then was taken by a large local Taxi company ( with corporate Travel Agents Airport Contract ) to the nearest accessible by car and turn round possible location close to where the body was found.

Either the taxi driver or the cyclist who found the body removed all his identity documentation or he may have handed his documents in at the Greenfield Hotel, at which the cyclist may have been a ” regular “. even if the taxi driver was a Muslim. It may also be the case that said pub is frequented by MP for Oldham West Debbie Abrams and other members of her constituency Labour party. as also frequented by senior retired GM police officers who as ” virgin constables ” may have been involved in the aforementioned Stefan Kishko Case.

The cause of the ” Mystery Man’s ” death was not made public but it may be a critical test of the integrity of the Medical Examiner and GMP Forensics, but the above should suffice for now !


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