Zika Orangutan EU IV Reich Carbon Trading Implosion !

I could go on and detail overseas examples of Corporate Ethnic Cleansing in places like Uganda where 1000s of subsistence farmers were thrown off their land and an entire village forcibly cleared in the name of a UK company Carbon Capture forestry project where rich people could buy credits to offset their flights for example and espouse their inner guilt about how their luxury lifestyle was impacting their revered mother earth. I am informed that WWF cleared an entire African village to make it theoretically safe enough from Prince Charles to go out there and present them an eco award, similarly their Tiger farming projects are ejecting the harmlessly farming locals and making good food productive land turn back to rough scrub, all those ethnically cleansed expected to go and live in perpetual poverty and squalor of the slums in the big cities. Time to forget the cute cuddly Polar Bear image and wake up to the fact that like the real thing they ( WWF etc ) will rip your head off given half the opportunity !

If only Pinocchio’s nose had been cut for timber, then perhaps we could have built ” Jerusalem ” in England’s green and pleasant land, not the virtual ” West Bank ” separation in a nation divided by financial apartheid we would appear to be heading for if current UK government policy is not changed entirely. We can be lighter in our footprint on the ecology of our planet if we demand that consumer goods must last a lifetime if you look after them properly, perhaps the only legislation that would be needed would be a ban on consumer credit for anything that didn’t last at least 30 years, for example a car you bought in your 20s that you could hand on to your kids when they in turn passed their driving test ?

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2 thoughts on “Zika Orangutan EU IV Reich Carbon Trading Implosion !

  1. https://nollyprott.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/the-alleged-unintended-consequences-of-the-carbon-dioxide-causes-climate-change-scam/

















  2. Holocaust Memorial Day !

    Dear Towers & Gornall ( Corporate Accountants ) Garstang Lancashire.

    Bill Gates wants a Billion Dead! Vaccines and Health Care will do the Job!

    Play video
    Update: Vaccines & Infant Mortality (A response to the ‘Nothing to see here’ trolls!) http://skepticdenialism.blogspot.com/…/vaccines-infant-mort… “The world today has 6.8 billion…
    Added on 28/02/2010

    Dear Taylor Gornall virtual slave bonded employee’s

    Thanks for giving the Wall Street NYSE, FTSE #DAX Corporate Nazi financial institutions who funded Hitler after he assassinated Rhone to start WW2, now the world faces the Agenda 21 Green Holocaust !



    My latest Article


    See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUJMR3BUm2s

    Although Gates could use the defence that Global Stock Markets would have crashed his Microsoft Share Price ?


    I had to seek Assylum in a Lancashire Care Mental hospital after I reported the ongoing corruption at Lancashire County Council in June of that year, even then the aforementioned financial institutions attempted to assassinate me there, which must constitute a War Crime under the Geneva Convention !

    It would appear that the figures you forwarded are in order and I therefore authorise you ( which may be subject to subsequent amendment in the next financial year ) to submit my Tax return to HMRC ASAP !

    Bet Goldman Sach & Monsanto are CAC-ing $0 although I like to make people SMI-LSE in the face of adversity !

    Happy New Year everyone !

    Yours in sport


    PS the reason why so many people in famine and conflict zones suffer from so many fatalities is probably that OXFAM etc & MSF etc are feeding already malnourished Human Beings GMO Maize likewise Hormone Milk with no market, plus aspartame instead of alleged evil Mary Poppins Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down !

    World cup fever 2010 ..avenue!!! 006.JPG

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