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Once upon a time I was an avid viewer of Channel 4 News and my favourite news presenter was Jon Snow, especially when he reported on how Shell arranged for the corrupt Nigerian government to HANG KEN SARA WIWA for standing up for the fundamental basic human rights of his fellow Ogoni people.

These days I find myself often watching Suicide Bomber TV plus RT Boom Bust for half reliable Wall Street business news, and when I had my ERF B-Series Six Wheeler in Horrocksford my CB handle was Dick Turpin. However, now I find myself emulating ( Dick Hopton ( The Flying Dutchman ) from Settle and once ” Owner Driver ” out of ARC Ingleton ) flicking between all the Freeview channeles just in case I miss something important.

Anyway, AlJazeera did an excellent feature on the plight of the Ogoni people and how their oil rich delta homeland was contaminated by aforementioned Oil Cartel constituent, and how Oil production was halted by armed to the teeth terrorists in power boats. The Ogoni people interviewed in said programme looked pretty skint to me, and most probably unable to afford even the fuel for said Power Boats, I believe they risked getting burnt to death stealing fuel from pipeline just to boil water, provide light at night and cook with !

Monday 11 April 2011

Perhaps the young Muslims who allegedly opt for full face covering etc are a little like Punk Rockers in the late 1970s with Mohicans etc and body piercings. Perhaps the more it becomes a sign of rebellion against the system more people will adopt it, but given time and public perception it could almost die out. The thing is you see these penguin people with their husbands in places like hospitals, the young male almost always has all the latest western designer clothing. Are we all missing something here ?

13. 2008 Pt II


Once again the Corporate Nazi eco-fascist / health-fascist minority trot out the go vegetarian to save the planet line. It just goes to prove that their eventual aim is to ethnically cleanse the small farmers from the hills in order that they can move in. Life in Britain is only sustainable with livestock based agriculture, what do they propose, allowing the land go back to scrub and relying on grain imports.

As for saving grain by going back to feeding pigs and poultry with waste food, the infrastructure has been destroyed and it will cost far too much to start from scratch again. Today’s transports costs alone are prohibitive, even the coastal fishermen are protesting about high fuel costs. They don’t have a future if the eco-fascists get their off-shore wind farms as they will destroy the inshore fishing grounds. ( cables fouling nets etc ) Plenty of fishermen’s cottages for ten bob fat cat Corporate Nazis to move into at potential knock down prices.

Got pulled so wrote this

Its pretty clear that there are some people out there who wish to stifle open debate on any subject being promoted by alleged tree loving eco warriors but it would appear that I have been proven right on the Heathrow runway project. Only 3000 in attendance at a well publicized protest, obviously mostly locals concerned about being ethnically cleansed from their homes. No high profile press interviews with the various alleged ” green ” groups alleged to be strongly opposed to it.

Of course the Greens can claim that any corporate ethnic cleansing that goes on due to following their policies are unintended consequences, but they can’t deny the argument.


It would appear that the Corporate Nazis are relying on their favorite Calvin Mc Murdock mouthpiece to stand as the only credible candidate against David Davis in his forthcoming by-election.

Perhaps if David Davis is genuine in his quest to protect civil liberties he should broaden his attack to include things like Spy in the Sky road charging and Bin tax.


Malcolm Wicks latest ” green energy push ” would appear to have ” Corporate Nazi ” written right through it like a stick of Blackpool Rock. Apparently it involves forcing people to take out a loan to fit solar panels, a windmill or something else likely to run in to thousands. Its just a shot at promoting false economic growth like all the other schemes based on the eco-fascist quasi-religion. As usual the only beneficiaries are the stock market parasites.

I suspect that Tory plans differ little, except that they may expect fools to use a rigged market.


When are the ten bob fat cat union barons going to realize that what the low paid and others on low fixed incomes need is a cost of living cut, not a potentially inflationary pay rise. They could probably command more public support if they campaigned for a cut in road fuel duty and Council tax. By demanding above inflation pay rises they are playing straight into the hands of the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites who would love to see the public sector privatized. 55% is hardly a strong mandate for industrial action, perhaps 66% support for strike action needs to be made mandatory.


What a load of irrelevant rubbish in tonight’s programme when you consider the main story of the day which will directly effect the UK population. Gordon Browns eco-lunatic 100 bn scheme to increase wind power must be today’s top story for any serious UK news organization. How does he expect the economy to pay for it in the current credit crunch. I suspect that the money will be raised in the form of a extra private tax on energy bills, we are already paying 7% extra for the privilege of the wind farms currently operating however inefficiently.

It is said that for the same capital outlay we could build 37 new nuclear power stations which could provide a far larger proportion of our energy 24/7 365 days a year. Wind farms can only offer intermittent power at best and it is likely that we will need either fossil fuel or nuclear as a backup or put the country back into the 18th century. As with most schemes apparently backed by the Corporate Nazi elite it will cost the population twice as much as it needs to for less benefit overall. I suspect that the majority of high cost wind farm technology will need to be imported, plenty of money for the stock market parasites to change.

This policy demonstrate how bereft of scientific and engineering education government departments and politicians in general politicians have become. Perhaps if it will be easy to sell to a ten bob fat cat electorate dazed by years of campaigning by eco-fascist groups. Time is running out and we can’t afford to get things wrong on energy policy just to conform to political correctness.

#9 The gango phone

They can come and plonk nuclear waste in my back yard as much as they like, just so long as it sustains the local rural economy for the indigenous population. We already have nuclear waste, adding to it in not really a problem, just like you can’t uninvent the wheel. All the evidence suggests that it hasn’t killed everybody at who decided to stay near Chernobyl yet, and the wildlife is unaffected also. So much for the eco-fascist myth that everything would suffer from birth defects.


Brilliant Emily on the interrogation of HFW last night, she managed to cover most of the points I raised in my earlier bounced blog. At least some well paid TV celebrities apparently care more about the welfare people than animals.

I care about animals, but I’m afraid that people always come first in my book. Coming from an agricultural background with long experience with poultry I find HFW’s augments about welfare typical of university boffin nonsense. If broiler chickens were not content they would not grow fast and probably all soon die, likewise battery hens would not lay. All they need is to be warm, dry and have a full belly, which many humans even in this country can’t achieve.

Perhaps part of HFW’s agenda is to turf out many small British farmers from their land so that more rich people can play at ” River Cottage ” and the pretence of a greener lifestyle.

Letter to the Tories

How do you propose to define an environmentally friendly transport policy when it would appear that half the shadow cabinet have shares in oil companies like Shell and BP.

Perhaps this is why it is taking Teresa Villiers so long to respond to my submission on traffic calming and the extra fuel waste and pollution it causes.

All three main parties are keen to show just how green they are. However, they all appear to support the continued introduction of traffic calming, which increases carbon dioxide emissions by 50%, likewise 20 Mph Zones which add to emissions by 10%.

The alleged road safety benefits are less than clear, heavily traffic calmed Burnley reported a 44% reduction in child deaths over the past seven years, yet Ribble Valley with minimal traffic calming also reported a fall of 42%. It would appear that traffic calming has become a TB infested sacred cow for the eco-fascist leaning groups who were originally and still campaign for its introduction. It would appear that the eco-fascists cling to traffic calming in the belief that divers will be ” irritated ” out of their cars and use the train, at least a few anyway.

It must be reasonable to believe that if politicians continue to introduce traffic calming, anything else they claim to do in the interest of combating global warming is little more than a marketing scam aimed at those with a lower than average IQ or just poorly educated.

When you consider that traffic calming encourages the ownership of large 4 by 4’s which further increase the potential pollution generated by traffic, and the only beneficiaries are oil companies and other corporate interest its a bad deal for the people not just the planet. It would appear that traffic calming and the imposition of unrealistically low speed limits are being used to discourage drivers from using any route other than a potential future ” Corporate Nazi ” toll road, pay the toll or use more fuel and take twice as long to get there. People are already using far more fuel than they need to avoiding traffic calmed roads or unrealistically low speed limit routes, it also causes congestion on the main routes under pressure. Traffic should flow though the town like blood in arteries, if the main route becomes restricted, traffic flows on the most convenient alternative route.

The current main argument for imposing traffic calming is totally based on the NIMBY philosophy, ten bob fat cat property speculators attempting to increase the theoretical value of their home. It would appear that they were under the impression that they actually own the road outside their mortgaged house and can dictate who can or can’t use it, only a complete fool would buy a house with traffic calming on the street, especially if it was adjacent to an obstacle.

Any government serious about protecting the global environment would be actively removing traffic calming from the streets, its time we got back to true British values as portrayed in the monolog ” The Lion and Albert ” as far as road safety is concerned.

Speeding can be addressed in most cases by the provision of simple flashing warning signs, but the empty speed cameras at each end of the village of Copster Green on the A59 appear to work admirably in keeping traffic to the 40 Mph limit. The relatively inexpensive measure of simply painting speed camera timing lines on the road at strategic places could also be proven to work for controlling speed without increasing pollution.

I suspect that politicians cling to their quasi-religious position on traffic calming in order to protect the raft of overpaid parasites who design such schemes. Perhaps the money spent on traffic calming could be spent more wisely and efficiently on other areas of council service or simply keeping the roads adequately repaired.


Gordon Brown was alleged to be a change of government but in his first year he has gone in even deeper with the Blair Corporate Nazi ideology Its not just penalizing the poor to help the fat cat stock market parasites with the end of the 10p tax band there are many retread policies which threaten our freedom.

He still proceeds with eco-fascist ideas like Bin Tax.
Is bribing Manchester with money for congestion charging.
Providing funding for the development of Spy in the Sky road charging.

Corporate Nazi local authorities are using terrorist powers to target minor crimes in a way which would be laughed at back in the 1980s as part of Not the Nine O Clock news. or even Monty Pythons Flying Circus.

Now we are told we are skint so no room for the chancellor to cut road fuel duty even though it works out as 10% income tax for minimum wage earners travelling 10,000 mils a year. If Brown can break Labour’s manifesto pledge on voting on the Lisbon treaty he can break his pledge not to increase the top rate of income tax.

Perhaps anyone with a working brain will realize that speeding up approval for new unproven drugs which might not really work will allow the Corporate Nazis to turn the our NHS into a welfare state for the drug companies. Once again good news for the stock market parasites riding on the false hope of dying patients.


I dont want to question Barrie’s enthusiasum for the smoking ban but have you ever considered the governments motives.

The Corporate Nazi’s evidently support it as it will increase sales of nicotine replacement patches, chewing gum and inhalers. These are far more lucrative than fags for the stock market parasites, and think of all the property they can speculate in as the result of closure of many working men’s clubs, often in prime locations.

Hundreds of people have lost their jobs as a result of the smoking ban, and as one on TV pensioner forced outside to smoke his pipe remarked ” fascist “. He looked old enough to have had personal experience of Hitler.


Today’s leaked ” rejected ” badger cull ( against scientific advice ) policy is typical of a government which cares more about animals than people pandering to an eco-fascist brainwashed ten bob fat cat electorate.

Its all part of the eco-fascist master plan to ethnically cleanse the indigenous population from rural areas. All farmers were asking for was that badger sets be tested and culled if TB was found, hardly indiscriminate slaughter as some would attempt to portray. Farmers are currently denied their basic human right to defend their property against a serious threat to their livelihood.

I suspect that the policy will change when the Corporate Nazi multinationals take over all the land despite local protests from eco-fascist leaning interlopers playing at ” River Cottage “.


All Labour need to do in a re-launch is ditch all the Corporate Nazi policies mentioned by bedd gell like congestion charging for Manchester, Bin tax and other eco-fascist ideology and ease off on the anti smoking propaganda.

They are basically a good government if they keep off the above, one has to be pretty gormless not to notice that rip-off hospital car park charges are a tax on using an allegedly free at the point of use service for the majority. The ten bob fat cats whinge about prescription charges but you can get free prescriptions for only two quid a week.

Once upon a time if you went to the doctors and they couldn’t fix you you went onto disability benefit with no questions asked. Those on incapacity benefit are now scapegoated like the Gypsies in the prevailing Corporate Nazi political climate.


Gordon Brown fly’s to Japan and spins us not to waste food in an attempt to ease world food shortages. At the same time his eco-fascist leaning Environment Agency floats plans to flood thousands of acres of currently productive farmland. If we are to tackle world food shortages it is essential that we use every square inch of land possible.

It would appear that the eco-fascist groups care more about wildfowl than people, perhaps it would not be so bad if you could buy dressed freshly shot or trapped wildfowl in Tesco. Those who built sea defenses and drained other areas over the last millennia would turn in their graves if they knew what some were suggesting. You would never catch the Dutch deliberately flooding their hard won productive land.


It would appear that Brown has additionally shot himself in the foot on the food waste spin, especially when inferring that BOGOF offers be withdrawn from supermarkets.

Perhaps Cameron thinks that he can get away with saying anything in a seat where he is likely to lose his deposit. His Corporate Nazi position on welfare reform may erode his chances two years down the road. Many ten bob fat cat Corporate Nazi voters may change their mind when their job comes under severe threat. I suspect that most people know someone who is disabled, perhaps not obviously to the casual observer but in any case not fit to ” work ” in a civilized society.

Malick complains about the Muslims being treated like the Jews of Nazi Germany, but even the Muslims don’t have at least one mainstream political party using them as scapegoats for societies ills.

Many became disabled simply by working too hard when at work, in which case perhaps society owes them the dignity of early retirement. Life is hardly a bed of roses on straight incapacity benefit, 100 quid a week ( with NI contributions bonus ), not even enough to keep warm and dry and have a full belly most of the time. Perhaps HFW’s chickens are better treated in some respects.



The whole emphasis of alleged ” green ” government policy on VED over the past few years has been to encourage the purchase of new cars.

I remember 20 years ago a real environmentalist ( before it became Corporate Nazi trendy ) came on the then new CH4 and stated that the creation of a new car causes more pollution than it will generate in its lifespan. It would appear that today’s eco-fascists chose to believe the current motor industry propaganda that cars only generate a small proportion of CO2 compared to what they produce during their life. I suspect that nothing has changed since the 1980s.

Imposing high taxes on relatively new cars must be counter productive for overall pollution caused. A smart VED system would take into account the published Mpg of all cars and make it free for any car over 40 Mpg after 15 years.

The smartest green tax of all would heavily tax finance on any product not capable of lasting ( with maintenance ) at least 15 years from new.


It would appear that the DUP has cashed in handsomely with its bribe to support 42 days detention. Apparently the British government has given 155 million to Canadian aerospace company Bombardier ( including 52 million direct to NI ) to secure the future of Shorts Belfast plant. Perhaps as a direct result of the government grant the Corporate Multinational Cartel will top this up to 500 million despite the credit crunch and stock markets in virtual free fall mode.

Its all reminiscent of the 1990s when Major’s Tories arranged with the CMC for an Oldham tobacco factory to be closed down and relocated to NI. That time it was in order to get support for massive road fuel tax increases in one finance bill. A number of insignificant unionist politicians also got honors.

Of course because it involves private companies nobody in the media will spot the obvious payout on the DUP bribe to support 42 days.

As for Knife Crime, when are the pompous experts going to admit that the spread of high definition graphics violent computer games over recent years has had a major impact on violent behavior in the young. I suspect that they don’t touch on the subject because violent computer games are good for business and a ban on such games ( including second hand ) and the consequent loss of income would be unthinkable by the Corporate Nazi elite. Even after a ban it could take ten years for things to change for the better.


All Labour has to worry about this week as far as Glasgow East is concerned is that nobody unemployed or disabled hears about their leaked Welfare Reform programme.

They stand a pretty good chance of keeping their OP lead, in my experience of the area people are either quite bright or extremely stupid. I suspect that many never watch the news on TV so hardly any of the ” unemployed ” will notice that they are about to become virtual slaves traded by private companies.

Its all going to end up costing more than leaving the status quo, the acute mental hospitals will be overflowing.


Unfortunately, I like most do not have the benefit of a university education in politics, but perhaps I should define the term ” Corporate Nazi ”

Corporate Nazi refers to the fact that its followers believe that ” the Market “can be dominated by corporations alone with no room left for small business, just franchises. All public services to be handed over to corporations and the population virtually enslaved to the Banks. Corporate nationalists owe no allegiance to nation states, just worship the internationalist Corporate Multinational Cartel which is currently responsible for the rampant inflation in order to save the theoretical global stock market value.

Jaded Jean is dead right when it comes to education. Bright pupils will start to learn at their own speed when they are ready which may not be untill about seven. If you can’t master the three ” R’s ” by the time you leave primary school the chances are that no amount of extra funding can rectify the situation.

However, the problem is that for at least the past ten years children have been subjected to Corporate Nazi propaganda, now often 24 Hrs a day. The whole object of the exercise is to get people to crave consumer products, even 4 year olds nag for mega expensive computer games to go with the TV programme. The latest is Whacky Races which is probably a good thing because it will introduce the concept of Dick Dastardly and Mutley. ( cant wait to see it on TV again, but Catch the Pigeon was funnier, not PC to show it now since it makes fun of the Germans )

Once in school you get Shakespeare rammed down your throat, and I’m sure if a broader choice of author was allowed more children with true ability ( including those classed as disruptive ) would fair better. I unofficially started work at 14 but suspect that Grange Hill was responsible for starting a gradual decent into regular disruption during the 1980s.

A brand new school has practically no chance of improving the worst cases and perhaps it would be better if government realised that a fairly large proportion of pupils will never make the grade. That is not to say that they would not make good workers but even with qualification many new recruits to building sites have no idea how to use a shovel. There is not enough danger in children’s lives, no wonder so many get killed at work. Health and safety law is pointless when its designed by university boffins with no manual experience.

If the Poles decide to go home we are going to have a massive gap in skilled manual operatives and no chance of training kids who’s manual dexterity has been honed to using a game consol. Perhaps the more violent computer games are also a bad influence in today’s knife crime epidemic.

Some may class me as ” thick ” because I can’t understand the concept of calculus, the fact is I could never see the practical point of it.


Labour were comfortably in front ( 52% ) in the Glasgow East opinion polls before Labour revealed their Tory inspired ” Corporate Nazi ” Welfare Reforms. Failure to mention this important policy factor ( to the working classes )makes BBC political reporting and analysis look amateur.

It would appear that the Corporate thought police will not allow anyone to link Labour’s loss of Glasgow East to their recently announced Welfare reforms. This is blatant censorship of a legitimate political position not unlike what one might expect in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.

It would appear that the electorate in Glasgow East have soundly rejected Purnell’s Welfare Reforms at the ballot box. Only last week Labour was in front of the SNP, if repeated nationally Labour could be in terminal meltdown. Jack Straw watch your back.


It would appear that there are still quite a large proportion of bright people in Glasgow East. I suspect that their mind are focussed on how high road fuel costs directly affect their security of employment. One of the major local employers is McVities biscuit factory at Tollcross where back in the 1980s I used to deliver 1 ton of soya lecitain every week.

They were good workers and it would appear from google earth that the factory survives to this day. Back in the 1970s they had a steel works, but along with other heavy industry transport costs closed it down. The area was hit worst in 1981 when the EU tachographs came in and it became unlawful to do Manchester and back in a day. This was not helped by Dumfries and Galloway police rigidly enforcing the 40 Mph HGV speed limit. The new driver hours were alleged to help the railways, but now there were hundreds of empty trucks daily looking for a load back. The slower rail freight disappeared and the final nail in its coffin was taking out the catch points from the WCML to allow the use of the APT.

More recently 90 Km/h speed limiters have been a threat to small manufacturers despite the potential of the M74. However, drivers hours have gone up so its back to the 1970s complete with the inflated fuel prices.


When attempting to portray human right’s infringements in China the media often show poor people evicted from their houses to make way for new ” developments “.

The pan is ever apt to call the kettle black, here in the UK people are being evicted from their perfectly habitable well kept terraced houses. However, that’s OK because its all part of Prescott’s Pathfinder project for the regeneration. Its called Elevate in East Lancs, they don’t even swap you a house for a house, you could be left with a large debt when you thought that you had paid for your house outright for life.

Its just as bad as China but the Corporate Nazi leaning media appear to gloss over it.


Despite Alistair Darling’s admission that the general public are ” pissed off ” with the Labour Party, its not just the state of ” the economy ” which annoys people.

Whilst the state of the economy may be a migraine for the stock market parasites and ten bob fat cat property speculators, the majority of thinking people are more concerned with the raft of Corporate Nazi leaning legislation either already implemented or proposed by Labour.

Take for instance the smoking ban, now the health fascists are talking about legislating on obesity. The eco-fascists are being pandered to with a proposed Bin Tax and on the spot fines for putting the wrong stuff in your bin. Likewise the Manchester congestion charge and funding the development of Spy in the Sky road charging. Totally inefficient wind farms are promoted even though they require consumers to pay a hefty ” private tax ” for the privilege.

The safety fascists are making roads in towns almost totally impassable in decent time and now even TFL admits that it has been deliberately creating extra congestion under Labour’s Livingstone. Police close major roads for hours after accidents or other minor incidents which could be ignored or cleared up in little time. Several residents in one village have been fenced out of the back yards due to an alleged unsafe wall, they can’t even go out of their back doors in case of fire.

Then there is the mega expensive proposed national ID card scheme and database, ID cards were the first thing the Nazi’s introduced when they occupied Holland in WW2. I can’t help speculating that the Tories current lead in the polls is down to the Corporate Nazi factor, but will they be any different.


Gordon Brown’s September re-launch is looking like a complete flop. The Corporate Nazi’s in the civil service are about to sign contracts for the trial introduction of National Toll Roads. The result of the trials would appear to be covered under the official secrets act, but tolls will be based on post code. It is patently obvious that the aim of the policy is to facilitate ethnic cleansing by stealth tax. It could be said that road tolls are a precursor to financial apartheid, affluent areas will cost more to drive through.

When are the cloth eared empty headed Labour MP’s going to realize that if they continue to proceed with Corporate Nazi ideology like Toll Roads and Bin Tax ID cards etc, they will be annihilated at the next election.


Some of you may have seen various articles on alleged ” eco driving ” and not being a trained automotive engineer like myself probably taken it all in like a toilet. Perhaps the greatest sin in the advice given is to change up at 2500 Rpm ( 2000 in a diesel ) which is completely misleading. An internal combustion engine is at its most efficient at the Rpm where maximum torque occurs. This can be gleaned from the owners handbook and the economy trick is to select a gear which comes close to the said Rpm at your desired target speed. An engine will ” sup juice like a fish ” at an RPM significantly below maximum torque whilst at moderate Rpm above maximum torque Rpm fuel consumption does not increase significantly.

The theory that creeping around saves fuel is complete nonsense in my experience, its all about work done times efficiency times time taken.

The real measure of fuel consumption is grammes per kilowatt hour not Mpg, the longer it takes you to get there the more fuel you will use. Sir Frank Whittle knew this when he perceived the jet engine. It works out that the most efficient average speed for a modern motor vehicle is close to 60 Mph, after that air resistance starts to come into play.

However, dependent on vehicle design air resistance can fall as the vehicle goes faster and builds up its own near perfect streamlining so true 70 on the motorway is not an efficiency problem in such a case. ( most car speedo’s read 10% fast. If you need to calibrate your speedo follow a lorry on the motorway at a accurately limited fuel inefficient 56 Mph. Fuel consumption for 38 tonne tankers running from Lancashire to Glasgow and back on nights increased from 9 Mpg to 7 Mpg on the introduction of speed limiters during the 1990s.


#1 bookhimdano

Your two grid scheme to end the probable recession falls down because most ordinary people ( your average ten bob fat cat ) don’t have any spare cash to invest in home micro-generation.

On the other hand the corporate multinational cartel has plenty of cash and future earnings ( especially the utilities ). A strong government with true vision would compel the utilities to build.

( a ) A national grid for water

Two pipelines, one from Kielder to London, one across the Pennines from the Lake District to Yorkshire intersecting. A third could be added to cover the south west but the route would depend on existing infrastructure.

( b ) Tidal barrages for the Severn and Morecambe bay.

( c ) Enough new Nuclear power stations to allow a switch to electric cars as well as generating over 50% of all other power needs.

(d ) All works to be completed under strict price increase controls.

Perhaps then at least some people could have saved up enough money by working on said projects to buy themselves photo-voltaic systems for their own home. Then it will be worthwhile having a two way grid, at the moment it will only benefit the minority rich with large roof areas.


I suspect that Newsnight presenters and producers consider members of Trade Unions to be too ” common ” to take an interest in their programme. Perhaps this is why there has been scant coverage of this years TUC conference despite the fact that they are now in almost complete control of Labour’s purse strings.

Perhaps its a really good reason to ignore prospective policies like increasing the top rate of Income Tax in the hope that it might go away. Newsnight staff are hardly likely to give coverage which could make them appear like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Similarly opposition to the proposed Welfare reforms, these do not apply to BBC employee’s as they probably have their own generous cast iron early retirement pension if they become ill and have to give up work.


It doesn’t really matter who is the leader, but Labour definitely and urgently need a ” new narrative “. A good start would be to ditch all the Corporate Nazi leaning policies in the pipeline such as ID cards, Bin tax and Toll roads.

It would appear that Corporate Nazi Purnell and the purple Tories are about to steal the virtual 100 grand all working people currently have in the ” bank ” represented by Incapacity Benefit. I suspect that the average brain dead ten bob fat cats have not noticed this useful stake all working people have in their country. Removing the right to claim Incapacity Benefit without a substantial cut in NI contributions is the equivalent of a basic rate income tax increase.

Perhaps when the truth comes out about this and other potential Kamikaze policies Labour can reform itself and at least stand a sporting chance of winning the next general election. If no change in direction is forthcoming perhaps the trade unions should put their money where their mouth is and withdraw funding from the Labour party.

Perhaps we need a completely new political party based on the true British principles of The Commonwealth Party in World War 2.

JJ # 10 try again

It is not a case of university based politics theory but most people associate the Nazi’s under the control of Hitler with swinging penalties for minor technical offences like for example two years jail for listening to foreign broadcasts. The fact is that Hitler’s solution to the disabled was to quietly exterminate them ( until the church stepped in ) and the same principle seems to apply to today’s ” Corporate Nazi’s ” ( an exact mirror image of Hitler’s fundamentalist Nazis ). No need for concentration camps, its more cost effective to starve and freeze the ” economically inactive ” to death in their own homes by placing them of JSA with no fair chance of future employment. How many low income people could die due to cold and malnutrition caused by speculator inflated prices this winter ?

There are plenty of nasty vindictive high profile rich journalist people out there, one recently advocated that Labour should dump ” compassion ” and called for spy in the sky road charging. Its the perfect corporate plan to restrict freedom of movement and keep the poor in the dark ready for total enslavement to the Banks. The smoking ban has ensured the closure of many local pubs so no prospect of citizen interaction there, the racing pigeon, the last ” secret ” non interceptable method of private national communication under threat from protected Hawks and the threat of rates on lofts.

That is not to say that ” Nazi Germany ” was all bad, in fact it worked wonders with its economy creating useful work for the unemployed masses building an infrastructure which is just as useful today, on the evidence they had the consistently fastest steam locomotive in the world. Without interference from Hitler it is probable that they would have won the war, the Yanks would probably have stayed out if Hitler had not declared war on them. ( I suppose that they may have come in eventually in order to secure their British debts ) The Corporate Nazi plan to turn half the population into stock market parasites with the rest on minimum wage paying private tax on bank loans looks pretty frayed at the edges at present.

Fundamentalism is dangerous whether it be eco-fascists, Muslims or alleged ” Christian ” neocons, our welfare state is the latest probable casualty even though the evidence shows that the ” British ” never really ” won ” any major battles in WW2 before the Beveridge report. It all about looking around for best practice, both the ” left ” and ” right ” have reasonable ideas, the trouble is that if either win power we are left with the same old problems not real progress towards true freedom. Beware of alleged unintended consequences.

forward JJ try again

It would appear that the youth of today are indoctrinated to worship ” brand loyalty “, ” celebrity ” and the accumulation of almost impossible to repay debt to the ” banks “, unavoidable if you aspire go to University. Everybody is encouraged to be faithful ten bob fat cats and wallow in ( borrow against ) the false money generated by house price inflation. Now a once left wing ex-minister floats the idea that the old age pension be abolished and people forced to rely on ” equity release ” from the theoretical ( current false ) value of their home. Its all reinforced by a mostly right wing press, but the wheels are now starting to come off the corporate illusion and unless some people come forward with a practical alternative the result could be total anarchy. The wealthy eco-fascists had spotted this trend would happen if they ever got influence over government policy which is why they have striven to ethnically cleanse low income people from rural areas which could remain relatively stable or at least easy to defend.

As for Spy in the Sky road charging technology its just another massively expensive and needlessly complicated IT project for the stock market ” tech sector ” to parasite on, its all potential false economic growth which increases the divide between rich and poor. It is perhaps hardly surprising to find that Graham Stringer is one of the current Labour rebels calling for a leadership election, one of his main bones of contention is the proposed Manchester congestion charge. New investment in the infrastructure is tied to a road pricing plan, which even without actual satellite Spy in the Sky (overhead gantries with simple electronic tags for vehicles ) will cost billions to introduce and maintain. As with most government projects under PFI its just a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites, now even the Tories are suggesting investment in ” new schools ” even though the actual educational benefits could be marginal.

If ” Teflon Trish ” can’t bring herself to sell current Labour policy, ( I believe that she has an engineering educational background, not the usual politics /economics ) the party is in pretty deep trouble. Its a bit of a pain really, some of what Labour has done is quite sensible and at the moment a strong government is needed to control perhaps greedy barristers on virtual strike because legal aid has been capped at 90 quid and hour. It looks like Brown was forced to sell out over the energy company question.

Perhaps China is a good example to follow apart from the perhaps needless pollution problems, its mix of state heavy industry and emerging small scale private enterprise appear to be improving their average citizens standard of living. As always the problem is corruption, and lets face it there is plenty of hidden corruption in Britain.


It would appear that the Tories are not prepared to do anything really useful when it comes to regulating the stock market parasites. Perhaps this demonstrates that they as much the puppets of the stock market parasites as ” New ” Labour.

Brown appears to be ” practicing the art of not being seen ” yet the BBC attempts to portray him as a hero because of today’s LTSB / HBOS merger. He can’t hide next week and I suspect that the markets will continue their falls.

Perhaps the only true solution to the current financial crisis is to nationalize all the UK banks and start a new financial system from scratch. It wont cost anything if they let themselves bleed to death and owe the government more than their Bank of England bail out loans.


Gordon Brown talks of ” fairness ” yet he is prepared to champion Purnell’s plan to force a million genuinely sick people to ” work ” . In the current economic climate it is likely that ” sick ” people will face a 40% cut in an already breadline disposable income and then be expected to pay travel to pointless soul destroying job interviews or training courses. Like Purnell said on Sunday you might just as well vote for the real thing ( the Tories ) if Labour are going to slavishly follow already announced Tory policy.

No sign of abandoning Corporate Nazi policies like Toll roads, Bin Tax and ID cards. Ten bob fat cats might like the idea to give cancer patients ” free prescriptions ” but in reality it will only save them 100 quid for a pre payment certificate per year.

Browns speech contained plenty of party friendly ten bob fat cat rhetoric but not much substance when it came down to important questions like how to effectively regulate the stock market parasites. Likewise his eco-fascist ” King Canute ” approach to climate change with emphasis apparently on totally inefficient wind farms with pointless stock market parasites subsidy. Brown claims that there will be a million new jobs in the ” green revolution ” but its likely two million currently sustainable jobs will be destroyed in the process. However, what do you expect when Browns speech probably had to face his puppet master’s Corporate Nazi moderators before publication.


Forget the Catholic fundamentalism and ” more time to spend with the children ” spin, Ruth Kelly was probably forced to resign from the cabinet over the Brown governments Corporate Nazi position regarding the proposed Manchester Congestion Charge.

Ruth Kelly was in the impossible position of ” pig in the middle ” over a policy that most of her constituents were likely to oppose. She once even attempted to rule out future Spy in the Sky road charging, but Darling announced further ( 30 million ) funding for research in the last budget.

I suspect that if Ruth Kelly wants to stand any chance of retaining he seat at the next election she will oppose the Manchester Congestion Charge. She will have plenty of time to spend with her children if she looses her seat as an MP.

If Michael Crick doesn’t pick up on this he is a waste of space.

Nick Thornsby #20

You sound just like the type of eco-fascist Lib-Demmic who claims to support ” freedom ” yet are prepared to put your fellow countrymens basic human rights back into the 18th century. There are many people on minimum wage out there who are forced to use their car to commute to work, they already pay the equivalent of 10p extrax income tax ( fuel duty ) for the priviledge.

Bus fares are a complete rip-off and there is no evidence to suggest that they will fall on the introduction of a congestion charge. The area covered by the proposed Manchester scheme is massive, not just the city centre in London. congestion charging / road pricing is simply a scheme to force the relatively poor off the road, the object is ethnic cleansing by stealth. The result of alleged ” green ” transport policy is that the Corporate Nazis can engage in a spot of Corporate Ethnic Cleansing. If you can’t afford the tolls or the fuel price you are forced to move home. No wonder city centre property developers support the introduction of the Manchester congestion charge. You can also bet that the politicians all have shares in the companies likely to benefit. There is a fortune to be made in the form of private tax for the in car equipment. The stock market parasites will make an imaginary fortune with a private toll road operating company plugged directly into the treasury. Its all false economic growth which by increasing the cost of living makes the British worker less competitive in the global economy.

If there is one thing which really gets my goat its ten bob fat cats who think that because they can afford extra charges everybody else should do the same. You are lucky to have a relatively high income ( whether you are worth it or not is a different story ), perhaps you should try living on minimum wage for a month and see if it changes your point of view.

Nick Thornsby #23/24

You are clearly under the influence of brainwashing into believing the ” Corporate Illusion ” but then the young are often foolish. The fact is that one third of the Manchester investment will be spent on setting up the toll road system. Likewise the forward running costs which are likely to significantly reduce toll revenue for future investment.

I find it strange that you do not fear the prospect of being tracked on every journey you make 24 hours a day. But then I currently consider myself to be a ” Free Man ” and I am prepared to defend my freedom.

Bus fares around here are over 50p per mile, I can drive my 1000 cc car anywhere for 13p per mile. It is impossible to make many journeys on public transport, perhaps when you cease to be a student and get into the real world and attempt to pay off your debts your attitude will change.


I am probably thinking right outside the box, but in the event of the government having to nationalize all the banks perhaps we have the opportunity to create a brand new sustainable stakeholder economy.

The object of the exercise would be to give every working age person in the country 100,000 quid in a national savings account which paid 10% interest. This would equate to a ” citizens income ” and people would be able to be employed to increase this. Income tax would be 50% after the first 5000 but it would be possible to allow tax relief on the purchase of your own home. Children could also attract tax relief, 7500 for the first, 5000 for the second but only 2500 for the third and extra children.

There would also need to be a maximum income, five times the citizens income, anything above that would be subject to 100% tax. However tax relief could be given for every full time person directly employed ( 10,000 )

The object of the exercise would be to achieve maximum income via saving throughout life up to retirement. Obviously people in high paid jobs could retire earlier ( after having paid in full for their house ). Perhaps they could continue to work part time as consultants in their chosen field.

To prevent depreciation on consumer goods there would be no credit allowed on any product not capable of ( with maintenance ) lasting 30 years.


Warwickshire County Council are cutting many rural speed limits on the strength of a DfT Circular 1/2006.

IF the government allow local authorities to cut speed limits to 40Mph, transport in rural areas will be put back to 1930s standards. Pre 1974 local councils spent an absolute fortune improving and widening many miles of road between rural communities to make them safe for the then national limit of 70 Mph. If cuts in speed limits go through, the investment of our far sighted forefathers will be completely wasted. Cutting speed limits will also increase fuel consumption for rural drivers. It would appear that today’s politicians have had their brains washed by well organized anti speed campaigners and greens, who’s main aim appears to be to bring back the Red Flag Act and turn the UK into a third world country when it comes to transport. If road safety campaigners were serious about actually reducing accidents they would all propose annual eyesight tests. However, as they get most of their funding from the transport industry it would appear that they would prefer more accidents at lower speeds.

I expect that most rural accidents are caused by tourists going relatively slow watching the scenery not the road ahead. Reducing rural speed limits to 40 Mph will not cut accidents as most rural accidents occur in locations where the safe speed may be as low as 30 or even less than 20 Mph. Cutting the current allowed maximum of 60 Mph will actually encourage some drivers to go faster where road conditions do not allow higher speed.

Many rural road accidents are caused by drivers foolishly swerving to avoid small animals like rabbits and pheasants. Killing something like a sheep is surely preferable to risking you life, running over things like rabbits and pheasants wont even damage your vehicle. Similarly parking in potentially dangerous locations like in blind bends and over the brow of a hill can be easily avoided. Pedestrians should not always follow the highway code to the letter, crossing over to the side of the bend where you can easily be seen from a reasonable distance is advisable

Keeping rural speed limits at the current 60Mph is more important now the prospect of spy in the sky satellite tracking and road pricing looms on the horizon. It would appear that there are plans to put lower limits on every road except the more expensive trunk roads. This will restrict choice to avoid the routes with the highest rates and still get to your destination in a reasonable time. It could be said that rural speed limits are almost impractical or impossible to police, but with spy in the sky tracking, they can get you anywhere between two fixed points. Any average driver is faced with the prospect of becoming a criminal he is skilful enough to complete his rural journey at an average over 40Mph. I seem to remember of something in New Labour’s “clause 4 ” about allowing people to attain their full potential, not much sign of it in policy when it comes to driving.

It is pretty obvious that those leading the call for lower rural speed limits are almost exclusively townies who are probably not good drivers themselves. This country is being wrecked by narrow minded people who because they can’t do something safely themselves think that nobody else is capable of doing it either. Like the Foxhunting Ban, policy is all about trying to destroy the rural economy so that ten bob fat cat city dwellers can ” Escape to the Country ” and take the homes currently occupied by indigenous rural people. Like the road fuel tax escalator, its all part of a general trend for ethnic cleansing by stealth. Rural Post Office closures are also likely to be considered if the legal time taken for collections / delivery significantly increases.


Perhaps Gordon Brown’s reluctance to guarantee any savings above 50K in banks and building societies is colored by his stock market parasite puppet masters. Likewise the Tories who get a large proportion of their funding from the likes of hedge fund managers.

Refusing to guarantee bank savings puts a gun to the head of only moderately wealthy ( often retired ) people to potentially force them to invest in the stock market. If the banks were made 100% safe perhaps many would sell their stocks and shares or pull out of stock market investment products at the earliest opportunity. Perhaps the single account limit should reflect the 300K threshold for Inheritance Tax.


jj # 10

You surprise me in showing such apparent compassion for the stock market parasites, they almost all had a chance to get out at the top of the market. I suspect that the majority of private pension holders are relatively affluent ten bob fat cats who invest in the stock market primarily for 40% tax avoidance reasons. Gavin Esler types spring to mind since they vociferously squeal for deep interest rate cuts at any opportunity, why can’t they just pay the tax like poor people, surely his BBC pension alone will see him OK in old age.

The only others caught in the net are those on relatively moderate incomes who are foolish enough to believe the corporate illusion. Those ” nice gentlemen ” financial advisors promise to pay them a fortune on retirement in exchange for their meager monthly contribution. In reality its just a ” private tax ” to pay for city bonuses and most people would be better off investing in a cash ISA every year. At least if you loose your job you have something tangible to fall back on, how many people are fortunate enough to have ” jobs for life ” these days.

Even once potential Rover asset stripper John Moulton recently remarked that all the alleged growth in our economy since 2005 had been false. Cutting interest rates risks crashing sterling, even talking about it knocked ten cents off our pound this week. The less affluent will suffer the most from the resultant imported inflation, the Danish have put their rates up half a percent to help prevent their currency crashing against the Euro.

JJ # 40

I suppose your ” innocents ” could include those viewers hypnotized by programmes like BBC Working Lunch over the past ten years or so. If the BBC claims its safe to give your hard earned money to virtual gamblers who are a gullible public to question it. Past BBC reporting in general was always keen to report when the market surged ahead, but failed to even mention the numbers when the market fell. People should have learned their lesson after 9/11 which showed up just how false any previous stock market gains were. The nice cuddly presenters always managed to assure people that everything was OK, no doubt in some part due to self interest. However, like private companies the BBC must make programmes that show the corporate multinational cartel and the corporate illusion in a good light. If they fail to do so private worldwide broadcasting cartel members could refuse to buy BBC programmes.

NN10/11/2008 ( had been electronically ex-comunicated from Blog for some time )


I can’t help speculating that the current unrest in the Congo is being funded and fermented by members of the Mining Cartel. I suspect that the mining cartel will do anything within its power to put a stick into the spokes of the wheel of China’s development programme.

Newsnight has already run ” Corporate Nazi ” propaganda against China gaining its own cost price independent supply of raw materials, perhaps it should now investigate the possible truth behind the current ” civil war “. Mining shares in general seem to have done pretty well since the current unrest in Congo escalated recently, up again today ?

LET Forum

Contrary to popular belief, Cancer patients denied expensive drugs on our NHS are not missing anything except an even chance of a few extra months in pain. Experts claim the said mega expensive wonder drugs show no real benefit, the cancer charities who make the miraculous claims for these drugs are funded by the drug companies themselves. The cancer charities wont campaign for a cut in the said prices and if you are rich enough to afford them you are probably wasting your money on false hope.

source last nights Tonight with TM

I could add that the rich who buy these drugs are volunteering to pay virtual Private Inheritance Tax. The stock market parasites are already offering insurance policies to pay for the said mega expensive wonder drugs, I wonder how many people will be foolish enough to take their insurance offer up.

NN22/11/2008 on Johnothan Ross

Barrie #33

Its not as if the BBC is going to shoot its number one, overpaid, over-rated ” Corporate Nazi ” icon. They love him because he represents the corporate illusion that any half baked Londoner can become a major celebrity. In reality its all about knowing the right people who can get you a start, always has been, always will be. Look what happened to Fred Dibnah.

I like watching Fred Dibnah and always found him really entertaining except for the fact that he was a virtual alcoholic, Guinness or otherwise. Having had a fairly in depth engineering training and long time technical interest in most of the things Fred liked I must admit that he never came off as a competent engineer himself.

He was pretty good at bullshiting, made up a lot of his alleged facts, no idea about railway history. Likewise his choice of any old bit of brass to put in the front wheel bearings of his steam tractor, which failed quick style. Also the piston covering up the steam admission port at the front end of the cylinder, obviously he had measured the boiler wrong, half an inch too short. Grinding out the port was a real bodge and I suspect that’s why even after modification the tractor lacked real power. Sorry if I have destroyed the myth for anyone but he did make excellent comedy.


It would appear that Panda has shot himself in the foot with the increase in fuel duty to compensate for the cut in Vat. I suspect that most VAT is on items priced so low that retailers will have no option but to pocket the difference, after all, everything is priced a something 99p. If the increase in fuel duty is passed through the chain everything in the shops will be more expensive anyway.

As for the token 45% tax on over 150k, perhaps it would have been better to make it a flat 50% on all earnings over 50k. People must be pretty feckless if they can’t make ends meet on 1000 quid per week they deserve to pay extra tax. After all it was they who created to housing bubble with ten bob fat cat schemes like buy to let. All tax relief to benefit those who pay private tax to the stock market parasites should be thrown in the bin also. The economic situation can never improve before we get rid of all the false money generated over the past 20 years.



Don’t worry about the planet, BBC Breakfast were running ” Corporate Nazi ” propaganda about what a good idea it would be to introduce pay as you throw BIN TAX to get us all to recycle more this morning before 8. Ask a leading question in a survey of a selected minority with a loaded question and claim that everybody is in favor of it. Its just another over complicated IT scheme for the stock market ” tech sector ” to parasite on, more false economic growth which increases the gap between rich and poor.

In a real poll recently ( Billington and Old Langho, Ribble Valley BC ) the Tories won a former long term Lib-Demmic seat with a pledge of NO BIN TAX by 350 votes to 180,Lab 42. The seat contains both working class council estates and many new large houses for the more affluent, a broad cross section of the population not just ten bob fat cats selectively selected by the pollsters. Turnout at the local by-election was pretty high despite the atrocious weather on the day.

I blame Corporate Nazi ideas like Bin tax on the universities. It would appear that anybody who goes there comes out like a clone of professor Marcos in the Ealing comedy the Lady-killers. It would appear that they all believe that its OK to steal ?10,000 in an armed robbery because its only a farthing on all the policies. Likewise charging people to get rid of their rubbish without caring about ability to pay. The technology to do it has proved unreliable so perhaps this BBC propaganda push is all about stock market parasites shoring up share prices.

I was reading in the Times online environment section that the bottom has fallen out of the market for recycled waste. Local authorities are now faced with the prospect of having to pay to indefinitely store the waste they collect in the name of recycling.

Its not rocket science but it must be obvious to any reasonable person that the generation of electricity from waste incineration is the true future.

13thman #20

Collecting rubbish is not the same as buying fish and chips but you have to admit that if you order a large chips the price is less per chip because you only use the same amount of wrapping paper.

Rubbish collection is an essential social service and whether your bin is half full or overflowing it costs about the same to collect it from your house. I am reminded about a late old person I knew opining on water meters, she didn’t mind paying a flat bill even though her consumption was low because when she was bringing up her kids she didn’t have to pay any extra. The exact same principle applies to rubbish collections

It would appear that you have been brainwashed by the eco-fascists when it comes to the pollution aspect. Modern plants emit very little pollution especially when compared to the prospect of people burning things like plastic packaging on a open fire to avoid the charges.

KingCelticLion # 21

Nobody is suggesting relying on waste to generate the bulk of our electricity but if the IoM is anything to go by we could get 10% from it. Generating electricity from waste could reduce demand on fossil fuel resources like gas which are frankly better used for other things. Being green should be all about making the world’s resources last longer, plastic comes from a fraction of oil which as no other practical use apart from burning in furnaces. Its a sin to put it in landfill and perhaps in 100 years time the Corporate Nazi’s will be encouraging companies to excavate old landfill sites to recover the energy from non degradable plastic.

If there was ever a parasitic pointless overpaid job it would be in ” Emissions Trading ”

Got this published in the local paper

I have to question the wisdom and motivation behind the proposed closure of our Clitheroe Health Centre dispensary. Perhaps the powers that be think that its a good idea to increase the number of people walking around on our streets spreading potential infection. After all the drug companies can make more money if more people are exposed to disease.

Its all part of a ” Corporate Nazi ” ideology where large corporations lobby government to make everything as inefficient ( difficult ) and expensive as possible, especially for people living in rural areas. A key part of the ” Corporate Nazi ” plan is the systematic dismantling of our welfare state whilst at the same time providing a virtual welfare state for the Banks and their stock market parasites.

The only beneficiaries of the proposed closure will be the franchises of the corporate multinational drug suppliers on the high street. Of course there is also the dubious opportunity of being exposed to buying something that you don’t actually need.


JJ #22

I suspect that the main problem with civil servants and politicians is that they are angling for a future job in the ” Private Sector ” if made redundant or loose their marginal seat at the next election. Look what happened with Stephen Ladyman, probably the most incompetent transport minister we have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Now he works as a consultant with a company likely to financially benefit from the introduction of Corporate Nazi toll roads. The Corporate Nazis are desperate for a yes vote in the Manchester congestion charge referendum, and it would appear that they will do anything to achieve a result in their favor. Their latest 230k advert was removed from TV for being biased by Ofcom this week.

JJ #74

I don’t trust Meacher as far as you could throw him, TV footage of him inspecting the efficient of the foot and mouth cull were reminiscent of Himmler inspecting Eindstats Commando massacres of the Jews on the eastern front.

All the sensationalisation about the terrorist thing is all about diverting public attention away from what’s happening with the real threat to our freedom, the Corporate Nazi agenda.

Once again Brown is talking about pushing ahead with ” reform ” whilst at the same time the Unions and anti-poverty groups are questioning the introduction of ” welfare reform ” in the current economic climate.

With reference to #62, with cold snaps like we have at present their is no need for gas chambers, just keep the disabled and unemployed on such a low income that a significant proportion can freeze to death in winter. ” Work For Your Dole ” is a virtual forced labour camp anyway, not that much different from the slave labour camps of the Third Reich.

# 91 Spot on JJ

Its a feature of the Corporate Nazi plan to force all small businesses to close unless they are the holders of a corporate franchise. The latest episode in a nearby small town is parking changes and restrictions which will reduce the available spaces on the main shopping street by 40%. Its all been pushed though on the strength of improving disabled access to pavements ( wider for scooters ), a new bus stop even though there is already one quite nearby. The local Corporate Nazi leaning politicians passed it despite many many objections and letters in the local paper from traders and customers alike.

Unfortunately the trade unions can be just as bad, promoting ” politically correct ” new legislation which make life almost impossible for small employers.


It would appear that the Corporate Nazi’s have hijacked to climate change debate to further their ultimate end of exterminating all the poor people by freezing them to death. Of course the rich eco-fascists can still fly around in the private jets and drive around their countryside mansions in 4 by 4’s and inflate world food prices by using bio-fuel.

The whole scheme sounds a bit like the Mafia offering to save the planet just so long as you pay them protection money. Of course our gormless stock market parasite puppet politicians will agree to their Corporate Nazi demands.

Meanwhile the lights are likely to go out in the next ten years and instead of investing in proven reliable Nuclear all the potential money will be wasted on wind which stands idle for 75% of the time. No specific mention of potential tidal barrages on the Severn and Morecambe Bay but then the eco-fascists object to these also.

It is interesting to note that Monbiot has already moved into the countryside ( somewhere in Wales ). Many wealthy townie eco-fascists are likely to attempt to follow him if they can manage to re-inflate the stock market / housing bubble on the strength of alleged green technology.

The global warming argument looks pretty thin in the middle of the worst cold snap we have experienced in several years, and its only December 1st.


KCL # 20/33

Electric cars are already stuffed at their inception due to the fact that there is traffic calming everywhere in towns and trunk routes are clogged with fuel wasting small diameter roundabouts.

I can remember when traffic calming was first introduced, Milkmen had to dump their reliable electric floats and change to the likes of Toyota 4 by 4 pick-ups. The extra stops and slows / closed off streets meant that their battery capacity could no longer reliably get them around their rounds.


So the stock market parasites are suggesting that the BoE start printing false money, perhaps they are foolish enough to do so in the near future. ” Quantitive Easing ” is likely to lead to a similar situation to that faced in 1926 Germany, with everyone having to revert to barter to provide their daily needs.

The experience of Japan in the 1990s must prove that cutting interest rates to zero only makes matters worse. Many people are not spending because they have no idea of the size of their next energy bill and the fall in interest on life savings.

What we need is a major infrastructure project, Huhne claims that he is increasing spending on roads but the largest sums would appear to have been pledged on ( probably value imported ) Corporate Nazi Average Speed Cameras. Straight road building would have been far better as most of the money ends up back at the government through fuel taxes on construction road haulage. Other useful projects would be to provide a national grid for water paid for by the water companies in order to retain their license. Likewise investment in nuclear paid for by the energy suppliers, perhaps via a windfall tax.

As for social workers, if they spent less time worrying about whether parents smoke or whether their children are obese, perhaps the population in general would have more confidence in them.

#19 13thMan

It is pretty clear that unless the utilities are significantly regulated to invest in the future they will eventually end up like Railtrack. Projects like a barrage for the Severn and Morecambe bay could provide work for the masses as workers are easily trained. Likewise all you need is stone out of the ground (not in short supply ) cement ( currently running 20% below capacity ) plus the engineering jobs to produce the turbines. As with road building the government get most of the investment back in tax ( forgot to mention aggregate tax in original post )

There is nothing ” flat earth ” about it, and who pays, shareholders would see a cut in dividends, but if we had a true market share prices should rise to reflect the extra infrastructure.


Of course the Corporate Nazi’s will never allow anyone the basic human right to end one’s own life ( or be helped to do it ). Assisted suicide would foil their corporate plan to battery farm as many virtual vegetables as possible whilst supplying them with expensive not proven to be effective drugs. Think of the lost revenue if intelligent people were allowed to chose whether to continue life as a virtual prisoner in their own body, or severe pain with no actual quality of life whatsoever.

WOT no mention of the proposed part privatisation of Royal Mail, its all part of the ” Corporate Nazi ” ideology where large corporations lobby government to make everything as inefficient ( difficult ) and expensive as possible, especially for people living in rural areas. Give it five years and its possible that those living in outlying areas will be forced to get a PO Box in the nearest town.

It would appear to be a convenient excuse for the government to indirectly give the stock market parasites 7.5 Bn quid to fill the alleged pensions black hole. Perhaps also for our puppet politicians to appease Murdock, the once owner of TNT who would appear to be the favorites to invest. ( not sure whether Murdock still owns TNT or at least a large shareholding )

The only problem with Royal Mail at present is bad management, postmen told to start their rounds at least an hour later when anyone who has been in the front line of distribution knows that an hour in the morning is worth two in the afternoon.

Perhaps if they are loosing money the cost of a first class stamp should go up significantly, even for a quid its good value for next day delivery anywhere in the country.

The Concluding chapter of ( My Book Corporate Nazi ? ) would appear to be missing from my hotmail account inbox, but it refers to the Telegraph owners The Barclay brothers buying democracy on Sark. In the sequel I refer to Andy Burnham’s proposal for a mandatory ” Private Tax ” to fund dementia care, and guess what, here we are again !


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