Lottery Funding Eco-Nazi Genocide ( Kill All Defectives ) ?

I’ve just been watching the Press Conference for ( £33 Million & its not important which particular one ), I don’t do it myself as I hold to the view of Annette Crosby, who once said it was a TAX on the Daft ! Anyway, perhaps its highly suspicious that the Hawhich Oink gut who won it workes for a Housing Association & is also an alleged carer for disabled people. The plot thickens when it turns out that his wife works at a Chemists ?

I wasn’t fully paying attention but perhaps by pure coincidence the winning numbers 26 27 BRCW Type2 ended their days in Scotland, and the original Glasgow Queens Street to Edinburgh Push Pull trains had a 27 at each end. One of the 47/7 used to replace the 27s was named Lady Diana Spencer, whilst the other numbers were also BR diesel locomotive classes.

If it turns out that they were or still are key players in the organisations involved with the ( Closed by Beechin ) Waverly Line Borders Rail project they could soon be laughing on the other side of their faces in Barlinie Jail like Megrahi. except that they will be the true culprits, not victims of a miscarraige of Justice !

Rush Job, bollocks to Spelling Mistakesd !


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