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Monday 17 August 2009

In reply to #4 Murray

A virtual maximum income as allegedly proposed by the Compass group ( perhaps through 100% tax ) does have its merits, but would need to be accompanied by tax relief for every person directly employed. Of course corporate executives would need to scrap between themselves has to who actually provided said jobs, however, celebrities would have to settle for perhaps a full time gardener or cleaner etc.

The usual contract Corporate Nazi spokesperson was on News 24 earlier squealing that all the stock market parasites would move overseas. The same people said the minimum wage would decimate employment in low paid jobs, would the loss of a few overpaid parasites be so bad for the UK economy anyway.

Tuesday 15 September 2009

How can anybody take Blanchflower seriously when he should be one of the prime suspects in the dock responsible for corporate crime. Throughout his period on the MPC he was bleating for the low interest rates which sowed the seed of the current crisis. Then alleged business woman with a company based on two months of the year ( and probably importing everything ? ). Hardly the type of steady sustainable business we need to promote, the future is make do and mend to keep our current standard of living from falling.

We need to smash open the false economy successive governments have perpetuated by passing legislation to fuel inflation ( like the road fuel tax escalator ) and then claim it as economic growth. Looks like they are at it again, stock market parasites invented over 1000 points on the FTSE from what would appear to be hot air from politicians. Plenty of ideas for a welfare state for the stock market parasites with new potentially bottomless IT projects. Even the Tories talking about Toll Roads and privatizing the Highways Agency for 85 bn, look what happened to train fares after the creation of Railtrack ?

Before the real economy can recover interest rates need to rise to 10%, that’s what the German government demand from Magna for their massive investment in failed Opel.

Friday 11 December 2009 – in more detail

mim #53

If Kieth Vaz is one of the most sensible MPs then there is not much hope for the future of out country, at least if you are a member of the true indigenous population. None of them have got any common sense, they are all totally gormless when it comes to practical science and engineering.

Friday 18 December 2009 – in more detail

#71 Nice One Roger

I suppose that you know that Lib-Demmic north west MEP Chris Davis has shares in a wind farm company, probably like most of the bent politicians of all parties who push all the eco-scams. The trouble is that politicians need not declare any shareholding less than 5% of the total company assets, in theory they could be sat on tens of thousands worth of share and nobody would know any different. Perhaps this rule needs changing as an integral part of any future legislation to clean up politics, any shareholding however small to be declared in future ?

Posting: 20/10/2011
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I hold deep suspicions That this was very shortly after the appointment of Chris Patten as BBC Director General, or was it Chairman of the BBC Trust ? ( Please Tweet back promptly if you are aware of the true chronology. )


Wednesday 19 October 2011


The Corporate Nazi green investment scam merchants will be squealing about this.

The green holocaust ? ? ?

Is Newsnight pretending that the above not is happening, fill the programme with muppet news and hope nobody notices ?

This should suffice for now !

Better put the rest in Comments, I don’t want to burn up everyone’s FREE Mobile Phone Data Allowance so early in the month !

Spot you later


PS I wasn’t on the NHS computer after the bent Agency Nurse Injected me in the foot with an insulin syringe needle to try to cripple me after abject failure by others to poison me to death. It’s perhaps not by pure coincidence that the of the Staff Nurses gave me a green marker pen to write Fat Controller on my No1 room adjacent to the ward Coal Face operatives Office ?


5 thoughts on “Your BBC Newsnight Blog Posting has been Removed !

  1. Cutting Edge latest observation on Suicide Bomber ALJazeera TV ( Oh Bugger missed BBCNWT Perhaps Annabel does lots of Tiffin in her spare time ? )

    Some idiot was bleating on about how ISIS ( or was that ISIL ) jhihadists press gangbang Good Christian women into sex slavery using the Islamic loopjhole that its OK to shag your wife ( even if she is only 14, however, if she gets pregnant she’s likely die die an horrible death in Childbirth. even if you have already got pissed off with her spending all your Quatar Dubia or other International Jet-Set #holydat resort subprime investments and can sell her on !

    There is something very familiar about those words, we have no more territorial demands. Tribute to the late Micheal Foot who once ( As leader of the Labour Party ) attended the Cenotaph in a Donkey Jacket ? Then editor of a top London newspaper, at a public meeting in objection to censorship of the press during the darkest days of WW2 after the Daily Mirror printed a very realistic artists impression of a sailor clinging to driftwood after being torpedoed in the North Atlantic.

    The heading stated the price of Petrol gas gone up one Penny !

    The Churchill led national government climbed off their idea pretty quick, However it was a Labour guy who proposed it !

    Perhaps its reminicent of Today’s Hollywood & other Corporate-Nazi celebrities who likewise dispose of their wife when they get pissed off with them nagging them ( at this point I was going to use the classic example of Mick Jagger & Bianca, but on further consideration I an minded to conclude that rampant fit women get rid of their celebrity husbands because they are totally useless at shagging them ( Perhaps Except up the arse ? )

    Russell Brand & Katie Perry springs To Mind Anybody got a better example ?

  2. WriteToThem (

    Did your MP reply to your letter?
    WriteToThem (
    Add to contacts
    [Keep this message at the top of your inbox]
    To: Gordon Pye

    Two weeks ago we sent your letter to Nigel Evans MP, your MP. (For
    reference, there’s a copy of your letter at the bottom of this email)

    Email: brossen99

    Sunday 10 January 2010

    Dear Nigel Evans,

    What Britain needs in response to the economic crisis is not foolish
    wind farm projects to suck in massively global environmentally damaging
    copper imports but home grown solutions adapting to possible climate
    change. For instance a national grid for water, primarily comprising
    one gravity feed /syphon aqueduct from Kielder to London, one from the
    Lake District Intersecting Yorkshire, no expensive pumps required and
    the Romans could have done it. Likewise a Severn but also Morecambe Bay
    barrage, generate loads of carbon free electricity on a reliable ( and
    continual basis if you use pump storage using the nearby hills in both
    cases ), get our steel and cement industry working at peak efficiency
    instead of the current energy wasteful low capacity. When said projects
    are complete we could send the spare excavation equipment to places
    like Bangladesh where they need to build better sea defences, far
    better than cash aid the stock market parasites can embezzle.

    The national grid for water could be funded by water companies in the
    south east, ( and the scheme enforced by the regulator ) obviously any
    consumers benefitting from said scheme could be expected to pay extra
    on their water bills. I’m not really that familiar with the logistics
    of the Severn estuary, but a direct road to Barrow in Furness could
    stimulate the west Cumbrian economy. Barrow itself could be virtually
    brought back into Lancashire where it traditionally belongs with a new
    direct road link across any barrage. As you well know I am not
    generally in favour of road tolls but a small cost to use said direct
    route could help pay for the project as a whole.

    Anyway, what do you think about the said projects, far better value to
    our nation than wind farms which will be scrap in under 25 years ?

    Yours faithfully,

    • Likewise, we’re keen to expose the minority of MPs who don’t seem to
      give a damn.

      The team

      Wednesday 13 January 2010

      Dear Nigel Evans,

      Failure to accurately predict the UK weather over the past few weeks
      must demonstrate that the Met Office is not fit for public purpose.
      Although I am not generally in favour of privatising any ” public
      services ” perhaps privatising the Met Office would be a good way of at
      least reducing the current astronomical public borrowing requirement.
      That is assuming that any private investor would be foolish enough to
      buy it ?

      As for predicting the weather, Piers Corbyn and his Weather Action team
      predicted the current cold snap 6 months ago based on sun spot
      observations. The Met Office are totally useless, all they are
      interested in is attempting to portray further global warming to
      appease their quasi-religion. Perhaps time to sack everyone in the
      Met Office and use public funds to get a free to the general public
      accurate set of forecasts from Weather Action ?

      John Ketley was on News 24 reckoning that the cold weather was down to
      which way the wind was blowing, but how do you expect to model that.
      As everyday passes the evidence for the climate change scam looks
      thinner, just as Anne Winterton pointed out in last weeks PMQs. Of
      course all the brain dead would be eco-fascists on the Labour benches
      broke out laughing. Perhaps the boot will be on the other foot in a
      couple of years time ?

      Perhaps if Lord Adonis is genuine in his promise to ensure local
      authorities receive all the salt they desperately need ASAP, he needs
      to suspend the drivers hours regulations for the next couple of months.
      There is an historical precedent, the Tories once did it back in the
      1980s when our country was in the grip of arctic conditions.

      Furthermore, he needs to suspend the current gross vehicle weight
      limits regulations, allow up to 10% GVW above the plated weight ( as an
      allowance not a target ). Things have improved since the 1980s with
      the introduction of weigh scales on loading shovels but the science is
      not perfect and takes far longer to load than a rough yet educated
      guess. Its pretty soul destroying to sit in a queue for a weighbridge
      and then be sent back to tip off a ton from a 40 ton gross load, then
      join the queue all over again. From the film footage it would appear
      that loading capacity is a key factor in creating the queues of lorries
      in Cheshire. The above measures would go a long way towards
      alleviating the current salt shortage situation.

      ( I am informed that the queues for loading salt are so long that some
      contractors are not even attempting to participate in salt distribution
      as it is totally uneconomic at current haulage rates. )

      Yours faithfully,

  3. I’m only 54 and live all on my Bonio, Yeti Ivor the Engine Carnforth oily Arraff Ka a Black Five Lung Goredale Scargill Kerry Packer of Hamlet ( to Stoke Cruella De Ville to Reefer after Pesh DIY SOS Gas Chamber ) !

    Perhaps many alleged Benefit Fraudsters only option to avoid The Grim Reaper Wall Street NYSE after being placed on a Blacklist covertly subscribed to and funded by FTSE Corporates ( Namely Tesco ) ( via Employment Agencies ) is to become a fully paid up member of the Monster Raving Loony Party to maintain their grant from The Ministry of Silly Walks ?

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