4G WIFI Digital Movie Streaming Doomed ?

HOW 2 Foxfield Attlee Brechin Greenpeace Whitwood Hungarian Frome Frazerborough Dorking Red Pump.

Tribute to the late Jack Hargreaves !

I’m only 54 and live all on my Bonio, Yeti Ivor the Engine Carnforth oily Arraff Ka a Black Five Lung Goredale Scargill Kerry Packer of Hamlet ( to Stoke Cruella De Ville to Reefer after Pesh DIY SOS Gas Chamber ) !

Perhaps many alleged Benefit Fraudsters only option to avoid The Grim Reaper Wall Street NYSE after being placed on a Blacklist covertly subscribed to and funded by FTSE Corporates ( Namely Tesco ) ( via Employment Agencies ) is to become a fully paid up member of the Monster Raving Loony Party to maintain their grant from The Ministry of Silly Walks ?

The full version will almost certainly Promptly Burn UP your FREE data allowance, yet the Stock Market Parasites still foolishly believe streaming video on your mobile phone will catch on. In the full original version of Night Mail, ( GPO Film Unit 1936 ) the film editors got the film of the nearside cross-head vacuum pump back to front !

PS: It’s not my fault if you set your house on fire charging your Lithium / Iron batteries overnight !


2 thoughts on “4G WIFI Digital Movie Streaming Doomed ?

  1. Britain Needs LERTS ( Quote from young Horrocksford Junction ( Into now Hanson once Ribble Cement, then owned by RTZ, formerly by Thomas Ward Sheffield, one of the original Civil Engineering Contractors who built the Midland Railway ) !

    Follow & Explore Links for More British Railway History ( Steam & Diesel ) Archive Footage !

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