2016, Braveheart NWO or The Beginning of the New Dark Ages ?

Happy Earwig !


Yours soon to be decomposing

Hippy Posthumous

PS; Things rust be getting pretty desperado in Dubai & other Executive bird of Paris Attacks sponsors Bitcoin money laundering accounts, perhaps they should eat the Qatari’s ? ( could that turbo-charge the Glaxo Smith Kline component of their share Portilo ).

Corporate-Nazi Wall Street ( Alleged Islamic US State Department ) ( Don’t Menston Barry Turder’s Birth Certificate ) Yeti Ivor the Engine Carnforth oily Arraff Ka a Black Five Lung Goredale Scargill Kerry Packer of Hamlet ( to Stoke Cruella De Ville to Reefer after Pesh DIY SOS Gas Chamber ) !


My old lost contact Newsnight Blog days mate Roger from Blairgowrie devised the title for above article from his WordPress blog.

You Tube Aurora Frome a Land Down Underclass, I’ve Always Ultra Open All Hours my articulations are Marmite !

But this is James Watt we should really be worried about ( Forget harmless Carbon Dioxide ) !

Happy New Year Everyone !


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