UN Global Warming Fraud Caused Syrian CivilWar, Monsanto Ethanol Ukraine !

I was just thinking back to the various YouTube footage which sparked the explosion of the Syrian Civil War, far to traumatic to be shown on the TV news and once critical clip I could only bear to watch once only myself.

In the said clip. low Income Muslims protesting about the price of Paraffin ( kerosine ) ( the 99% constituent of Jet Fuel ) they used for cooking and heating their homes in winter, whilst at the time Crude Oil prices were at $120 a Barrel and predicted to rise yet further.

The angry Syrian demonstrators were headed by what appeared top be Syrian ” Middle Class ” tradesmen and Shopkeepers, down a wide road with modern buildings on each side and pushing back the Syrian Army brandishing AK 47’s. The Syrian army started firing into the air, yet the demonstrators pressed on, then suddenly one of the ” Middle Class ” demonstrators was shot square from the side into his lower jaw, obviously by a trained marksman with a ” Dum Dum ” bullet from a sniper rifle.

Anyway without going into too much gory detail it blew the unfortunate guy’s lower jaw clean off leaving his tongue dangling in mid air, not much blood but it was obvious he was going to die a horrible death unless someone ” shot him in the head ” and put him out of his misery first.

At this point I was going to go onto the Ukraine Revolution & subsequent Civil War which BBC Newsnight amply proved was due to a sniper located in a corporate owned Hotel who shot both sides almost certainly in order that Monsanto could sell GMO Maize to produce Ethanol Bio-Fuel. However, the case of the British Soldier jailed for shooting an injured Afghan Insurgent was probably a ” mercy killing ” as even if they had got said insurgent to hospital there was no future for him in his home country.

The rest is history now like the Ukraine Air Force Shot Down MH17 to get sanctions on Russia plus assassinate the NHS guy from Blackpool who had the cure for Aids based on studying my annual MoT blood tests at Clitheroe Health Centre. I suspect that several key Stock market criminals used said air disaster to Disappear like 9/11 when the stock market was totally insolvent then after the Dot Com boom. likewise Paris Attacks, Burkina Faso etc !


64Plate Peugeot308 DEATHTRAP AVIS Airport Rental !

On Christmas Day 2015 I was invited to our PYE family festive meal, although I couldn’t drive the 25 miles there as DVLC have revoked my driving licence, subject to appeal Auntie Joan Pye having been found dead at said Farm shortly before Xmas !

Anyway the remaining family attending were reluctant to pick me up as it would mean that the couldn’t drink Alcohol as they had to drive home, but my nephew could collect me if I got a Taxi Home. Anyway my cousin eventually said she would bring me home in her Landrover Discovery.

My nephew picked me up and we proceeded towards Chorley via the A50 A671 Harwood Bar Clayton Le Moors M65 #M6 Leyland, and whilst at first I was impressed with its performance the shime soon wore off. On the straight at cruising speed i noticed that my nephew was having to continually correct the steering like in one of the old Hollywod movies shot from the bonnet. You should safely be able both take your hand off the steering wheel momentarily to check if its pulling to one side if buying a second hand car. If riding shotgun in an HGV and observing the driver of said HGV one may well decern that a Drag Link End is hanging off, and if VOSA pull you in they will give you an instant prohibition. ( Electronic Power Steering ? )

It also became apparent to me that the electronic digital speedo was worse than useless informing the driver of he speed several seconds ago both on acceleration and deceleration, so easy prey for Average Speed Camera’s to put points on your licence and increase your increase your insurance premium !

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Clitheroe Advertiser Comment Avoid anything ” Sweet ” not Clearly Labeled 100% Aspartame Free !

Probably just like the Foot & Mouth epidemic in the 1960s when Harold Wilson refused to send British Troops to the Vietnam War, perhaps our brave young lads had to go and get Killed or perhaps Crippled for life in Afghanistan ?

FMD came again in 2001, now Zika to force us to go to war in Syria, and all to preserve the privileged lifestyles of pompus celebrities like Jonnathan Ross, Graeme Norton & all the other Luvie promoters of the Co2 drives Global warming international Jet Set, World Cup, Olympics, Tennis, Rugby Cycling !

The list is endless and the idiots keep buying Sky contracts, Gambling on so obviously fixed matches, whilst Annette Crosby once retorted that the National Lottery was a Tax on the Daft !

All to sustain the Wall Street NYSE FTSE DAX CAC MIB Stock Market Parasites, so opt out of your additional State Sponsored mandatory Private Pension ASAP as your brass would probably be safer at the back of the Sofa in an empty Whiskey Bottle !

Likewise don’t buy anything Low Fat or Diet from a Corporate Multinational, and it may be the case that some Fizzy Pop etc contains Aspartame so its probably advisable not to buy it if its not Clearly Labeled 100% Aspartame Free !


That’s assuming you wish to live a long and healthy life, likewise your children !

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Mystery Body SaddleWorth Moor LinkedIn Ian Brady ?!?

My gut instinct leads me to believe that the body of the mystery old man found dead on Saddleworth Moor ( allegedly by a Cyclist ) funded Ian Brady to commit the Moors Murders, and is linked with the wrongful conviction of Stephan Kishko !

It is highly probable that said old man used the Sharm el Sheik Air Crash to ” Disappear ” probably flew back from Moscow to Heathrow and probably stayed in a Corporate Hotel before setting out North the morning after. It was reported that he was sighted at Ealing Broadway Tube station so he must of had an Oyster Card ( or used Apple pay or some other card-less system ) , plus he would have had to change to the Circle Line to get to Euston. It is almost certain he used a Virgin Train to get to Manchester Piccadilly, thence without going public side of any barriers caught a First Group train from the east coast to Manchester Airport where he may have had a coffee and food from a corporate chain.

Then from Manchester Airport on a Fist Group train to Yorkshire perhaps alighting at Stalybridge, then First Bus to identified Greenfield Hotel to ” Ask Directions “, where again he probably took refreshments including Alcohol to make the fatal drug overdose which almost certainly killed him more effective. Then was taken by a large local Taxi company ( with corporate Travel Agents Airport Contract ) to the nearest accessible by car and turn round possible location close to where the body was found.

Either the taxi driver or the cyclist who found the body removed all his identity documentation or he may have handed his documents in at the Greenfield Hotel, at which the cyclist may have been a ” regular “. even if the taxi driver was a Muslim. It may also be the case that said pub is frequented by MP for Oldham West Debbie Abrams and other members of her constituency Labour party. as also frequented by senior retired GM police officers who as ” virgin constables ” may have been involved in the aforementioned Stefan Kishko Case.

The cause of the ” Mystery Man’s ” death was not made public but it may be a critical test of the integrity of the Medical Examiner and GMP Forensics, but the above should suffice for now !

Zika Orangutan EU IV Reich Carbon Trading Implosion !

I could go on and detail overseas examples of Corporate Ethnic Cleansing in places like Uganda where 1000s of subsistence farmers were thrown off their land and an entire village forcibly cleared in the name of a UK company Carbon Capture forestry project where rich people could buy credits to offset their flights for example and espouse their inner guilt about how their luxury lifestyle was impacting their revered mother earth. I am informed that WWF cleared an entire African village to make it theoretically safe enough from Prince Charles to go out there and present them an eco award, similarly their Tiger farming projects are ejecting the harmlessly farming locals and making good food productive land turn back to rough scrub, all those ethnically cleansed expected to go and live in perpetual poverty and squalor of the slums in the big cities. Time to forget the cute cuddly Polar Bear image and wake up to the fact that like the real thing they ( WWF etc ) will rip your head off given half the opportunity !

If only Pinocchio’s nose had been cut for timber, then perhaps we could have built ” Jerusalem ” in England’s green and pleasant land, not the virtual ” West Bank ” separation in a nation divided by financial apartheid we would appear to be heading for if current UK government policy is not changed entirely. We can be lighter in our footprint on the ecology of our planet if we demand that consumer goods must last a lifetime if you look after them properly, perhaps the only legislation that would be needed would be a ban on consumer credit for anything that didn’t last at least 30 years, for example a car you bought in your 20s that you could hand on to your kids when they in turn passed their driving test ?

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Animal Rights, ZIKA, FIFA, IAAF, Cricket, Tennis, RUGBY & Organised Crime !?!

The other evening my local ITV News appealing for information regarding an old Hit & Run fatality on Blackburn Road at West End OSSY, my old mate whom I met at Accrington & Rossendale College whilst on our C&G Motor Vehicle Technicians course.

My Late Uncle Parker was Head of Accrington Cemetery and Crematorium at that time also, and lived inside the Cemetery gates on Burnley Road, close to Accrington Stanley Football Ground. My Uncle Parker escaped the beaches at Dunkirk, only to be taken Prisoner of War by the Germans in Crete, and got into some controversy with the national Print & TV media over using the Gold recovered from cremations to keep funeral costs low.

Anyway, the probable culprit for the aforementioned HIT & RUN was Almost Certainly a then young skint via debts for Drugs Laid On Asian Taxi Driver, perhaps now the boss of an East Lancashire fleet of taxis, with a contract for a Big Corporate Travel Agent’ His core business is probably early morning & evening Airport Traffic, plus ferrying all the top rate DLA ” Left Unity ” Benefit Fraudsters into town despite their Free Bus Pass !

PS Said Taxi Barron may also be key to holiday makers being burgled whilst away, and may still ( or has been in the past ) funding the NOrth West Regional Labour Party whose offices are located on Wilderspool Causeway at Warrington ?

Whilst working undercover on wards at Chorley Hospital ( Mainly the Healey Acute Mental Health ward but also Rookwood Dementia unit and Cardiac ) I encountered a guy with a Posh Accent from Hyndburn allegedly suffering from Depression who was a keen supporter of Accrington Stanley looking forward to the construction of their New Stadium on the current site of Hyndburn Leisure Centre at Church where my local Men’s Society goes indoor Bowling once every other month in winter.

When I had my wagon in Horrocksford carting En Tous Cas ” Playdeck ” for all weather Tennis Courts I was good Friend with LIZ ” Wildcat ” from Huncoat Estate just up from Fairclough’s Concrete Bridge bean factory which at that time also used stone from Bold Venture Quarry. She had had a hard childhood after her mother died looking after her sisters and got shacked up with a ” cool guy ” at 16, never learnt to read and write due to ” Glue Ear “. I taught her to drive in my 1989 Metro and she passed her driving test first time, then scraped up enough cash to buy a Metro ” Banger “, my totally blind mum had given her a Russian Sewing machine as she shortened the legs on my Jeans and did repairs.

Liz died in a fire after her other half took the Petrol Tank off her Metro to cure a miss-fire ( I had already made my Metro reliable after putting an extra condenser on the outside of the distributor to stop the points burning out short style ).Andy took the petrol tank into the back kitchen whilst Liz and her toddler were in the front roome with the pilot light on the Gas fire for the back boiler for heating the water. Her eldest child ( daughter ) was upstairs in the front bedroom where the Sewing machine was when the ground floor exploded into flames. Liz’s daughter Smashed the window and escaped with fairly minor burns, Andy had really severe burns but Liz gave up the fight for life when her Toddler Andrew was pronounced dead at the Scene. The estate residents clubbed together to bury Liz and Andrew in the adjacent cemetery with a posh headstone whilst Andy recovered scarred for life and shacked up with Hellen from former Next door !

That will suffice for now but its probable that said Key Stanley supporter Craig Barton, ( Clayton ) probably arranged the Murder of Liz Diamond and her toddler Andrew,at Huncoat, her partner got away with it due bent Fire Brigade. Whilst on Healey ( a woman in her mid 40s on adjacent to through Women’s acute ward Yarrow Charnock High Dependency Unit ) Told Me ( whilst smoking socially ) how Frank Dugdale from Colne ( who hired her out as a teenage Sex slave ) until a young Fireman got her pregnant and had to marry her. She was distressed to start with but then Social Services took her child away and that was the start of 30 yeras in Mental Hospitals. She was allowed home at times but she lived ion the route to a secondary school and the kids would taunt her, plus she saw Frank Dugdale riding past when she had to go shopping.

Anyway she was let out on unsupervised leave before me to buy tobacco and she gave me a lighter with a Goldfish in it which I got confiscated, I was not allowed out on unsupervised leave but Craig Barton was including home leave. It would appear that Barton was organising the bent nursing staff. plus he got some of his oppo’s in as patients to give me a hard time. One was obviously the Witton Park Flasher from Fenicowls and Teresa got his art work also, another was from Lane Ends Tulketh, who pleaded insanity after being charged with Arson a Coppull, who told how he would get the shrink to say he was unfit to plead. I also met the original Morecambe Mr Blobby from when it was successful at first, but Noel Edmonds replaced him with a fat cat celebrity who sexually assaulted the attending children and no wonder it closed.

The corrupt staff on Yarrow tried to kill the former Colne Sex slave when she improved, the ring leader was a Scotch Guy in his 50s with NHS glasses but also Sue who ensured ( in collusion with the maintenance girl with the pony tail ) the brew machine always broke down on a Sunday, Saturday night was poisoning night. They made several attempts to kill Hellen from East lancs the marks on her back where she had been injected into her sciatic nerve in an attempt to cripple her were horrendous. A woman in her 50s from towards Southport said Barton sounded like a former Chief Constable of Blackpool and was probably his son.

At This point I was minded to conclude that Barton was actually the Big Drug Barron from the big house with the Helipad up the track in the middle of nowhere at Wier as convicted at Manchester Crown Court and given a long prison sentence. However it would appear that he had got one of his criminal’s to take the rap for him. Barton told me how he was best friends with a Greek Shipping Tycoon probably being paid by Shell to park loaded oil tankers up at anchor at various locations off the UK coast to keep the oil price high. Barton was also alleged Jewish, and claimed to have links to Mossad, but that is not to say I an anti-semitic, many of my best internet friends are Jewish.

It would appear that there are serious deficiencies in our UK Criminal Justice system, if the Corporates can’t buy the Expert witnesses, they can buy the judge, if that fails they can buy the Jury, even if the CPS is sound likewise they can buy The Home Secretary plus Atourney General, and was Robin Cook Assassinated for objecting to the 2003 Iraq War !

Zika & Polio Extra !

Is the South Sudan Polio vaccine crippling kids due Aspartame instead 1960s Sugar Lump – vis GMO Aspartame Screws Immune System ! ( May also be Vaccine overdose )

Therefore is ZIKA GMO Brucillosis ( Cattle ) deformed babies plus mothers may have consumed Aspartame during Pregnancy, Livestock infected by Animal Rights Activists as Originated from Botswana 2001 UK FMD Epidemic ! ( perhaps undetectable in Grass Fed Cattle of African origin )

Is the DUD Hand Rolling Tobacco often sold in ” Asian Corner Shops ” residue from processing Nicotine for Patches Gum Sprays Losenges ( as supplied by our NHS under its Smoking Ban policy ) from Nicorette & other Bib Pharma smoking replacement products like E-Cigs !

Illegal Contraband Top Branded Ready made tipped fags ( eg Benson & Hedges ex Gibraltar & other Hot holiday destinations ) caught smuggled after detection Private Sniffer Dogs at ports ) give you a hit ) ) Yet No problem on return at UK Airports, no checks from Eire anyway !

Likewise are Apple and other Luxury Brands selling their ” Seconds ” via a ” Shell Company for sale on EBAY QVC etc, Whils bribing Trading Standards To allege they are Counterfeit. Handbags CD’s Trainers and other High esteem Glamour Shopping alleged essentials for WAGS getting free babysitting whilst out getting ” Pised Up ” via pre primary school Child Care Policy ?

Selective Culling of Totally Debt Free ” HomeOwners ” WHO Reject Stock Market Investment Vehicles, Private Health Care & Life Insurance !

Thinking back to my back operation 1994 with hindsight, it is now pretty apparent that after first using the services of an ” Accountant ” ( 1988 Strawberry Bank off Preston New Road Blackburn ) where I was cordially invited to borrow twice my then ample Cash Assets ), ( to which I politely declined ) I was earmarked for extermination !

During the summer of 1993 I was advised by my then new Clitheroe GP Dr Ron J Higson ( who took over from Dr Parker who had looked after my mum during her pregnancy carrying me ) to Pay to see a Neurologist privately in order to jump the then NHS waiting list. An appointment was arranged to see Mr Keogh at Fulwood Hosp[ital in order to arrange an MRI Scan at Preston Royal Hospital.

The meeting was cordial and said Neurologist could plainly see that I was a hard working guy. after I told of how I had set off at 2.30am to deliver slates to ten miles south of the Thames in London. I managed to make it just over Southwark Bridge in my 4.5 hrs continuous legal driving time, stopped 45mins and went for a piss up the back alley of the terraced houses there then. The load was slates and the 7.5 tonne Ford Cargo had three seats so I got a lie down, I reached my Small Builders merchants destination so got a bit of a nap there also.

I came back through the BlackWall Tunnel, thence tracked bac to Holloway Road and up the Achway. Finchley and the M1, ( the way I had come in ) quick fuel top up at Toddington Services then got back to Knutsford. I had an Hours kip there then took the card out of the Tacho and wound the clock on 12 hrs with a new blank except the mileage card, and in an hour home !

The MRI Scan revealed my problem and it was arranged for me to go in on one early February afternoon to have my ” Pre Opp ” then my actual operation just after lunchtime the day after. Got all prepped up to go down to the Theatre but then I was advised that they were sorry but the previous case had taken longer than anticipated so I was sent home and told to come back next week.

I was first in the queue that Tuesday morning. ( the curly haired anesthetist having come and explained the procedure ) went out like a light after the injection and woke up in the recovery opposite an old Irish guy with a brain problem who repeated ly kept shouting Hello, Hellow, Hellow>. I soon got pissed off with that so I chucked the paper piss bottle they had given me at him in an attempt to shut him up as I was in quite considerable pain. Anyway some time later the Registrar came and insisted that I have a Catheter inserted as I hadn’t been by then and I was transferred into the ” High Dependency Bay ” adjacent to the nurse station.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty horrendous as I was in quite excruciating pin plus, plus the pain relief prescribed was almost ineffective, worse still the injections in the arse from the male Staff Nurse. which gave me nightmares. I thought that it would be a good idea to drink loads of water as if my pigeons were sick yo could tell by how much they drank. The brews were crap and I wasn’t really interested in eating for being afraid of having to go for a shit on a bed pan.

One morning after a mostly sleepless night I was in extreme pain from my bladder as the catheter bag was full so I rang the buzzer for the nurse to empty it, to which the reply was ” we have already done it this shift you will have to wait until the day staff come on. That severely pissed me, off as they ( 2 ) had spent almost the entire night gossiping so I went verbally ballistic, which after under moans one of them drained the bag into a paper pot When my late dad had a catheter fitted during the terminal stages of the Bladder Cancer Blackburn Royal gave him the District Nurse informed me that if it got blocked it could knacker his Kidneys ?

On Friday afternoon the physio team came and got me out of bed ( I had worried the anesthetic would cause my chest to flood like it did when I had my appendix out at Blackburn in 1979 even though I didn’t smoke then but did in 1994 ), took a few steps still hampered by the catheter which also stopped me from sleeping on my usual side. That night the on the point of retirement alleged unskilled nurse came and asked if I wanted a brew, I asked if they could take the catheter out and she got the doctor ASAP.

On Saturday morning I was mobile enough to be moved to the end bay even though the male bogs were at the other end of the ward, opposite a guy with a frame screwed into his skull after a neck operation and the late 20s guy who had his operation the day my original one was cancelled.

The guy with the frame was in his 50s and worked as an owner driver for P&O Unit Loads and lived at Chorley, he had been in for three months and although he was allowed a ” High Protein ” diet ( Scrambled egg in a morning ) he was like a concentration camp victim. He got the frame removed before I went home and was allowed home overnight where he went for a Chines and got the shits so ended up readmitted into a single room.

The late 20s guy’s name was possibly Kemp, and he lived on Shadsworth Council Estate at Blackburn, but worked as an HGV tyre fitter at Preston who’s contracts include RMC Leyland Concrete Mixers. He informed me that said Leyland’s had left hand threads on the nearside ( Slacken to the back like the old 7/8 BSF British standard ) unlike most spigot mounted then standard wheels on HGVs.

After repeatedly visiting his GP with severe headaches and being told it go away it was only Migraine, he insisted on an MRI Scan which found a large tumour inside the right front of his brain. He was completely recovered and about to go home the Friday they got me out of bed but the wound burst open with puss so they kept him in. Late Saturday he told me ( and Staff ) that he was losing the sight in his right eye, ( Registrar Called but no action ), Sunday his right arm went disabled and again staff aware but no action from the Registrar. Monday morning Dr keogh arrived on his usual round, went ballistic when he was not told of the developments earlier and rushed Kemp down to Theatre for an emergency operation. He arrived back onto the high dependency bay with a red antibiotic drip up.

I do not doubt the integrity of Mr Keogh as one mid-week night he came in special to deliver the baby of an Asian woman in her 40s on the Neurology ward, however, there may be serious questions over the integrity of the Anesthatist and the Registrar.

Perhaps the high incidence of Negligence Claims against our NHS over the years after crippled for life Children ( Cerebral Palsy ) and Deaths at hospital like South Stafford and Stepping Hill are not ” Accidents ” at all but deliberate ?

A combination of Consultant or Anesethetist working for a private hospital undertaking private health insurance operations, Staff Nurse in control of medication, plus Registrar keen for early promotion who fains his /her dedication to the job by working as much weekend overtime as available, and is liked by other members of the ward team as they swap weekend shifts ?

Little wonder many of our NHS Trusts are facing a deficit as they probably spend more on Corporate lawyers than what it would cost to allow nurses to work 7 to 3. 3 to 11 and 11 to 7 shifts and spend time with any kids. Likewise cleaners on the ward from 7 to 11 could brew up for patients and help out with most basic task at a decent wage instead of paying out a fortune for a high tech brew machine contract often on tokens bent staff ( Sue ) nick in collusion with bent machine servicing operatives who go on holiday to health spars ?

I think that the above should suffice for now but if anyone murdered LITVINYENKO it was almost certainly the Russian Oligarchs drunkard Boris Yeltsin enriched after the demise of the USSR. The current owner of Chelsea Football Club and the Independent are the most obvious examples, likewise the guy who bought the tools for the 1970s design LDV Van ( after LDV went bust due to Labour Local Councils not buying them due to lake of bogus safety Technology ) debts for a Quid.

Gorbachov is a key Co2 drives Global Warming promoter and he only got kicked out because he withdrew the old 20 Rouble Note everyone saved up with at once virtually crime free home for their LADA !

On BBC breakfast this morning Hargreaves Landsdown were spinning a plan to give extra Tax Relief on low Private Pension contributions, which are now compulsory unless you Opt Out, yet the corrupt Trade Unions squeal if worker have to Opt In to their Political Fund !

Perhaps David Cameron needs to Deport all the Yeltsin era Russian Oligarchs ASAP, Freeze and Impound all their UK property and Stock Market assets ?