9/11, Call Knacker Davis Whitebirk Blackburn Frome PhoneBox A556 Lower Peover !

Corporate-Nazi #c4nrews Thought Police for the late Robin Day !

#BAA #bahhumbug #BentWog #Crossbred #RedRum =#AA #Wirral #Rubber #Wildebeest #Aintree #Sefton #StHellens #SouthRibble #MH370 @ukhomeoffice

#Vegemite ( #Malltby ( My Upstairs Dunny with Twyfords Amazon Washbasin ( Terminator 2 Lord Deben ) Hummers threateningly when I put the light on ) ( Never saw any redbacks or Queensland ( native to NSW ) funnel web over their Bi-Centenial Xmas & New Year )

Boxing Day Evening Facebook Chat with my mate from Skem.

Meerry Christmas Gordon
Tool late was the Crt
crt, whats that ?
Oh fcuk off I’m Tatty piece of string

got to stroke 2 pussies yesterday

are you alright Gordon,have a new friend so called Lee Borrell, gets a bit excited, so do his mates !

Happy New South Wales from your best Guimea Peppa Pig Clarence the cross eyed Lion

hahaha its all on fire so the news says

Oh fcuk off & leave me to die in Greenpeace

I must admit that I did wash my hair to see the shrink at the end of the September warm spell, but I only changed my underpants on this Xmas day morning ( just in case I was involved in a Road Traffic Accident ) Ancient T shirt had me doing an impression of Janet Jackson at the #Superbowl so I fished one out of my washing Basket I had put there as it was too tight six months ago !

Anyway I bet none of you have have got a set of alleged #ASDA George Trakky Bottoms my Tooth Fairy had my Saviille Row Tailor made for me 2 days after I was alleged dead on Cardiac at Chorley just before Xmas 2014 ( they come almost to my armpits, which despite not having a bath since August this year don’t smell ) .

Anyway Crucifiction’s a doddle !

That’ll have to FCUKing NoodledoodleMan for now ( Got my DIYSOS Gas Chamber stoke up now ) but everyone thee’r Croston to Polar Bear !


2 thoughts on “9/11, Call Knacker Davis Whitebirk Blackburn Frome PhoneBox A556 Lower Peover !

  1. Hoping that Environment Secretary Liz Truss has the Elephants Piss-Flaps to turf out all the DEFRA University Boffins on their earwig & Amber Rudd does likewise at DECC. My late mate Jack Leach ( Royal Navy Burma Star ) once told me that its easy to sack people because if they were actually any good you could always reinstate them !

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