Clitheroe Advertiser Whalley Floods Comment !

( Probably already Deleted by Corporate-Nazi #WallStreet Thought Police 1 )

This is out of date already, like most of the stuff in my fridge !

Anyway always look on the bright side of life, soon the greedy British Medical Association will have allow the use of #PinkCompound derivatives and perhaps all our ills would go away if David Cameron removed all the bungs from Big Pharma whilst simultaniously pulling the plug on NHS PFI Contracts !

Anyone out there Remember Kenny Everette and his cryptic observations on London Volvo’s ?

Bounced Email, Computer Crashed ! ( best explored on Twitter via ‪#‎RedRum‬ )

Happy New year World !

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One thought on “Clitheroe Advertiser Whalley Floods Comment !

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