Bounced Email, Computer Crashed !

The only way NASA could have landed a Man on the Moon ( & safely get him back off again ) would be to use a FCUK Ofcom Coil Spring emulating Zebedee in the Magic Roundabout ( last children’s programme just before the early evening news ) !

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
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To: brossen99
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This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


Merry Xmas from the Craven Taliban cave, and wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year free from Corporate Nazi Wall Street !

PS. Given up on my Tooth Fairy organising a Magic Carpet Wenting from Ribble Valley to South Ribble, 3D Printed Tesla SPAZ Chariot may have to suffice.

Yours hopefully

Nogrod Eyp

Thought for the Solstice season.

Everyone must ask themselves whether ” Somewhere deep within there’s another being you are somehow abusing, by the person you’re using “.

Boing time for bed !


Credit to the BBC as their current children’s output is mucj improved more recently, especially the new series of The Clangers as narrated by Micheal Palin. However, they still Klingon to John Craven ( The original presenter of Newsround, ( first aired around the same time as Grange Hill, after which disruption in secondary school classrooms became an epidemic, along with year round teenage antisocial behavior, vandalism, regular Muggings of OAP’s to fund Drug Addiction )).

At least now the Corporate criminal ( Alan Yentob ) responsible for the cancerous decay in British values since his incumbency at the BBC has had his collar felt by Plod ( as a key player in Taxpayer funded Charity Kid’s Company ( lost all their money gambling on the Stock Market ( All Corporate Charities are at it )). It may soon emerge that Kids Company was a key player in Organised Crime ( finance & distribution for hard drug smuggling )) !

This post has ensured my respiritory tract is Ermintrude free, despite chain smoking throughout its compilation & checking !

Soon be Spring again !


4 thoughts on “Bounced Email, Computer Crashed !

  1. I apologise unreservedly for my ” Act of God ” Typo, but I have been getting up half an hour before I go to bed & working a 36hr shift for the last week. I do hope all my friends can attend my imminent funeral ( either in body or spirit ) !

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