@NollyPrott Tweets ! #CravenTaliban

Happy Christmas, Gordon – and you’re still with us – well done! Hope you got some food in – and your tobacco arrives. All the best, June

On 18 December 2015 at 06:20, Gordon wrote:

#bbcbreakfast Do #DIFID #Solicit any #USGrant 2 #Airfreight #Import 3Min #Microwave #Ready #ReadyMxed #Solar #Frozen #WallpaperPaste #HairGel #frome #Timbuktu ?

Actual Published Tweet

#bbcbreakfast #DIFID #Solicit #USGrant 2 #Airfreight #Import #3Min #Microwave #ReadyMxed #Solar #Frozen #WallpaperPaste #HairGel #Timbuktu

Merry Xmas to all my friends & relatives but my Tooth Fairy is sacked if I fail to get Tobacco supplies delivered ASAP

Yours faithfully

From the Craven Taliban Cave

PS. Its the same temperature in London mid winter tomoz Saturday as Wellington New Zealand later today mid summer !

If Sheep Shagging in Yorkshire Dales, Green Wellies are strongly recommended ( out of season NZ ) but not mandatory.

Latest Currant Bun Report ( Still got a few of my Dad’s ( died Easter 2013 ) ( driven to suicide by Blackburn Royal Hospital Urology ) raisins he used to mix with his Branflakes ) in the kitchen cupboard )

In conjunction with essential viewing for all Climate Change realists ( Those not infected by NASA celebrity Nazi Von Braun Political DNA )


3 thoughts on “@NollyPrott Tweets ! #CravenTaliban

  1. Posted this in a comment on the https://www.facebook.com/Brown-Cow-Chatburn-1440558412934…/… Page Bet they delete it from their Christmas Karioke night posting !

    Oh Down in Alabama where the Niggers shovel Coal: A Nigger shoved a shovel up another Niggers hole. Send for

    Got #NHS #Shrink #BentWog with #Ferrari DrMousa #BlackburnRoyal Killing to #FTSE Order Contact my @ukhomeoffice on +4401254226052

    Best to Avoid Castle Medical Practice Railway View Road Clitheroe Advertiser once with aspirations with making a killing buy getting the Health Centre demolished for a new Shopping Centre adjacent to White Elephant Fat Bastard John Prescott Transport Policy Corporate Nazi? Clitheroe Advertiser Knox Eastleigh Lib Dems !

    Wanged it all over the globe on Twitter last Sunday night / Monday morning & the Corporate Nazi? Thought Police still haven’t ejaculated to cart me off to the Funny Farm, even if my good mate Richard Cowley say’s I’m completely BONKERS !

  2. The only way NASA could have landed on the Moon & got back off again would have been to use a MEGA STEEL COIL SPRING like Zebedee in the BBC infants animation The Magic Roundabout !


    Mars Rover similarly afflicted by lack of scientific credibility, but then you can work wonders with CGI & Bent presenters like Brian Cox !

    I would appear to have cleared the Ermintrudes from my respiritory tract with my latest ” Woofed Fag “

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