Lancashire Fracking ?

Subject: RE: Fracking comments
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 13:40:03 +0000

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly the following should be able to point you in the right direction.

Basically it would appear that the Great Plumpton fracking application is an excuse to build an executive development on the land adjacent to the A585 former main Preston-Blackpool route. I know the location because as a kid I visited the former Cafe site across the road from the said fracking site whilst riding shotgun in one of our local wagons delivering tarmac for the big car park. The Cafe site is now an executive housing development and Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate Highways officers have even put a pedestrian island in the middle of the former three lane road perhaps in anticipation of developing the other side.

From the footage shown on BBC North West Tonight its obvious that there is a pond directly adjacent to the proposed fracking rig site, one of the once many such ponds in the Fylde area now perhaps rare as most were filled in the 1980s for easier combine harvester collection of grain crops. Back in 1982 I was involved in filling in one such pond in a field at Singleton hauling clay from a building site in Blackpool whilst driving an eight wheel Scammell on site tipper work.

My primary concern is for the pond life which even if moved out leaves nowhere for frogs to spawn in spring, one of the things we did as kids back in the late 1960s was to collect frog spawn for the primary school nature table as juniors, one of the best places for frog spawn was the dyke on the old original A59 behind the big LCC Salt Heap across from now BAE Samlesbury, no sheeting of it in those days.

Its obvious that the aforementioned Great Plumpton pond will be irrevocably contaminated if fracking operations go ahead, thus allowing the Farmer to sell the then Brownfield site for development, and perhaps he is under pressure from his Bank, which may be clouding his better judgement as a man of the land.