Texas Shooting Incident ?

I can’t help speculating that the over UK night Shooting Incident in Dallas Texas is a Wall Street Sponsored False Flag to give the May Day Bank Holiday BBC & Sky rolling TV news the excuse they needed to exclude UK election coverage to an absolute minimum. In particular to stop Nigel Farage and other key UKIP politicians like their manifesto architect Suzanne Evans actually informing the UK public on the actual far wider than just Immigration UKIP programme for government over the next 5 years.

Unlike the Lib/Lab/Con UKIP’s manifesto is fully costed, independently audited ( and apart from withdrawing from the EU ) savings on expenditure include 18bn a year saved by repealing Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act.  That will also mean cheaper energy bills for households and therefore more money for families to spend in the wider economy to generate additional tax revenue from increased business profits.  As far as Corporate Multinational Cartel Tax Avoidance is concerned UKIP propose a simple catch all UK Turnover Tax far better than the Tories complicated jiggery pokery announced in the recent Budget.  In his Russel Brand interview Ed Miliband was attempting to portray that action on Corporate Tax Avoidance was impossible without International agreement which is simply Not True !

I expect that the Left of the UK political spectrum is running shy of the UKIP proposal to reduce Foreign Aid by Two Thirds but that still leaves 4bn to spend on the most productive ways for allieviating Third World Poverty.  I expect that most of the cut will eliminate waste on Climate Change related projects ( other than flood defences ) plus other Welfare State for the Stock Market Parasites projects where corrupt politicians and officials siphon off most of the money straight into their Fat Cat Swiss Bank Accounts.  Furthermore, increasing the Defence budget will allow the British armed services the funds for wider engagement in famine relief projects with support like supervising building good roads and training the locals to maintain any vehicles supplied !

As usual I digress but perhaps another subtle indicator that the Texas Incident is as False Flag is the probablity that it keeps any detail of the Tel Aviv Israel riots out of the US & UK news.  Those rioting over their oppression due to ever increasing Corporate-Nazi Financial Apartheid include Black Ethiopian immigrant Jews plus full Israeli citizen non Palestinian Arabs and some low income Israeli Jews possibly of European origin ?

Of course nobody would ever suspect anything as High Profile anti Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders was attending the alleged target US Far Right conference, but perhaps that might kick off Hope Not Hate etc to allege that electing Nigel Farage and a large number of UKIP MP’s might precipitate terror attacks in the UK.  Again nobody would suspect as it reinforces Nigel Farage’s comments in the EU parliament about if ISIS claim they are going to flood the EU with terrorists and mean it.  Therefore a common EU immigration policy and accepting every last port of call Libya originating migrant we pluck out of the Med without question is a really bad idea.  That is not to say that UKIP is against fulfilling UN quotas on genuine Asylum Seekers, in fact Nigel Farage Said that the UK should take more than its quota of Christians fleeing oppression ?

To conclude and thinking right outside the box as usual it may be the case that if the alleged dead Dallas terrorists were shot by Police Marksmen they may just have been playing dead bleeding profusely from a non fatal injury. Modern medicine is wonderful and perhaps they will both make a full recovery and be given a new identity plus lots of Wall Street Ponzi Scheme income to go and spend the rest of their life on a tropical island surrounded by lots of beautiful young women to pander to their every need.  Meanwhile perhaps some totally innocent people will be set up for life in US Corporate Prison or even face totally inhumane US practice execution ?


2 thoughts on “Texas Shooting Incident ?

  1. UK afternoon peak surfing time now and BBC News are using the naming of the Royal Baby to burn up any potential UKIP policy air time whilst Wall Street Puppet Murdoch SKY have got more breaking news on the Texas False Flag.

    Perhaps the most important policy for UKIP to get across to those on the Left of the UK politics spectrum is their position on Welfare, main points being a pledge to scrap the hated Bedroom Tax and giving the former ATOS corporate subcontractor administered Work Capability Tests to your own GP. There is a slight snag with the latter in that if you have got a bent GP in a private company practice who are accessory to the fact on a Corporate Ethnic Cleansing policy in your area you were probably better relying on ATOS, or now the new private provider complete with disabled rights activist as an adviser. The obvious Middle Way Common Sense approach UKIP need to adopt is to use your own GP as the default, but keep the private contractor specifically for appeals with the same principle applying to the new PIP, thus avoiding most of the long delays where the Banks can get you into unsustainable debt and force you to move home.

    One slight hurdle UKIP may find hard to sell is their proposal to cut the benefits cap to 23k but the Tories are planning that anyway but its still over 400 quid a week and potentially paying far better than most jobs after Income Tax these days Perhaps the biggest savings in the welfare system would be to weed out all the fake Schizophrenics parked there sometimes as the reward for being an accompliss in the demise of their former employer. Other may swing the lead as its the only way to keep warm, dry and have a fuill belly ( after a CMC corporate has placed you on their blacklist ) plus achieve a decent standard of civilised living as all you need to do is tell the pompous self important NHS shrink you smoked Cannabis and you can hear voices in your head.

    I encountered one alleged schizophrenic guy who told me how he had been working as a chef before his employer closed down who told me how he was on 281 quid a week plus free bus pass and dressed in new clothes, wearing brand new designer trainers and smoking 20 packs top brand ready made fags. All you need to do is present yourself as being in relapse after telling your support worker you have stopped taking your medication when your WCA test comes around with the added benefit of being admitted to hospital. If you can put up with the conditions being admitted to mental hospital could be a virtual all found free holiday plus they give you cool psychedelic trips on drugs Lorazepam to soothe your acted out paranoia.

    True schizophrenics are born with episodes of voices making want to kill themselves and NHS Mental Health therapy can never improve just so long as the only talent required to be a top consultant is the capacity to remember tons of Latin terminology. I suppose a good analogy would be to describe some consultants brains as a bit like a computer hard drive stuffed to almost capacity with crap thus slowing down the useful programmes you need for operating efficiency. Of course the NHS problems are magnified by the general practice of making shop floor staff not competent at their allotted jobs into managers, so even if genuine caring consultants were willing to listen to the shop floor the information path is obstructed !

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