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Obituary James Henry Pye 1922-2013
Jim ( James Henry Pye ) was the first born son of Bill ( William Henry Pye ) and his new wife Nellie ( nee Chew ) was born at Nab Side Farm Billington on 13th of November 1922, later joined by his brother Clifford and sister Nellie who died at the age of 4 of whooping cough ( because the doctor couldn’t be bothered to walk up the field in the snow because he knew they couldn’t afford to pay the bill ).  His childhood must have been hard as farming was on hard times in the 1930s when Jim attended Whalley school, they said he could pass the exams but he couldn’t afford to go to grammar school.  As a teenager he found work on the local farms up to the war, by which time he was playing the piano by ear in the Dog Inn and off to the pictures with his mates.
He tried to dodge the draft by claiming to be an essential farm worker as long as he could but was called up in early 1942, basic training a Barrow print works then into the Royal Artillery and gunnery training at Beccles in East Anglia.  Then they shipped his regiment out to Egypt around the Cape of Good Hope as reinforcements in the fight against Rommel but was not needed and therefore his regiment went up into Iraq then across to Syria for training for artillery on mules for the Italian campaign. In Syria he got sick enough to go into hospital ( they thought he was going to die) and so he was not actually sent to Italy.   Instead they posted him to Libya looking after telegraph wires with Royal Signals until the war was over.  He got early release as a farm worker in 1946 and came back to originally work on the home farm but he got a job with Bill Pennington living in at Lawson House Farm Sawley, where he stayed working until Bill Pennington moved down to Poole in 1963.  Jim was a re-founding member of Sawley Reading Room Snooker Club located in the former chapel Long Building opposite the school and after the first year as secretary, a post he held for 50 odd years, and during which time he oversaw the successful move into the new building behind the school when the Long Building was developed into executive housing.
In the meantime Jim met his wife Barbara Hudson and moved into the Toll Bar Chatburn shop in 1958 when they got married, they struggled a bit having a baby but ( Gordon ) popped out in 1961.  Jim used to take the ice cream van to Downham at the weekend whatever the weather, one Saturday he only sold 3 cornets to the regular people he waited all day for because he knew they were likely to turn up and he didn’t want to disappoint them.  1963 saw a move to work for Frank Capstick at Crow Trees Farm Chatburn, which lasted until they sold the milk round, when he moved to Frankland’s working as a builders labourer which he had to leave when he had a slight heart attack.  He got better and then got a job labouring in Chatburn Mill where he stayed until early retirement in 1986 just after the move further up Downham Road.  Of course in between this he also worked in the shop and from the 1970s it was often after 9pm at night when he got back from cash and carry.
When granny Hudson was still fit we used to go on family holidays during the wakes weeks when the shop was quiet, a favourite destination was Bournemouth and time with his old boss Bill Pennington.  Running the shop was a full time job but Gordon didn’t miss out as by then he was riding about in wagons during the school holidays, and in any case Jim and Barbara decided to make up for it when they retired.  Unfortunately by 1990 Barbara went completely blind, so Jim used to describe everything they saw on their travels they had been all over the world by the end of 1994 when Barbara died.  Jim continued the holidays after her death and he was always on the lookout for a bargain. like going to Croatia when the Yugoslav war was on,  He wasn’t paying single room supplement either, would share with anyone or go with his best friend Colin Wiseman, he kept on going on holiday regularly until they wouldn’t insure him anymore, at least at reasonable cost.
Jim’s one eye ( blind in one eye from birth ) was good, and he was still competently driving up to the end of October 2012, out 2 nights a week playing snooker at Sawley, then dominoes Pendle Club Friday night and alternately Gisburn Rimmington Tosside and Slaidburn on Saturdays Pendle Club extra in a 5 week month, West Bradford and Bolton-by-Bowland two Wednesdays a month and even being diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2009 it didn’t stop him despite 6 monthly visits to hospital for a few days for minor surgical treatment.  A brisk walk down to the post office and back up the hill everyday except Sunday to buy a copy of the Daily Mail and the ( plus Clitheroe Advertiser on Thursdays)  kept him fit, he used to spend hours reading the papers.  He was a keen fan of Countdown ( especially the maths bit ) and also kept up with Emmerdale and Coronation Street, but snooker on TV was was his favourite. It sort of kept him going over Christmas 2012 when he was getting really bad on his legs. even though he still managed to attend the church every Sunday’s ( and to visit Barbara’s grave ) right up until a month before his death when he was admitted  to Blackburn Royal  Hospital.where he died after 3 weeks delirium.
It could be said that Jim was lucky in his life especially going through WW2 without firing a shot in anger, it took him time to find a wife but he got a good one and he gave his son a good upbringing. On balance a successful man despite technically being a lowly labourer all his working life, although you would be hard pressed to find a better corner shopkeeper, businessman and finance manager than him !

Washington-Boston Line USA Train Crash ?

I recall once seeing a YouTube Cab Ride video of the express passenger line north from Washington but unlike Warren Buffet’s 60 Mph max wild west Great ( Oil Train ) Smashem & Cheetam Railway it has more in common with the French TGV.   As usual the safety authorities are already attempting to portray that the cause was driver error and how he was ” Speeding ” around a curve !

However, I can’t help speculating that the said ” accident ” was the result of deliberate sabotage as sponsored by Wall Street in an attempt to get Americans back flying again after the collateral damage done by my Alps Crash article and subsequent comments being tweeted Worldwide and especially in the USA ?

I own a copy of the Britiish Railway safety history Bible Red For Danger plus an angle on other angles on railway derailments from my fairly extensive collection of railway engineering history books.   Examining the possibilities the said US accident could be due to the following.

1. A signalling computer malfunction as in former GWR main line into London Paddington ” accidents ” at first Southall and then not that long after Ladbroke Grove.

The Southall crash occured after an empty westbound aggregate train was put out across the main line when a late running High Speed Train was speeding towards Paddington in an attempt to make up lost time to meet the then punctuality targets and avoid fines.  The excuse for letting out the freight train was also punctuality targets but it would appear that the HST driver was met by a red signal at the last minute giving him just enough time to abandon the cab and seek some protection in the engine compartment.   The blame was pinned on the fact that the Automatic Warning System in east facing power was inoperative despite the fact that AWS was originally developed for use in Fog yet it was clear that day.   In any case the 4 aspect  ( on all UK high speed lines ) signalling system gives you ample warming of a red signal ahead, first double amber ( Slow Down ) then single amber ( Next signal may be RED ).   Furthermore the driver of the HST was approaching retirement with long experience of the line and the HST yet the media almost immediately pinned the blame on him despite the fact it was obviously due to a computer malfunction if you examined the evidence in depth.  The key factor being that the computer would automatically puts all signals in the area to red in the event of a malfunction after a conflicting movement was detected by the track circuiting !

Almost immediately the media and Unions started a campaign to Automatic Train Protection fitted on all UK trains at great expense to passengers and the HST driver suffered a nervous breakdown after Plod charged him with manslaughter so the truth never got a chance to come out in court as he was deemed unfit to stand trial !

Not that long after Ladbroke Grove occurred again with an eastbound HST approaching Paddington but this time a westbound a local train crossing the main line in conflict.  There were reports of drivers complaining about signalling anomalies conflicting with the AWS earlier that day but no action was taken.  From the news footage it was clear that the road was partially set for the westbound local train to cross the main lines yet the blame was pinned on its inexperienced dead driver.  Much was made about the positioning of the crucial signal and how the morning sun would stop you seeing it even though I have never had any problems reading temporary traffic lights on the road with the strong sun directly behind. Once again the media cracked up with demands for network wide ATP despite the fact that EU mainland trains so fitted were involved in several serious accidents around and after that time.  The old BR guys came up with Train Protection & Warning system as a cheap and just as effective alternative and since that was adopted the accidents are almost eliminated.  TPWS can also be used on Steam hauled excursions using a battery pack but are suspended at the moment due to a signal passed at danger, and perhaps the cause was a TPWS malfunction caused by a green tech battery short like the Alps air crash ?

2. Getting back to my original sabotage theory and it would appear that there are parallels between Philadelphia and UK Potters Bar where a faulty set of points ( switches ) derailed the back half on a fast through train not stopping at the said station.  The cause was found to be lose nuts on the stretcher bar between the facing point blades, despite the fact that all facing points on UK passenger lines incorporate locks to prevent them being moved by mistake under a train.  When enthusiast specials use freight lines if they have to use facing points they are always ” clipped ans scotched ” and padlocked before the train is allowed to traverse them.   Point locks were introduced in Victorian times after an LNWR derailment at Wigan as amply described in the chapter on H. A. Ivatt in Master Builders of Steam.

As usual I digress but the BBC were showing footage of a sharp curve to the right of the main New York line so the train must have passed over a facing junction and RT footage shows wreckage going straight on so the cause of the crash must have been a faulty switch.  The concrete sleeper main line looks well maintained, but perhaps it would be dead easy to recreate a Potters Bar scenario if you could lubricate one of the track maintenance guys with the promise of riches for the rest of his life even if he was sacked.  I expect that the US rail unions are in on the deal as well as their bosses fat cat pensions must rely on ever increasing asset prices on Wall Street plus they are probably smarting about the US government cutting $250 million from the Amtrak subsidy.  Perhaps the same principle also applied to the RMT at Potters Bar which precipitated track maintenance being taken back in house by Network Rail thus allowing the National Strike they are currently using in pay talks ?

Texas Shooting Incident ?

I can’t help speculating that the over UK night Shooting Incident in Dallas Texas is a Wall Street Sponsored False Flag to give the May Day Bank Holiday BBC & Sky rolling TV news the excuse they needed to exclude UK election coverage to an absolute minimum. In particular to stop Nigel Farage and other key UKIP politicians like their manifesto architect Suzanne Evans actually informing the UK public on the actual far wider than just Immigration UKIP programme for government over the next 5 years.

Unlike the Lib/Lab/Con UKIP’s manifesto is fully costed, independently audited ( and apart from withdrawing from the EU ) savings on expenditure include 18bn a year saved by repealing Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act.  That will also mean cheaper energy bills for households and therefore more money for families to spend in the wider economy to generate additional tax revenue from increased business profits.  As far as Corporate Multinational Cartel Tax Avoidance is concerned UKIP propose a simple catch all UK Turnover Tax far better than the Tories complicated jiggery pokery announced in the recent Budget.  In his Russel Brand interview Ed Miliband was attempting to portray that action on Corporate Tax Avoidance was impossible without International agreement which is simply Not True !

I expect that the Left of the UK political spectrum is running shy of the UKIP proposal to reduce Foreign Aid by Two Thirds but that still leaves 4bn to spend on the most productive ways for allieviating Third World Poverty.  I expect that most of the cut will eliminate waste on Climate Change related projects ( other than flood defences ) plus other Welfare State for the Stock Market Parasites projects where corrupt politicians and officials siphon off most of the money straight into their Fat Cat Swiss Bank Accounts.  Furthermore, increasing the Defence budget will allow the British armed services the funds for wider engagement in famine relief projects with support like supervising building good roads and training the locals to maintain any vehicles supplied !

As usual I digress but perhaps another subtle indicator that the Texas Incident is as False Flag is the probablity that it keeps any detail of the Tel Aviv Israel riots out of the US & UK news.  Those rioting over their oppression due to ever increasing Corporate-Nazi Financial Apartheid include Black Ethiopian immigrant Jews plus full Israeli citizen non Palestinian Arabs and some low income Israeli Jews possibly of European origin ?

Of course nobody would ever suspect anything as High Profile anti Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders was attending the alleged target US Far Right conference, but perhaps that might kick off Hope Not Hate etc to allege that electing Nigel Farage and a large number of UKIP MP’s might precipitate terror attacks in the UK.  Again nobody would suspect as it reinforces Nigel Farage’s comments in the EU parliament about if ISIS claim they are going to flood the EU with terrorists and mean it.  Therefore a common EU immigration policy and accepting every last port of call Libya originating migrant we pluck out of the Med without question is a really bad idea.  That is not to say that UKIP is against fulfilling UN quotas on genuine Asylum Seekers, in fact Nigel Farage Said that the UK should take more than its quota of Christians fleeing oppression ?

To conclude and thinking right outside the box as usual it may be the case that if the alleged dead Dallas terrorists were shot by Police Marksmen they may just have been playing dead bleeding profusely from a non fatal injury. Modern medicine is wonderful and perhaps they will both make a full recovery and be given a new identity plus lots of Wall Street Ponzi Scheme income to go and spend the rest of their life on a tropical island surrounded by lots of beautiful young women to pander to their every need.  Meanwhile perhaps some totally innocent people will be set up for life in US Corporate Prison or even face totally inhumane US practice execution ?