4U9525 Alps Crash & MH370 Fly on Green Tech Batteries Anyone ?

Green Tech Batteries Anyone ?

The latest preliminary analysis of the Flight Data Recorder suggests Alps Crash 4U9525 lost power due to a  dead short on battery which cut the power supply to the fuel pumps and the ignition on engines, so therefore lost speed to semi stall. Then as the wing and tail controls were set and locked for level flight she went into shallow dive at first, but then as she lost altitude air resistance slowed her and tipped her into an even steeper dive. This probably explains French Crash Investigator claims that Lubitz deliberately accelerated several times before final final impact each time acceleration due to steeper dive leading to her becoming a virtual V1 just before the actual crash itself ?

I could never understand why MH370 was never found since I flew from Singapore to Cairns in daylight when the sea to the north of Indonesia was flat calm and I could see the shallow sea floor quite clearly from my window seat.  The theory that MH370 went down off Perth in the Roaring Forties was almost certainly just a scam to attempt to sell satellite tracking for all commercial aircraft, plus prevent the real wreck being found and an excuse to end the search on the flight path.  Perhaps only an imbecile like Tony Abbot could fall for it and whilst he was correct to end the Aussie Carbon Tax he’s still foolish enough to continue to waste money emulating King Canute attempting to prevent climate change.

The simple fact is if the truth came out about the ultimate reliability of the latest Green Tech batteries came out everyone would stop flying in newer planes even if the authorities dare not ground them.  People who watch Top Gear may have twigged after they had to abandon a test of the latest Tesla super-fast electric sports car when it died before it even turned a wheel.  If the truth does come out it will implode global stock markets after busting the airlines, the battery manufacturers and the mining companies involved it the extraction of the minerals concerned.  No doubt that will take their banks down with them and the only alternative will be for national governments to Nationalise all insolvent banks under their jurisdiction !


29 thoughts on “4U9525 Alps Crash & MH370 Fly on Green Tech Batteries Anyone ?

  1. There will be more than one battery but a dead short on any one of them could cut power to the main control systems and perhaps the perhaps stolen from crash site phone footage of banging as alleged taken from the back of the plane was the pilot desperately trying to hack through one of the cables with an axe to isolate a faulty battery not the cockpit door ?

    Extremely difficult if you consider that 4U9525’s decent was probably like falling down a virtual set of stairs then falling off a cliff near the bottom ?

  2. The truth all hangs on the integrity of the German prosecutor but I don’t hold out much hope as he looks like the spitting image of Dr Strangelove ( as played by Peter Sellers ) and perhaps subscribes to the said ideology as portrayed in the Kubrick film . I expect that Lubitz kept a diary of his and his pilot mates near misses with dodgy batteries on his computers like WW2 pilots kept flight logs. The question must be can you trust German plod as obviously already lubricated by Bild for stories attempting to portray Lubitz’s insanity and I don’t hold out much hope for the French investigators telling the truth either ?

  3. Air Canada AC624 touched down 335 metres short of runway, TSB says !


    Did the said Airbus A320 circle to dump fuel for a planned international flight bit late for local services to arrive home so early Palm Sunday morning ?

    “It was a rough ride here. It was pretty nasty. Highways aren’t that great,” he said.perhaps refers to the flight and photo’s demonstrate the snow was not that bad, plus were the flash and sparks inside the aircraft cabin ?

  4. Yet another A320 incident this time Jaipur Air India where pilot and co-pilot alleged almost fighting during an argument perhaps deliberately and as the result as perhaps anticipated both of them got de-rostered according to the audio report but no longer in the text perhaps since I tried to comment earlier ?


    ” Air India has been in trouble over various cases in the past. Just a few days back, the Director General of Civil Aviation had written to the national carrier asking it to stop operating with mimimum crew.

    The action was taken after it was highlighted how the national carrier was compromising with flight safety norms by rendering fully operational doors unserviceable. Air India did not have the requisite crew to fly on several long haul flights. ” ( Everyone who can afford to knocking sick if rostered to fly on a planes they know has dodgy Green Tech batteries ? )

    The safety authority will not take action in this case as the aforementioned incident was before the flight set off from the gate but Air India intends to hold an enquiry ?

  5. Once again the French have been leaking snippets of the information contained in the Flight Data Recorder recovered from the Alps Crash site in a desperate attempt to maintain the Corporate-Nazi illusion that Lubitz was suicidal. The Wall Street puppet media were attempting to spin that Lubitz fiddled with the autopilot controls on ” another flight ” the same day when ” other flight ” was most probably the outward leg from Germany to Spain in the same plane.

    The most likely explanation of why Lubitz changed the autopilot setting several times as alleged is that the autopilot computer system crashed.when the crew attempted to take manual control after the engines lost power. I can well remember when I was first introduced to computers in the mid 1990s and advised of the procedure for regaining control when the screen froze like try pressing all the keys simultaneously and if that fails pull the plug out at the mains. It must therefore be reasonable to believe that the pilot left the cockpit to use the battery isolation switch in an attempt to fully reboot the computer system which was successful in regaining control ?

    The crew must have reported the incident on arrival in Spain and got the computer system checked out by an engineer who would have passed it as OK as it wasn’t actually a computer software problem it was intermittent surges and dips in the power supply. In any case the pilot must never have suspected anything wrong with Lubitz’s mental health or he would of had him removed from the flight in Spain ?

    On the return flight to Germany the intermittent battery fault returned but perhaps this time when the pilot left the cockpit to use the battery isolation switch he was thwarted as the power surge had bent it and jammed it solid, That reminds me of a power cut which happened at 7 pm one winter night back in the early 1980s after a fault on the main grid power lines between Yorkshire & Lancashire bent the circuit breaker. It took out power throughout Easy Lancashire and Craven for several hours before the engineers could rectify the problem ?

    • The most striking incident was that media wanted to make us believe the Co-Pilot would have looked in the intenet for dtails about Cockpit doors! As if he would find more than that inhis handbooks!

  6. A United Airlines flight made an emergency landing to eject an autistic teenager and her family after her mother requested a hot meal for her when only room temperature food was on offer. Perhaps the pilot was afraid to allow the cabin crew to use the cookers just in case the high current demand precipitated a fatal battery short and crashed the plane ?


  7. A preserved Seaplane carrying tourists crashed in Canada yesterday, but then Green-Tech batteries may be essential kit if one or more of your passengers is a Whale !

    #NYSE Another #AirCrash this time #Canada see latest @tnewtondunn report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZEKomEJwOE … #TSBCanada #Nasdaq #skypapers #bbcpapers #N

    All the above accidents are almost certainly linked to fluctuations in the magnetic activity of the SUN as turbocharged by the interaction between both the Earth’s and the Moon’s magnetic fields concentrating the sun’s radiation causing fail danger malfunctions of Lithium / Iron batteries !

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  9. Egypt Air MS804’s batteries may have been damaged previously but the intensity of Solar Radiation in any particular area depends on the interaction between the Magnetic Fields of the Earth and the Sun !

  10. Shakti Lumba Aviator.Independent aviation & aerospace professional. I say it as I see it.My retweets ARE endorsements.

    @NollyPrott looks like yet another battery short,No? They will blame it on anything but the lethal aircraft battery.

    Ny Reply Looks like its conclusively a fire, avionics bay may have been due to power surge from batteries cant fake report this time


  11. MH370 went to PIne Gap. The Dept. of AViation tasked with finding it and wasting $60 million of tax payers money were sent on a wild goose chase by our ‘allies’. They told me MH370 flew for 5 hours from last seen on radar point. Pine Gap is 5 hours SE of the last point – exactly what Barbara Starr the Pentagon’s classified reporter stated as the ‘latest information is the plane has gone S EAST for some distance S EAST..” before that link was removed from Internet. I filmed it and have it on record on FB. The scientists are or were alive. I got a message telling me (on my screen when I postulated Pine Gap) ‘don’t worry they are happy adapting to their new inner earth home. We will put them topside in a couple of weeks’ That was meant to shut me up Of course they had no intention of putting them back topside..

  12. Think I have cracked the battery fault problems & why planes are not dropping out of the sky every day. It would appear to be linked to the Carbon % in the Iron, No carbon and Iron is really soft and bends easily, and therefore the plates may be bent on hard landing or even during turbulence flexing the air frame. Likewise too much carbon makes Iron brittle, and have you ever seen anyone set fire to low carbon steel wool, goes like a bomb !

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