4U9525 Alps Crash & MH370 Fly on Green Tech Batteries Anyone ?

Green Tech Batteries Anyone ?

The latest preliminary analysis of the Flight Data Recorder suggests Alps Crash 4U9525 lost power due to a  dead short on battery which cut the power supply to the fuel pumps and the ignition on engines, so therefore lost speed to semi stall. Then as the wing and tail controls were set and locked for level flight she went into shallow dive at first, but then as she lost altitude air resistance slowed her and tipped her into an even steeper dive. This probably explains French Crash Investigator claims that Lubitz deliberately accelerated several times before final final impact each time acceleration due to steeper dive leading to her becoming a virtual V1 just before the actual crash itself ?

I could never understand why MH370 was never found since I flew from Singapore to Cairns in daylight when the sea to the north of Indonesia was flat calm and I could see the shallow sea floor quite clearly from my window seat.  The theory that MH370 went down off Perth in the Roaring Forties was almost certainly just a scam to attempt to sell satellite tracking for all commercial aircraft, plus prevent the real wreck being found and an excuse to end the search on the flight path.  Perhaps only an imbecile like Tony Abbot could fall for it and whilst he was correct to end the Aussie Carbon Tax he’s still foolish enough to continue to waste money emulating King Canute attempting to prevent climate change.

The simple fact is if the truth came out about the ultimate reliability of the latest Green Tech batteries came out everyone would stop flying in newer planes even if the authorities dare not ground them.  People who watch Top Gear may have twigged after they had to abandon a test of the latest Tesla super-fast electric sports car when it died before it even turned a wheel.  If the truth does come out it will implode global stock markets after busting the airlines, the battery manufacturers and the mining companies involved it the extraction of the minerals concerned.  No doubt that will take their banks down with them and the only alternative will be for national governments to Nationalise all insolvent banks under their jurisdiction !