The Budget Wednesday 18th March 2015

I suppose that I should have waited until after George Osborne’s actual budget speech but I couldn’t resist commenting on what’s already been floated in the UK media.  It would appear that the main thrust of Osborne’s economic plan is big infrastructure projects like HS3 and to appease the Green vote tidal lagoons to generate Carbon Free energy.

Taking HS3 for starters it would appear that the whole object of the exercise is to provide a Welfare State for the Banks who have foolishly lent billions to greedy Ten Bob Fat Cat businesses betting on a massive influx of international Jet Set tourists.  Similarly the housing market where developers were hoping to sell summer holiday homes to said Jet Set tourists with obvious new summer holiday home developments/  New housebuilding  aimed at the summer holiday home market are already getting a massive subsidy to fit solar panels to generate just enough heat in winter to stop the plumbing freezing when the jet set fly south, not forgetting existing homes.

Talking of Green Scams perhaps the proposed Tidal Lagoons are probably the most inefficient and expensive alternative possible as far as generating electricity from the tides.  It may be the case that for the capital cost of the Swansea proposal alone the UK could have built a full Severn Barrage plus one for Morecambe Bay as well.   At least with a full Seven Barrage you can get a new direct road and rail line into South Wales, similarly one for Morecambe could bring Barrow in Furness back into the Lancashire economy where it always belonged.  With both the Severn and Morecambe Bay projects you could get electricity throughout the day utilising nearby hills to provide pump storage from reservoirs, a proven electricity storage as used with nuclear in North Wales. I suspect that the true aim of said Tidal Lagoons at various locations around the UK is to provide a calm boating lake for the yachts owned by the international Jet Set when the wind is up and the real sea is too rough on the long planned date of their holiday ?


7 thoughts on “The Budget Wednesday 18th March 2015

  1. My Facebook post to Piers Corbyn a couple of weeks back ( date in link ) but no reply to say I’m crazy yet. Also posted on Roy Spencer’s timeline earlier today and no flak there yet either !

    Correct me if I’m wrong Piers but this was not on the radar last year and perhaps explains why our winter was not so bad as you predicted. I met a bright woman I know who watches the moon regularly in our village pub the other day and she said the moon is now in the wrong place. And no we weren’t drunk it had only just opened in the afternoon I was half way down my one pint of 3.7% Mild and she hadn’t even started her half of lager !

    It would appear that the earth experienced a magnetic pole reversal last back end and now the UK is approx 400 miles SSSE for example Preston now same latitude where Rennes was, plus like the antipodes were we are now farther away from the sun in winter so its not as warm as Rennes was in winter but could be a hot summer. The clocks went forward 15 mins on the sly one mid week night after they went back to GMT so longitude changed as well Looks like we will have a hot summer as the UK will be closer to the Sun than traditional then and perhaps also explains cold US winter this year !

    Thus Aussie / NZ south & further away from the sun in their summer now so cooler on average !

  2. I was just thinking about the spin-off Transport Cost Benefits of building both the Severn and Morecambe Bay barrages from an economic angle. Starting close to my home in Lancashire I will consider the latter first and said barrage will save the cost of expensively replacing all the old wood viaducts around the head of the bay estuary. Perhaps Dr Richard Beechin’s 1960s arguments for rail closures were coloured by the potentially huge cost of replacing wood viaducts on lines like the one to Barmouth in Wales, replaced recently at massive cost and perhaps only possible with an EU grant. The Severn Tunnel has steep gradients both ends and is totally unsuitable for heavy trains from the South Wales Steel industry to the Channel Tunnel for potential export to Europe, a barrage would offer a dead level direct route !

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