Aspartame Slow Genocide ?

Is Aspartame ( first widely introduced to the UK around 1990 ) the cause of the rise in alleged alcohol induced violence as its in all pub mixer drink taps especially Diet-Coke, similarly Aspartame may be the cause of ADHD in kids as found low fat yogurts etc. There is also evidence to suggest that Aspartame causes weight gain plus may induce Type 2 diabetes and perhaps Aspartame is a far greater cost to our NHS than Smoking ever was and likewise some Health-Fascists want to ban relatively harmless Sugar ?

Last night I was thinking about my ex-girlfriend’s eldest son who I refer to in my Urban Air Pollution article on Asthma when it crossed my mind that Aspartame could also be a factor in asthma cases.

From Urban Air Pollution

In 1993 I got involved in a serious relationship with a five years older than me former childhood sweetheart who’s marriage had broken down with two male kids, the eldest in the last year at primary school, youngest just starting and she arranged to rent a house in my village.  Her eldest son suffered from asthma but also mild coordination problems and was subsequently diagnosed as having a mild form of autism, and ADHD probably precipitated by the acrimonious divorce circumstances.   He used both the blue acute and brown alleged preventative inhalers perhaps not as fully effective due to his coordination problem and I recall once having to take him down to the treatment room at Clitheroe Health Centre to use a nebuliser after one particularly bad asthma attack.  It is interesting to note that he enjoyed our trips out to preserved steam railways and being tall for his age big enough to dangle his head out of the front coach door window in all the smoke and ash particles from the locomotive without experiencing an asthma attack !

Rough Case History

I was informed said eldest son was quite badly ill as a baby with stomach problems but got over it and was doing quite quite well academically and reading by 5 his mum having gleaned a full set of 1960s informative kids books from jumble sales etc.  Then his younger brother was born and his behavioral problems started and were put down to him feeling left out when his mum was looking after her new son as a baby.  I’m not up to speed on when his coordination problems were identified but it was probably via his primary school where his reading ability failed to improve despite his theoretical head start.  When I first met him he was in the last year at primary school, his hair was really long as he wouldn’t allow anyone to cut it and he seemed a little bit withdrawn but that improved when I took him and his brother on days out in my car.  He went to the local secondary school in 1994 but got expelled before the end of the 1st year but by then I had shown him how to use both buses and trains which was quite useful to him later as he was not allowed to drive.   After being assessed by a child psychologist at hospital Social Services sent him to a private boarding school near Grange, after which his condition did improve, perhaps due to him consuming less Aspartame in Low-Fat Yogurts ?

I can recall how his ADHD was pretty bad around the turn of the new year 1995 even though he was initially delighted with his Xmas presents.   We bought him an LMS express steam train train set and I had gone round the second hand stalls at railway exhibitions and picked up a Flying Scotsman and a set of the LNER teak coaches that went with it.  I had some old track and points at home so made him a good layout on the floor in the loft and he seemed quite happy playing until one day he threw the Scotsman so hard onto the floor it bent the die cast chassis.  Perhaps the extra Aspartame he had consumed over the Xmas period had accumulated and precipitated his wobbler, and perhaps ADHD is worse in thin kids as fat kids can absorb more without symptoms.  His younger brother also had ADHD but only mild in comparison and perhaps due to the fact that he had a fair bit more meat on him if not obese ?

Getting back to my Asthma observations it seems that my ex-girlfriends eldest son first contracted asthma when he was about 5 as well, and his age at that time probably coincided with the widespread introduction in the early 1990s.  I’ve lost contact with him now but he has never had a job but he’s well into Man United and passed the football referee’s exam on the rules of the game.

No doubt open minded analysis of NHS records will prove Aspartame is the root cause of many chronic illness problems attributed to modern lifestyles and junk food by the Health-Fascists.  And perhaps like in Monty Python’s Department Store Sketch where you can’t say Mattress you can’t allege Aspartame is a danger to health or the Health-Fascists will all put a paper bag over their heads and everyone will have to stand in the tea chest and sing Jerusalem.

There must be a strong case for a complete BAN on Aspartame in the UK ASAP !


7 thoughts on “Aspartame Slow Genocide ?

  1. No farmer in his right mind feeds anything GMO in the UK since the dairy farmers realised that it was the cheap GMO maize gluten they were feeding at milking time that was almost certainly the cause of BSE. The farmers dare not say openly as they are kept Private Political Prisoner of the corrupt pro GMO stock market parasite NFU via cheap mandatory public liability and farm road motor vehicle insurance !

    • John Gummer the UK minister presiding over the BSE crisis at what later became DEFRA has more recently been appointed as chair of the House of Commons Climate Change Select Committee in his new life ( like Windscale became Sellafield ) as Lord Deben. That was only after the previous incumbent Tim Yeo was compelled to resign when the smell from his financial conflicts of interest on Green policy dirty underpants became completely overpowering !

      Tim ( nice but dim ? ) Yeo has since been de-selected by his South Suffolk local Conservative Association and therefore intends to stand at the forthcoming General Election but still sits as a member of the Climate Change Select Committee. It now looks unlikely but perhaps he was counting on David Cameron kicking him ” upstairs ” into the House Of Lords like Gummer perhaps for past dastardly deeds as a minister etc, and perhaps the exact same principle applies to Ten Bob Fat Cat John Prescott plus others ?

  2. I try to attend either Church or Chapel every Sunday and one of the few families who go to our local Church regularly has 2 kids around last year of primary school. The kids comprise a thin Son and a ” brossen ” daughter, the son once regularly disrupted the service although he did read out the sermon occasionally. The daughter was far better behaved but too shy to do the reading, when our Church was improved with a toilet plus proper kitchen for a free brew and home made cakes they created a pen for potentially disruptive kids complete with infant toys.

    Anyway a couple of weeks ago I informed their well educated mum that perhaps she might try removing Aspartame from their family diet pointing out that it might improve her son’s behaviour plus help her daughter lose weight. She followed my advice and two weeks later ( I was ill the Sunday between when I missed both Church and Chapel ) the results were to say the least interesting. Perhaps I would have gone to Chapel if I had known it was a Christening but it wasn’t too busy and I got my regular ( my Dad’s former ) seat as I went early even if I had to politely evict one of the other regulars.

    My pew is adjacent to the new kids pen so I can keep an eye on them and as soon as the service started it was obvious almost right away that the aforementioned son was far calmer than usual whereas the daughter seemed more agitated. The son followed his mum to the chancel and read out the second reading, quite a long piece with only one mistake, and far clearer than in the past. His mum went and sat back down in the pew with her husband whereas he went back to the kids pen for a while but soon went and joined mum and dad in the pew for the rest of the service. His sister was messing about with the toys throughout when once she was the most settled of the two, perhaps explained by the Aspartame coming down out of her fat reserves into her bloodstream as she loses weight ?

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