Prince Charles & Global Warming Fraud !

Perhaps Diana only split from Prince Charles because she knew all about the Agenda21 Green Genocide plan when living with him because he was a willing accompliss using his mother the Queen’s reputation to sell the Carbon Dioxide causes run away dangerous Global Warming fraud ?

Just thinking about the UK Royal Train and how it used to have two dedicated fully refurbished and maintained to first class standards long paid for 1960s Class 47’s, and perhaps they had to buy the on paper far more powerful 67’s and vastly increase the cost due to the interest on the extra capital investment for potential future head of the Church of England Prince Charles to posture to his Eco-Nazi New Age Baal and Green virtual Soddom & Gommora celebrity brethren as if one of the 47’s failed using even the highest available calorific value Orangutan murdering Palm Oil its nowhere near as good as real diesel and a single 47 running on said biodiesel was not capable of keeping time ?

And they are even more expensively leasing the 67’s from the Germans and they were built in insolvent due to green policy Spain using US GM engines so lots of money to change for the stock market parasites !


2 thoughts on “Prince Charles & Global Warming Fraud !

  1. I have also worked out how they Assassinated Lady Diana obvious because she got the land mine ban the US would not sign up to and the most likely scenario was that the CIA put a man on the top of the tunnel entrance where she crashed and zapped the Merc with a high power microwave beam gun the US had developed to stop getaway cars without getting in front and using 3 big patrol cars. It was probably a long shot experiment but may have screwed the engine management and opened it up full throttle whist simultaneously failing the electronic ABS brakes and rendering them useless. And they chose that tunnel because it was full of massive concrete pillars with no crash barrier protection whatsoever plus it was easy for agents to hide because it was US bank holiday and there were tons of Yanks about like all the eye witnesses on live TV coverage I watched from the start and stayed up until 6ain the following morning when Diana was officially confirmed dead. There were no British about because they would all have spent up and even if they could afford pointless visiting Paris as they went the UK bank holiday the previous weekend.

    There was also something really suspicious about how the French ambulance pissed about for ages trying to revive here when she could have gone straight to intensive care in hospital where they could have given her blood transfusions to replace the blood loss from her minced lung on the inside of her ribcage and aggravated by the fact that she was so thin following diets which destroyed all the internal fat which may have made any lung damage far less serious. Like they attempted to portray that she had died because she was not wearing a seatbelt but a once friend of mine who was pretty gormless bruised her left tit really bad on the seatbelt as when the car she was in collided with a horsebox which turned right across the front of the car her totally uninjured daughter was driving at fairly low speed and resulting damage to offside front wing easily repaired.

    I know of other instances where seat belts probably killed people in crashes like when I was still going to night school 5th year tech at Accrington 4 of the local Clitheroe area technicians in an Escort incompetently driven with bald tyres lost it on the 50 Mph safe easy corner and the resultant impact caved in the door pillar and the seat belt pulled him into it and sliced the top of the brightest young guy from Grindleton killing him instantly yet the two lads in the back survived with relatively minor injuries as did the driver who later died young of cancer. Exact same principle applies to once when coming up the M6 1985 one dinnertime in plenty of time and came off at the A5 to use the short link to the A449 through Penkridge and join back at Stafford South to get a first rate sausage sandwich from a caravan on there. The traffic was held up but unlike now the police never closed roads after accidents as it was dead easy to work out who’s fault it was by measuring the resulting skid marks in 5 minutes with a tape measure to prove later even if a rough estimate based on experience like I could fairly accurately gauge a ton of limestone tipped out of the back of my trailer. Even though the guy in the Astra who had obviously pulled straight off the big lay-by on the A5 link without looking properly was dead plod kept the road open past with him lying in the road with a blanket covering his head which had been sliced open by the caved in door pillar and not a mark on him otherwise.

    Same killed by seatbelt principle probably also applies to my friend in the Leg-Irons Kill people section and his mate Billy on the nearside never stood any chance as he took the full impact from hitting the wall even though my friend used to brag that one of the reasons he bought a BMW was because they were so strong that you would be OK in an accident. Even though they used the NW Air Ambulance to get my friend to Lancaster ASAP there was probably no way they were ever going to seriously attempt to save him even if they could have done as they must have know what he knew was going on in Craven and that he knew me and it was obvious that they had already attempted to kill his dad and like Diana my friend was thin as a lat .on his Weetabix diet !


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