Is Crossrail an EU Defence Project ?

I remember seeing footage of the new Crossrail tunnels under London and it would appear that they are far larger in loading gauge than required for UK rolling stock obviously big enough to fit a Tank train through.  Add to this improvements to the rail links to Felixstowe docks and the jigsaw would appear to point towards the possibility that the scheme was to improve logistics in the case of a Corporate Nazi Wall Street instigated US invasion in North Devon on the Barnstable area coast.

I believe that the rail line from Exeter to Barnstable still exists but perhaps Meldon quarry on the line was closed because stone trains from there would have knackered the track.  The road links are perhaps deliberately left crap as well perhaps to prevent an easy US armoured advance in the case of an amphibious landing.  Similarly an offshore Wind Farm project off the North Devon coast was blocked as it would have made any radar useless, which points to the possibility that Green policy was all about installing a Corporate Nazi fifth column to assist any US invasion of the UK in the event of the UK defaulting on the national debt.

The US can probably just walk in to the Irish Republic to use as a forward base ! In one of the comments in one of my earlier articles I point to the likelihood that Oakhampton was deliberately infected with Foot & Mouth disease in 2001, perhaps to ethnically cleanse many of the indigenous population to allow Green trendy fifth columnists to move in.

The following is from an earlier article of mine.

Just to update everyone on my lifetime research project and it would appear that the contamination of NZ China export baby formula was deliberate because Key couldn’t sell Cow Fart Taxes to screw the dairy farmers like its probable that WWF smuggled the game reserve origin strain of Foot & Mouth virus which caused the UK epidemic in 2001 and they did it by contaminating the transport at the big cheap Jan Carlisle sale of prime breading stock as farmers had run out of feed for. That’s how it got down to Oakhampton in north Devon and slow burn from local dairy farmers using cull compensation to get into easier life beef and increased transport costs probably closed both the dairy and cheap rice pudding factory and WWF did it because Farmers for Action got the road fuel tax escalator stopped in the 2000 protests ?

The following link was a letter to my local paper they refused to publish in autumn 2011 !


2 thoughts on “Is Crossrail an EU Defence Project ?

  1. Yeah the Yanks will probably forge through to Exeter thence up the M5 to outflank Bristol and capture the Severn bridges thus allowing them to take Pembroke Dock ( Irish Ferry ) and Milford Haven deep water port for mega container ships intact !

  2. I recall when a woman wrote a letter into the Clitheroe Advertiser & Times about the RAF flying a Hercules up the valley over the Cement Works at less than 100ft moaning about the danger and I saw it first hand as I was doing laps Tilcon Chatburn out of next door Tarmac Bankfield at the time. Before Kosovo Tornado’s and Harriers used to fly flat out low level over Chatburn in practice bombing the Cement Works . Same at Horton and I once got attacked by a USAF A10 Warthog tank buster using The Force as portrayed by Alec Guinness in the original Star Wars down from Horton towards Studfold warp factor 9 flat out then un-sheeted white limestone easy target sticking out like a sore thumb. He must have missed me as when I went though Settle he went and circled over Rathmell and had another go at Newsholme on the A682 and I once got attacked by a Harrier going up empty to Swinden and you were already dead by the time you heard it had gone past, only saw it when it went past. I had considered the possibility that was the reason behind the sheeting rules which ended my driving career and they were relaxed to most popular green mesh nets as most used blue sheets and Fewston 8 wheeler nets were black !

    Are all the new small roundabouts in our UK trunk roads to slow traffic and make it a far easier target for air attack by the USAF in the event of a US invasion ???

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