More Evidence on Green Holocaust UK ?

From information gleaned on the design including gym and basketball arena the new Lancashire Care mental hospital at Blackpool is obviously designed for future use as an executive hotel. Location at end of M55 as inconvenient for public transport ( and especially rail ) gives the game away, plus basketball arena easily converted into function hall when what the majority patients really need to help them recover from crisis is 24hr indoor smoking. I suspect that said current smoking ban is all about virtual brown envelopes for top executives probably via on face value theoretically innocent high performing stock market investment products.

It must be reasonable to believe that the whole object of the Lancashire Care smoking ban exercise is to sell nicotine replacement products offered by drug corporates and their agents. As a smoker myself I have tried patches when they first came out but found they made me smoke more, I can’t use gum or other oral products as the all contain cancer causing Aspartame which I am allergic to. The inhaler just made me cough if I sucked hard enough to get any useful dose into my lungs at all. I have also tried e-cigs but again they led me to crave real tobacco even more and therefore I conclude that most theoretically mentally ill people smoke for the chemicals other than nicotine in tobacco and probably also the carbon monoxide as well.

Take into consideration my original June 2012 nollyprott Green Holocaust article where our NHS was privatised after Scottish independence which stole our UK oil and allowed US corporate Wall Street to turn us into what Greece is like now and sell all our national assets or starve servicing the debt run up by Tony Blair via Gordon Brown under Labour. Our NHS is not safe yet though the EU TTIP trade deal is a significant threat to our democracy when key UK politicians and media celebrities continue to spin the Carbon Dioxide causes global warming fraud. The UK disabled still face the prospect of a Green Holocaust where all defectives are killed in Agenda 21 as sponsored by George Soros the guy who forced John Major to close viable pits on pain of crashing the value of the pound !


7 thoughts on “More Evidence on Green Holocaust UK ?

  1. The executives in control of our NHS don’t care about the fate of mentally ill people, even got poison pills in drug manufacturers blister packs ( and indistinguishable to dedicated mental health nursing staff ) to attempt to finish them off in Hospital I’ve seen it first hand recently !

  2. It has crossed my mind that said new hospital would make a convenient hotel for international jet set tourists flying into Blackpool Airport just 5 minutes down the new by-pass from the hospital location. Perhaps one potential weekend excursion would be to fly in Friday evening then nip to the hotel overnight to return to the airport Saturday morning for a helicopter flight to go power boating on Stocks Reservoir near Slaidburn. ( close to the head of the spectacular Hodder Valley in the Ribble Valley Council area )

    This is not so out of my box as it may seem as power boating is now banned in the Lake district due to the speed limit but no such restrictions on Stocks. Sunday could be spent at the pleasure beach before flying home to be back at ” Work ” Monday morning. Stocks currently supplies the bulk of Blackpool’s drinking water but with all the poor benefit claimants disposed of in Green Holocaust the existing Lake District water supply could suffice for the remaining tourist seasonal population, even if fracking contaminates the reserve bore holes at Barton near Preston ?

  3. My Dad died at Easter 2013 4 years after first being diagnosed with Bladder Cancer after going to his GP in a panic after seeing Labour’s fast track Cancer treatment propaganda in the media !

    Perhaps the hospital or staff referred to in the link below tried to kill or cripple him deliberately to order from the banks, perhaps like they did with my dad at Blackburn Royal Urology where they almost certainly deliberately infected him with bladder cancer ( virus ) twice ( on the back of a drug they gave him furring him up ) via a biopsy as only last week big scandal in the US about steralising such equipment perhaps as cover for them deliberately infecting patients to order there ?

    I will write a full article to follow based on my observations of his treatment after the junior consultant let me in to see all the internal camera examinations, perhaps he had twigged something was amiss ?

  4. Taking prescription medication ?

    It would appear that you are not even safe from attempted murder in your own home after collecting your regular prescription from the local pharmacy you have used without problems for years !

    Listen after 43 minutes in:

    Click on the link in comment above About Crime to get the fuller picture on the extent of organised crime as sponsored by FTSE & NYSE exchange listed Corporate organisations !

  5. For those of you who ( perhaps outside the UK ) can’t access BBC iplayer the gist of the BBC link is that UK high street pharmacists are trying to get the law changed in order that they can talk openly when any of their patients die or get sick after taking their prescribed medication. Its already happened in our NHS since last year and staff no longer face automatic prosecution if they blow the whistle on any suspicions they may hold if a patient in their care dies for no good reason.

    Perhaps the same public interest defence immunity from automatic prosecution principle should be extended to drivers who currently dare not state that their accident was due to an ABS malfunction because the Traffic Police will automatically charge them with driving with defective brakes.

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