NASA Alleged Moon Rock !

When I was 16 I saw V2 celebrity Nazi political DNA NASA alleged Moon Rock close up in a thin glass case in the Geology Museum at London and it struck me at the time that is was almost identical in colour to the Clinker produced by our local cement works. With the benefit of hindsight is now clear that aforementioned Moon Rock is the fine dust from cement clinker sieved out into a mould to form a block and after wet after time set solid as any rock. To make it look realistic they probably smashed up the block with a fucking sledge hammer into convenient chunks for distribution and display.

Other inconsistencies in the moon landing display was the capsule they used to escape the moon’s gravity was no bigger than a Mini and even if the rocket was theoretically powerful enough there was no way it could have carried enough fuel to escape 1/6 Earth’s gravity. Even then everyone knew that the Moon has no atmosphere and therefore escape impossible as nothing for the rocket to push against therefore breaking Newton’s Laws of Motion !

It must therefore follow that since NASA has always been the key scientific institution promoting the Carbon Dioxide causes run away Global Warming theory as fact.( likewise now extreme weather ) is the biggest fraud ever inflicted on humanity and must amount to a crime against Humanity itself !


One thought on “NASA Alleged Moon Rock !

  1. This Safe Speed Blog post got a mention in the Times, 08/03/2009

    Being an ex-fireman one would expect that Jim Fitzpatrick would understand that speed is not the most potentially dangerous factor in road accidents. However, it would appear that he has plans to reduce theNational Speed Limit to only 50 Mph blanket. Local authorities would be allowed to set the limit at 60 Mph if deemed appropriate and justified, not much chance of that.These Corporate Nazi New Labour bastards are intent on turning currently law abiding citizens into criminals,they intend to enforce said speed limits with cash cow average speed cameras. Of course the stock marketparasites will make a fortune on selling the probably imported electronics. The technology can also beused for future nationwide road pricing by stealth, despite mass public opposition in the Manchester vote andhaving failed to win the argument on toll roads.Like all other alleged “safety” policy, its all about promoting false economic growth in our economy which increases the divide between rich and poor.If you really want to show these incompetent Corporate Nazi politicians “where to stick it” do what they most fear and vote BNP at the forthcoming EU elections. If you are anti EU anyway forget UKIP, they have been proven to be just a corrupt as the rest of them .“ Exceeding the speed limit was attributed to 3% of cars involved in accidents, while travelling too fast for conditions was attributed to 6%. For fatal accidents these figures are 7% and 10% respectively.” Whereas, “ Driver/rider error or reaction” was attributed as a contributory factor in 66% of all fatalities.

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