Leg-Irons Kill People !

I lacked self confidence and although I followed all the news and current affairs, did very little public commenting. In 2006 I discovered BBC Action Network and set back on campaigning on Traffic calming and other road safety issues.

My friend in title post was a recovering Heroin adduct due to been forced out of living with his complete bastard dad ( due to being badly smashed up in a motorbike crash outside the Hospital when a Nurse pulled out on him leaving him with a pelvic X-Ray worthy of a medical horror movie ) yet could still walk plus unstable Type 1 diabetes making him bike to Settle to do a poverty pay job over massive steep hills both ways because when he was an apprentice at Scammell Watford he biked that far each way on the flat each day. Its a long story but at last report his older middle of three sister was driving a brand knew BMW X5 and paying for boob jobs after she divorced the owner of Tatam Tyres she married and probably bust his business. The oldest brother was living in a caravan and at one stage was a New Age Traveller with an old 1969 ERF tractor unit fitted with a Cummins 180 towing a 30s show-mans van totally illegal and under HGV age!

No time to expand further but to say that in 2006 he was on a drug programme using DHC to wean him off his Heroin addiction and after starting on 80 a day enough to kill most people but was down to 40. He smoked Soap-Bar dope to take the sharp edges off the withdrawal symptoms but weekends were always a problem using his daily prescriptions always knocking on the door of the chemist to open on Monday morning. He could go to Bradford on the train and the Clinic was only a short way from Foster Square station but to save him the train fare from Settle and as soon as he got his script he was into the chemist next door and chewed them to make them act faster. On the way back I used to call in at Morrison’s at Skipton to buy 8 hot roast chicken thighs which were perfect temp to eat back at his flat at Settle and give him some decent food at least once a month to supplement the diet of entirely Weetabix as with milk bought from Spar in said town centre. He pointed me to the location of the main hard drug dealer at Keighley right opposite Morrisons petrol station in an old closed big corner shop and obvious to plod as tons of people visiting around dinnertime. With dealing dope he had saved up to buy an ancient BMW and he thought he was legal when stopped a Connonly A629 on the way with mates car full as suspicious on way to said drug dealers and let go as everything checked out on DVLA roadside computer check and his downfall was his mate Billy. He also told how he got his dope bulk dirt cheap from a farmer up Keasden and how Paiul McCartney was the mastermind and finance behind all UK Soap-Bar dope which was probably full of cammel shit and gave you a bad chest unlike Slate Morrocan it killed He also told me about how the BNP were telling the truth about Muslim women bringing heroin back from Pakistan after family visits for 25k from direct information when he was a full addict living at Keighley !

Perhaps Bradford drug clinic stopped swab testing his mouth every monthly visit after which he got into Cocaine big time via Billy deliberately to ensure the experimental project failed and I told my GP about it who said it would never work !

Is Traffic Calming a Worse Health Risk Than Passive Smoking ?

To use fuel efficiently, the driver of a heavy vehicle needs to store the energy contained in the vehicle. Traffic calming is perhaps the greatest waste of fuel ever devised. One new roundabout, causing an average speed reduction of 30 Kph, traversed five times loaded at 32.5 tonnes, and four times at 11.5 tonnes, used on average 2 gallons extra fuel per day. This can be proved by mathematical calculation, but I have never seen the equations in any text book. I have undertaken a rough calculation of the extra fuel used by causing a heavy vehicle to stop or slow. The roundabout calculation shows that fuel consumption is doubled over a certain road section from the start of braking, to the end of acceleration. This will be true for all vehicles forced to stop or slow. The same principle applies to all vehicles if the stored energy has to be wasted through the brakes.

Miles per Gallon is not a true measure of fuel consumption. The true measure is grams per kilowatt hour, as used by transport engine manufacturers. The total amount of time under power is the factor which determines Mpg. Almost all internal combustion engines are most efficient at or near full load. This is because the heat lost through cooling and the exhaust is almost constant under any load condition.

” The Transport Research Laboratory conducted emission testing on roads with 75 metre hump spacing and found with vehicles travelling at a constant speed, CO emissions increased by 70-80%, Hydro-carbons by 70-100% and CO2 by 50-60%. It is obvious that the percentages would have increased by many times over had the more realistic scenario of braking and accelerating for humps been tested as well, but the realistic pollution figures would have designated every humps scheme as a serious danger to residents’ health. ” RITF

Air pollution could be reduced by reversing the present theory of traffic management by traffic calming. In many cases this would cost very little as it mainly involves altering the phasing of traffic lights. The replacement of all small diameter roundabouts on major roads would also produce a useful reduction in emissions from all vehicles. Part time traffic signals and “free give way” left turns could replace many current roundabouts and other permanently controlled junctions, without a significant reduction in safety. Speed warning signs as opposed to speed camera’s could also play a beneficial roll, likewise the latest flashing cats eyes which could be used to warn drivers when part time signals are operating.

It is now ten years since I wrote the basis for the above and since then very little policy has changed at least nationally here in the UK. However, it would appear that future policy is now to be focused on reducing transport’s negative effect on the environment, It is quite ironic that the Green’s actually campaigned for the introduction of traffic calming, even after I sent Friends of the Earth and others letters pointing out the extra pollution it caused. There is also strong evidence to suggest that traffic calming in an area leads to an increase in asthma cases, the science suggests that the same is probably true for 20 Mph zones. I can only hope that concern for the environment will put an end to traffic calming once and for all. The road safety high priests will all squeal like stuck pigs but it has to be pointed out that most of them have never campaigned for annual eye-sight tests for drivers. It is estimated that 20% of drivers in the UK fail to meet the eye-sight requirements, and they are probably responsible for 50% of the serious accidents. A new roundabout was installed at a cross-roads on one of my local roads after two serious accidents in two weeks. I know for a fact that the driver involved in both as the cause was practically blind at the time of the accidents, I knew his grand-daughter well.

To reduce transport’s effect on Global Warming many speed limits need to be increased not cut further. When 90 Kph EU speed limiters were introduced on HGV’s during the 1990s fuel consumption on local 38 tonne vehicles doing night runs from Lancashire to Scotland increased from 9 Mpg to 7 Mpg.

Higher speeds will be no problem if all drivers have decent eye-sight which is regularly tested. The only problem is will the UK government manage to wean itself off fuel tax revenues. I believe that casualties have been cut by 15% in the Borough of Barnet since they ripped out existing traffic calming, casualties for cyclists dropped by twice the London average. You have only got to watch Road Wars on Sky Three to see that traffic calming is worse than useless when it comes to stopping or even slowing determined reckless drivers. It would appear that lack of funds for essential road maintenance caused by using the roads budget for traffic calming has killed at least one moped rider, despite Tameside council’s attempt to avoid responsibility. Increased transport pollution of the type generated by traffic calming has also recently been shown to stunt lung development in children.

The recent chaos on the roads during relatively light snow may be due in part to traffic calming being installed on some hills.

It has come to my attention that a Blackburn bus company is withdrawing its services from several traffic calmed streets. The alleged problem is damage to the suspension of its brand new low floor buses, but that is not to say that conventional busses don’t suffer damage either. Perhaps the reason so many local authorities have had to sell their corporation transport was due to increased maintenance costs for vehicles regularly using traffic calmed streets, in particular those with humps. The stresses on bodywork and other components has to be seen to be believed, likewise the extra workload and fatigue for the driver.

Any local authority still considering introducing traffic calming or building new roundabouts on trunk roads cannot be serious about reducing their carbon footprint.

It is interesting to note that many proposed traffic calming works are often funded by a property developer with a new site nearby. Perhaps their primary interest is to gain brownie points with the stock market parasites and so favor their share price. After all forcing everybody to use twice as much fuel keeps the oil price artificially high and think of all the revenue for extra repairs to vehicles. Any extra asthma cases and any people severely injured but not killed outright will put stress on NHS funding and allow the ” lunatic right ” to call for NHS privatisation, and then the stock market parasites can get their dirty fingers into the till of what could be the largest organization in the country.

Leg-Irons Kill People

I lost a friend of mine in an overtaking accident last week on the A65 near Austwick between Settle and Ingleton. It was technically his fault, but I can’t help speculating that if the vehicle he attempted to overtake had been travelling 10 Mph faster he would have been content to remain behind at least until he could reach a safer place to overtake. Leg-Irons, i.e. those people who will insist on driving up to 20 Mph less than the national speed limit ( 60 Mph on single carriageway A roads ) are a real menace on Britain’s roads. The section of road leading up to where my friend killed himself ( and his mate ) is quite undulating and curvy, but it is possible to safely maintain close to 60 Mph throughout in a car and 50 Mph in an articulated lorry. Of course the HGV speed limit is currently 40 Mph but 90% of HGV drivers do the safe thing and ignore this stupid law which has no basis in science. I did all the vehicle motion science at tech and the mass cancels itself out in all the crucial equations, the limit is there purely to technically make the railways more competitive. Some may travel slowly in the belief that they are saving fuel, but this doesn’t hold water in science or practical experience either. I check my fuel consumption figures of my 1000cc car each time I fill up and I can expect to have to pay significantly more if I have been significantly delayed by Leg-Irons on open roads during that period.

Perhaps the most potentially dangerous Leg-Irons are those who totally fail to attempt to pass slow moving vehicles like tractors at the earliest opportunity. All too soon a ” funeral procession ” of several vehicles can build up and some completely incompetent idiot in a high powered car comes along and is likely to try to pass the lot. Queues formed on open roads generally tend to lead to severe congestion at junctions. It is perhaps hardly surprising that the government fails to do anything about this because they are now considering charging for road use on the strength of it. It is my considered opinion that many drivers buy high power cars or 4 by 4’s to make up for their self confessed lack of aptitude and driving ability.

Of course the road safety high priests will preach that everyone is expected to drive like morons watching their speed all the time and not attempt to pass anywhere. Unfortunately human nature is not like that and its tragic that many of the brightest, imaginative ” get up and go ” younger drivers kill themselves and others simply trying to make their way in life to the best of their ability.

To improve road safety and cut the number of head-on accidents during overtaking the HGV speed limit needs to go up to 50 Mph. Similarly a new offence of Not Making Satisfactory Progress needs to be brought in for car drivers who consistently fail to maintain the posted speed limit. Encouraging traffic officers to stop or film people going too slow and subjecting them to an eye test could be a sufficient deterrent, but perhaps a fixed penalty fine of £30 could work better. I suspect that many basically incompetent drivers would give up driving altogether if they were faced with fines for going too slow. It is also probable that many of them would fail the eyesight test anyway. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/actionnetwork/A17869756

In the early 1960s when the goods vehicle speed limit was only 20 Mph it was not unknown for the police to stop vehicles travelling at only 20 and inquire if there was something seriously wrong with it. It is probably the case that any theoretical reductions in deaths ascribed to traffic calming and other quasi-religious road safety measures of the past 15 years are down to better paramedics and the air ambulance service. It is interesting to note that road deaths are now unfortunately on the increase again now that the effects of the better emergency services have peaked.

Finally I can’t overstress the negative impact that computer driving simulations have on inexperienced drivers which are mostly the young. However, my friend who died was 35 and had not yet passed his test, its a long fairly tragic life story and too detailed to go into here. Drivers need to start organized practical learning as early as possible, but extortionate insurance premiums now preclude this in many cases. My friend was the worlds best driver on PS2 which he played in most of his spare time, but it has to be drummed into young drivers that you don’t get a second chance in real life. I believe that there is now firm research which proves that playing computer driving games lead young drivers to take more risks. Perhaps the same principle applies to many of those who are engaged in shootings and violent crime in general, especially those who misuse drugs.

Campaign Against Lower Rural Speed Limits

IF the government allow local authorities to cut speed limits to 40Mph, transport in rural areas will be put back to 1930s standards. Pre 1974 local councils spent an absolute fortune improving and widening many miles of road between rural communities to make them safe for the then national limit of 70 Mph. If cuts in speed limits go through, the investment of our far sighted forefathers will be completely wasted. Cutting speed limits will also increase fuel consumption for rural drivers. It would appear that today’s politicians have had their brains washed by well organized anti speed campaigners and greens, who’s main aim appears to be to bring back the Red Flag Act and turn the UK into a third world country when it comes to transport. If road safety campaigners were serious about actually reducing accidents they would all propose annual eyesight tests. However, as they get most of their funding from the transport industry it would appear that they would prefer more accidents at lower speeds.

I expect that most rural accidents are caused by tourists going relatively slow watching the scenery not the road ahead. Reducing rural speed limits to 40 Mph will not cut accidents as most rural accidents occur in locations where the safe speed may be as low as 30 or even less than 20 Mph. Cutting the current allowed maximum of 60 Mph will actually encourage some drivers to go faster where road conditions do not allow higher speed.

Many rural road accidents are caused by drivers foolishly swerving to avoid small animals like rabbits and pheasants. Killing something like a sheep is surely preferable to risking you life, running over things like rabbits and pheasants wont even damage your vehicle. Similarly parking in potentially dangerous locations like in blind bends and over the brow of a hill can be easily avoided. Pedestrians should not always follow the highway code to the letter, crossing over to the side of the bend where you can easily be seen from a reasonable distance is advisable

Keeping rural speed limits at the current 60Mph is more important now the prospect of spy in the sky satellite tracking and road pricing looms on the horizon. It would appear that there are plans to put lower limits on every road except the more expensive trunk roads. This will restrict choice to avoid the routes with the highest rates and still get to your destination in a reasonable time. It could be said that rural speed limits are almost impractical or impossible to police, but with spy in the sky tracking, they can get you anywhere between two fixed points. Any average driver is faced with the prospect of becoming a criminal he is skilful enough to complete his rural journey at an average over 40Mph. I seem to remember of something in New Labour’s “clause 4 ” about allowing people to attain their full potential, not much sign of it in policy when it comes to driving.

It is interesting to note that both the current opposers are potential eco-fascists. It is pretty obvious that those leading the call for lower rural speed limits are almost exclusively townies who are probably not good drivers themselves. This country is being wrecked by narrow minded people who because they can’t do something safely themselves think that nobody else is capable of doing it either. Like the Foxhunting Ban, policy is all about trying to destroy the rural economy so that ten bob fat cat city dwellers can ” Escape to the Country ” and take the homes currently occupied by indigenous rural people. Like the road fuel tax escalator, its all part of a general trend for ethnic cleansing by stealth.

A Google search in my name flushed out


I originally wrote the article to PDE publications in Toronto Canada in 1996. Action Network closed and totally shut down in May 2008, perhaps it was divulging to many diverse opinions to a mass audience. I only wish I still had a copy od How to Spot a Blind Driver ( but could probably re-write it far better now anyway ) which got a published response from a woman at Bromley who said I had accurately described her dad who only gave up driving at 70 after a string of accidents !


6 thoughts on “Leg-Irons Kill People !

  1. I recall when a woman wrote a letter into the Clitheroe Advertiser & Times about the RAF flying a Hercules up the valley over the Cement Works at less than 100ft moaning about the danger and I saw it first hand as I was doing laps Tilcon Chatburn out of next door Tarmac Bankfield at the time. Before Kosovo Tornado’s and Harriers used to fly flat out low level over Chatburn in practice bombing the Cement Works . Same at Horton and I once got attacked by a USAF A10 Warthog tank buster using the Force as portrayed by Alec Guinness in the original Star Wars down from Horton towards Studfold warp factor 9 flat out then un-sheeted white limestone easy target sticking out like a sore thumb. He must have missed me as when I went though Settle he went and circled over Rathmell and had another go at Newsholme on the A682 and I once got attacked by a harrier going up empty to Swinden and you were already dead by the time you heard it had gone past, only saw it when it went past. I had considered the possibility that was the reason behind the sheeting rules which ended my driving career and they were relaxed to most popular green mesh nets as most used blue sheets and Fewston 8 wheeler nets were black !

  2. Robin Williams assassinated as knew full GW Bush then Barack Obama political donations Soros Wall Street clan UN Agenda21 Green Genocide plan and would have blown whistle like Micheal Jackson got off Paedo charges for silence on said plan but killed as planned new ( safe in UK ) British debut album would have blown whistle. Explains why both depressed and drug problems also, likewise Peaches Geldof !

  3. I have also worked out how they Assassinated Lady Diana obvious because she got the land mine ban the US would not sign up to and the most likely scenario was that the CIA put a man on the top of the tunnel entrance where she crashed and zapped the Merc with a high power microwave beam gun the US had developed to stop getaway cars without getting in front and using 3 big patrol cars. It was probably a long shot experiment but may have screwed the engine management and opened it up full throttle whist simultaneously failing the electronic ABS brakes and rendering them useless. And they chose that tunnel because it was full of massive concrete pillars with no crash barrier protection whatsoever plus it was easy for agents to hide because it was US bank holiday and there were tons of Yanks about like all the eye witnesses on live TV coverage I watched from the start and stayed up until 6ain the following morning when Diana was officially confirmed dead. There were no British about because they would all have spent up and even if they could afford pointless visiting Paris as they went the UK bank holiday the previous weekend.

    There was also something really suspicious about how the French ambulance pissed about for ages trying to revive here when she could have gone straight to intensive care in hospital where they could have given her blood transfusions to replace the blood loss from her minced lung on the inside of her ribcage and aggravated by the fact that she was so thin following diets which destroyed all the internal fat which may have made any lung damage far less serious. Like they attempted to portray that she had died because she was not wearing a seatbelt but a once friend of mine who was pretty gormless bruised her left tit really bad on the seatbelt as when the car she was in collided with a horsebox which turned right across the front of the car her totally uninjured daughter was driving at fairly low speed and resulting damage to offside front wing easily repaired.

    I know of other instances where seat belts probably killed people in crashes like when I was still going to night school 5th year tech at Accrington 4 of the local Clitheroe area technicians in an Escort incompetently driven with bald tyres lost it on the 50 Mph safe easy corner and the resultant impact caved in the door pillar and the seat belt pulled him into it and sliced the top of the brightest young guy from Grindleton killing him instantly yet the two lads in the back survived with relatively minor injuries as did the driver who later died young of cancer. Exact same principle applies to once when coming up the M6 1985 one dinnertime in plenty of time and came off at the A5 to use the short link to the A449 through Penkridge and join back at Stafford South to get a first rate sausage sandwich from a caravan on there. The traffic was held up but unlike now the police never closed roads after accidents as it was dead easy to work out who’s fault it was by measuring the resulting skid marks in 5 minutes with a tape measure to prove later even if a rough estimate based on experience like I could fairly accurately gauge a ton of limestone tipped out of the back of my trailer. Even though the guy in the Astra who had obviously pulled straight off the big lay-by on the A5 link without looking properly was dead plod kept the road open past with him lying in the road with a blanket covering his head which had been sliced open by the caved in door pillar and not a mark on him otherwise.

    Same killed by seatbelt principle probably also applies to my friend in the Leg-Irons Kill people section and his mate Billy on the nearside never stood any chance as he took the full impact from hitting the wall even though my friend used to brag that one of the reasons he bought a BMW was because they were so strong that you would be OK in an accident. Even though they used the NW Air Ambulance to get my friend to Lancaster ASAP there was probably no way they were ever going to seriously attempt to save him even if they could have done as they must have know what he knew was going on in Craven and that he knew me and it was obvious that they had already attempted to kill his dad and like Diana my friend was thin as a lat .on his Weetabix diet !

    Perhaps Diana only split from Prince Charles because she knew all about the Agenda21 Green Genocide plan when living with him because he was a willing accompliss using his mother the Queen’s reputation to sell the Carbon Dioxide causes run away dangerous Global Warming fraud ?

    Only last week it was flagged up that one of the eye witnesses to the murder of Jill Dando revealed how his evidence was totally ignored by the police and it was obvious it was done by a professional hit man even if they did fit up the local mentally ill guy on forensics to calm public concern yet had to let him free later even if he didn’t get any compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

    The same principle may also apply to Stefan Kishko the fat due to being genetically defective guy from Rochdale they fitted up for child murder and had to release like Robert Ebden from Whalley I used to know who only kept his job because his childhood friend ( from a poor Whalley family who my granny used to deliver milk to their house every morning even though they regularly failed to pay the bill they were so poor ) used his memory as a walking telephone directory. His old employer was not that long ago bankrupted and restarted under the same name for someone to take over his debts and all the small men he owed never got paid ?

    Stephan Kishko’s state appointed defence council was David Waddington who perhaps for ensuring a conviction was given the rock solid safe Tory Ribble Valley constituency to represent as MP for many years and they made him Governor of Bermuda where it was obvious that he had made the ordinary people lives so bad that it precipitated an independence referendum and it only stayed British because a few days before the key vote Bermuda was hit by a mega hurricane and they decided to stay British because they knew the British government would pay to repair all the damage. I was told how David Waddington was in dire financial difficulties and under pressure to sell the big family mansion near Read to pay his insurmountable debts and Robert Ebden ended up losing his leg as a type 2 diabetic complication and forced to live in Clitheroe hospital where he died and perhaps he was deliberately killed as well ?

  4. Found How to Spot a Blind Driver !

    During my experience of riding shotgun in wagons since I was 13, then driving wagons for a living 300K Km a year for 15 years, plus my subsequent car driving following other people making a total of over 30 years on the road. I have noticed that there is something funny about the actions of some drivers. The key to this was a past older friend who was not very good at seeing and freaked out if you drove him as a passenger above 30 Mph. Obviously he didn’t drive himself although he once had a probably illegal small 120cc motor-bike for a short time. According to the latest statistics there are 20% of drivers who would fail the eyesight test on the roads today. With not looking being the greatest alleged cause of accidents, perhaps many of these accidents are avoidable if you root out those who actually can’t see to look properly.

    One may be asking how these potentially blind drivers manage to keep on the roads and get from A to B, but its a simple case of finding your way from point to point at a given speed. It was normally the case that dense fog would not significantly slow my progress along the A59 on the way to Skipton at 5 AM in the morning. It was simply a case of learning the route at a said speed / time, the only time you had to slow down was when you had to slow down for any other traffic and get temporarily lost. Then it was just a case of finding the next fixed recognised point on the road and carrying along as usual. It is probably the case that people slamming on the brakes when they get ” lost ” on motorways in fog causes major accidents. My mum was totally blind for the last few years of her life and could easily navigate around our home like a sighted person just so long a the furniture was not moved. If any strangers came in they did not realise she was blind unless she told them. Before she went blind she was an excellent driver.

    Potentially blind drivers may be driving around in the equivalent of dense fog at all times. They normally travel at about 40 Mph everywhere, ( any slower and they know they would stick out like a sore thumb ) and usually have a very long queue behind them on roads with a faster speed limit. It is usually the case that the diver causing the queue is fitted with ” Jam Jar ” spectacles when you finally pass them on a dual carriageway. Blind drivers are also easy to spot when they stop on the line at roundabouts when all those in the following usual queue can see that the road is clear to proceed. I believe that accidents caused by cars stopping unexpectedly at roundabouts have significantly increased over the past few years. Although some could be due to insurance scams, I suspect that more are caused by blind drivers stopping for no good reason.

    By now you may be asking why the government has not introduced annual eye-sight testing for all drivers considering all the other measures it passes allegedly in the interest of road safety. Perhaps the simple fact is that the government actually like lots of road accidents just so long as they don’t kill the wage slaves. With disability benefits generally low and relatively difficult to claim the government has nothing to loose by crippling quite a few people every year. Accidents generate a lot of tax revenue in VAT etc. plus the blind drivers are far more likely to be caught by a speed camera in a 30 limit, so plenty of extra revenue from speeding fines. The government also benefits from the extra congestion caused by blind drivers, more in fuel tax and now they are considering congestion charging nationwide. Perhaps it should be up to the insurance companies to require all drivers to produce evidence of good eye-sight when they apply for their new policy each year, perhaps they could offer a discount if one did this. Once again its a case of money comes first, more insurance claims and people with speed camera convictions means higher prices for policies and as third party insurance is a legal requirement to drive they can charge whatever they want.

    You also have to ask where the majority of the high profile road safety lobby are when it comes to eye-sight testing, plenty of ban this cut that but not a word on probably one of the most important factors for road safety. The simple truth is that high profile road safety groups like Brake are generally funded by the motor industry itself, and therefore campaigning for the introduction of a measure which could cut 20% of their sponsors best customers is out of the question.

    It would be fairly easy to organise a simple but effective eye-sight testing facility at GP’s health centres in the treatment room. The test could be on a walk in basis and free to the user and carried out by a member of the nursing staff. Perhaps the test could be phased in starting with older drivers then rolled out to cover everyone with a driving licence around their birthday.

    BBC Action Network Blog Response

    I couldn’t agree more.

    You have acurately described my (now deceased) father.

    Suffering from macular degeneration, and repeatedly arriving home complaining of how foggy it was (on a clear day) he only decided to stop driving after three crashes into parked cars (no injuries thankfully) and when the compulsory eye test (at eighty, I think) was due.

    Being in a car with him was terrifying to the extreme. My mother refused to go out with him. He would simply pull out at roundabouts with a belligerent “they’ll get out of my way”. He really had no idea if something was coming or not.

    It is insane to allow people to drive in this state of health and as my selfish father proved – you cannot rely on people to police themselves.”
    By susan crowe in Bromley – on 10 Jan 2007 at 14:32

  5. This Safe Speed Blog post got a mention in the Times, 08/03/2009

    Being an ex-fireman one would expect that Jim Fitzpatrick would understand that speed is not the most potentially dangerous factor in road accidents. However, it would appear that he has plans to reduce the National Speed Limit to only 50 Mph blanket. Local authorities would be allowed to set the limit at 60 Mph if deemed appropriate and justified, not much chance of that.These Corporate Nazi New Labour bastards are intent on turning currently law abiding citizens into criminals,they intend to enforce said speed limits with cash cow average speed cameras. Of course the stock market parasites will make a fortune on selling the probably imported electronics. The technology can also be used for future nationwide road pricing by stealth, despite mass public opposition in the Manchester vote and having failed to win the argument on toll roads.Like all other alleged “safety” policy, its all about promoting false economic growth in our economy which increases the divide between rich and poor.If you really want to show these incompetent Corporate Nazi politicians “where to stick it” do what they most fear and vote BNP at the forthcoming EU elections. If you are anti EU anyway forget UKIP, they have been proven to be just a corrupt as the rest of them .“ Exceeding the speed limit was attributed to 3% of cars involved in accidents, while travelling too fast for conditions was attributed to 6%. For fatal accidents these figures are 7% and 10% respectively.” Whereas, “ Driver/rider error or reaction” was attributed as a contributory factor in 66% of all fatalities.

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