Apple Green Fraud !

Just thinking about all the indoctrinated hysteria about Apple’s release of its new I phone 6 and its almost certain that the reason why they are always bringing out new often more expensive models because the tools are so precision critical that the old model is totally unreliable quick style  The same principle probably applies to Intel computer chips but the main Environmental criminals are Apple as because all the imbecile Ten Bob Fat Cats always upgrade their phone at the earliest opportunity and thus hide the Fake Green energy intensive plus use of rare earth metals thus truly environmentally damaging of all short product life, plus impossible to economically recycle unless you send them to Africa and get starving kids to set fire to them on waste land and in the process breathe in tons of mega toxic fumes and even then you can probably only recover the copper and solder.

Perhaps Apple only survives due to the media coverage propaganda like long queues outside their dedicated stores on official UK debut and I am informed people in the queue get free brews and good food plus a ticket which ensure you will get one even if after the media have filmed for a prime time free advert on the main news you can go and get warm plus there is probably a good black market for the people wealthy enough to pay one of their almost destitute and on the breadline fellow countrymen to stand all night in the queue for them.

Similarly the free advertising principle applies to BBC Click Online and even if only one episode per week its repeated regularly on highest global views rating  BBC 24hr rolling news especially at weekends. It is also often substituted for BBC Hard Talk at short notice if Chris Patten’s almost paranoid of even giving viewers a glimpse of the truth Corporate-Nazi censorship blocks the planned transmission like with Newsnight and Jimmy Savile. Almost immediately after Patten took over the BBC chairmanship the alleged independent private moderators bounced ( deleted ) tons of my old brossen99 comments from the still open but closed for new comments Newsnight Blog and I have the evidence in my email account !


5 thoughts on “Apple Green Fraud !

  1. As built by virtual slave labour housed in concentration camps with cushions conditions and perhaps only tolerated by mostly young rural Chinese migrant workers with no free health cover or unemployment benefit as outside their home province as they are too knackered to do anything but sleep after their shift anyway for recreation and after buying phone to keep in contact with family and can eventually save enough to improve living conditions for their family at home for when they return to take over the farm from their elderly parents and care for them in old age and there is no way they are ever going to buy one of the apartments in big towns and cities the millionaire Chinese property bubble speculators still foolishly expect them to do so !

  2. IRAQ AIR STRIKES Friday 08/08/2014 must prove ISIS good guys at heart and object of their exercise to oust US Oil Wall Street listed Corporate sponsored mercenaries same guys who downed MH17 in Ukraine to screw BA and other airlines with Far East and Aussie traffic and BA was still flying over Iraq until today. Likewise coinciding big gains on Dow Jones prove beyond reasonable doubt that both Obama and Kerry are the puppets of the same family line financiers who funded Hitler in the 1930s after he got rid of Rhone who would never have let him start WW2 or put people in slave labour concentration camps !

    And the beheading footage is almost certain Syria, like they used old India shots during Arab Spring and people who fled to mountains OK with air supply even if US Wall Street sponsored Corporate mercenaries try to close proposed humanitarian aid corridor !

  3. Al Gore on the BOD helps with the environmental scam aspect of Apple marketing by suppressing environmental reporting of Apples dirty side and are happy to mislead the public t project a pro environmental image. Like lawyers, politically motivated environmentalists will just turn a blind eye to environmental devastation to poor countries when it’s a polluting corporate entity that they support. I could imagine if Enron got away with its carbon trading scam, we would be hearing ads about “mom, apple pie and Enron”. All of the toxins and pollution created by Apple are exported to Asia as the USA can’t provide/process the rare earth elements used in Apple products. The only news outlet that I’ve seen cover Apple’s dirty business of environmental damage (toxic waste, cancer, water pollution, etc.) that Apple products inflict on poor Asians, is Mother Jones.

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