Ed Miliband’s Dad ?

I can recall the uproar when the UK right wing Tory leaning press had a shot at attacking Ed Miliband’s dad about being a Marxist, but perhaps he had to leave Poland and move to Belgium because everyone had found out that he was a complete bastard and perhaps the same principle applies to the current UK Green Party leader from Aussie. My Granddad on my dad’s side fought in WW1 as a horse wagon driver taking supplies up to the front and he hated the Belgians because even though they were theoretically on our side they would piss in the wells so the horses wouldn’t drink from them however thirsty they were which delayed the British advance.  Even though when Ed Miliband’s dad left Poland it would have been easy for him to come straight to the UK he chose Belgium because he knew most of the people were complete bastards like him and he would do well ? 


Furthermore, did he get out of Belgium well before Hitler invaded because he was working as an agent for the Nazi’s and had inside information on Hitler’s plans.  And did he join the Royal Navy as cover because the British would never have suspected him working for the enemy because he was a Marxist and theoretically diametrically opposed to the Nazi ideology.  And perhaps stretching the possibilities outside the box because he was well educated gave him a rank where he had access to the to the Royal Navy codes and during shore leave had access to a radio transmitter and passed the key secret back to the Germans which he may have not needed to have written down because he had a good memory.  The British never suspected but it came out after the war that the Navy code had been broken and perhaps that explains why the U-boat wolf packs were so effective against the North Atlantic convoys because they knew where to intercept them and if it were not for developments in radar in combination with longer range air cover, new weapons like the hedgehog and Liberty ships they came very close to starving the UK into submission ?