Is IDS a Mrs Wilberforce ?

Perhaps the 1950s classic Ealing Comedy The lady-Killers starring Alec Guinness, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom, Peter Sellers and that big cockney guy ” one round ” ( because I’m useless at remembering his real name or names in general for that matter ) is one of the most thought provoking  films I ever watched.   You probably need to watch the film in full to get the full picture but basically the plot centres on Professor Marcos ( Alec Guinness ) devising a cunning plan to use innocent god fearing former deceased ship’s captain elderly wife Mrs Wilberforce ( and forgive me again if I forget the actresses name ) as the key to his gang to stealing a shipment of used bank notes en route to Kings Cross station in London.   They get away with it on the pretext of being a string quintet when they meet in her house and are only found out after One Round foolishly gets the strap of his instrument case trapped in the door as they leave and he foolishly rips it out opening the case and leaving notes everywhere after already doing the right thing and ringing the door bell for her to open it. 
Then Professor Marcos attempts to portray to her that its OK to steal £60,000 in an armed robbery because its only a farthing on all the premiums of all the policies which as a decent upstanding citizen she doesn’t really buy.   Then the gang collectively attempt to portray that if she reports them to the police they will say that it was all her idea in the first place and that she was the brains behind another big robbery, but then as she still wont buy it they plot to kill her.   Only trouble is that nobody can bring themselves to do it and especially One Round and they start killing each other off and disposing of the bodies via dropping them into empty coal wagons of trains going into the entrance of a tunnel behind the house.  The gang are all gone by the morning and she then whilst still having all the money goes to report it to the local police but they don’t believe her due to her previous form on reporting crimes and say she can keep the money just to get rid of her.
Her part in the robbery is quite interesting as she hires a taxi to go and collect a trunk allegedly sent up from Cambridge by professor Marcos at Kings Cross, which the gang had already smuggled into the station and contained all the money, and although there were police everywhere they we only searching traffic going out.  She gave then a big fright when she went back to collect the umbrella she had forgot but on the way home she stopped the taxi to get the driver to challenge a barrow boy trying to stop the horse from a rag and bone cart eating his prime apples.  A big argument ensued and ended up with the taxi driver being struck and one of his headlights ripped off whilst the horse reared and destroyed the barrow and its cart and so the trunk ended up in the custody of the police who later delivered it to her house intact.   When they were plotting who was going to kill her one of the gang mentioned the incident with the barrow and perhaps she was not so sweet and innocent after all when she had put three people out of business by her concern for animal rights ?
Taking the above into consideration perhaps Ian Duncan Smith is the modern Tory equivalent of Mrs Wilberforce in that his main policy has always been the introduction of Universal Credit which could be used as the precursor of the Citizens Income we so desperately need to protect our basic human rights against the FTSE corporates and other multinationals.  It may also be the case that he was willing to go along with the flow on the other Freud inspired welfare reforms as set in motion by Labour under Gordon Brown and probably basically similar to what Tony Blair was planning in 1999 but unable to get the then party to support.
The pedigree of the current welfare reforms all got going when Brown took over from Blair as unelected prime minister and bottled out of a snap election he may have survived in order to ensure he got his fat cat ex prime ministers pension after serving a year and a day, but the Tories were riding high on a pledge to scrap inheritance tax on less than £1 Million.  Brown’s first chosen DWP minister James Purnell who with stock market celebrity then plain David Freud as official consultant then started spinning the most draconian welfare reforms they thought they could get away with as spun via Corporate-Nazi leaning  right wing press like the Sun, Daily Mail and perhaps particularly the Express.   Of course the Tories had to jump on the bandwagon and in any case they already had form on attempting to deny the then Incapacity Benefit to especially the chronically sick via Peter Lilley ( alleged accessory to the fact on Portillo child abuse allegations ) and as cheered on by his junior minister William Hague ( later minister responsible for the north wales child abuse scandal whitewash report ) in a BBC propaganda documentary about it at the time.  However, nothing much changed except that all future IB claims were made subject to income tax which made you need to fill out tax forms whist the then DWP ( with Asian immigrant doctors who couldn’t even speak fluent English ) benefits medical service tried to throw loads of chronically sick people off for the 11 weeks before you had to start a new claim.
Anyway to get back to the Labour story all their welfare reforms seemed to be going to plan with no real objection from the celebrity disability rights activists as the wheelchairs and other obvious physical disabilities ( the same people who were probably in the pocket of the stock market parasites after they got the access to public transport laws to benefit the big corporate bus operators and double bus fares for anyone without a free pass or car ) looked likely to be left unchanged.  The snag came after Purnell was forced to resign after he left the flat he rented in London in a condition which most people might expect if a drug addict had lived there, and perhaps as a consolation prize for perhaps deliberately allowing himself to be caught fiddling his campaign expenses for the deputy leadership contest and coming in last even if he was obviously by far the best candidate Peter Hain was appointed in charge of the DWP.   Perhaps due to his human rights anti apartheid pedigree there was probably no way that he was going to implement the full scope of the welfare reforms as planned by Freud and as a result Freud resigned in a hissy fit only to be given a life peerage after the Tories quickly snapped him up in order to make him their key welfare minister via the unelected House of Lords.  I can’t help speculating that Hain has decided to stand down as an MP in 2015 because he can’t stomach being accessory to the fact on human rights abuses and the probability that when elected on the back of the perhaps now obvious to many UKIP Trojan horse Ed Miliband will keep all the human rights infringing Freud inspired welfare reforms even if they have said Labour will end the Bedroom Tax.   Purnell was later rewarded for his part in spinning the Freud welfare reforms by being given a top fat cat job at the BBC perhaps by probable key Corporate-Nazi Chris Patten ???
By 2015 the Bedroom Tax will have irreversibly hit its now obvious main target to be frozen and starved to death in Green Holocaust the chronically sick ( due to once working hard ) in their 50s who’s kids have left home leaving them in massive debt, and now the wheelchairs have kicked up about the new PIP to replace DLA with long waits for assessment to ensure they also get into massive debt and are forced to pay a Private Tax in Bank charges.  Perhaps another aim of the Bedroom Tax was to attempt to segregate the single males from the breeding age females with kids in an attempt to stop poor people breeding even if it could never work in practice due to the lack of single bedroom accommodation.  Perhaps many people were initially turned off by my reference to eco-fascists at the start of my Green Holocaust article but perhaps Freud’s eco-fascist leaning ideology is proven by the fact that its reported that he goes swimming in his local lake every morning and even in the middle of winter when its freezing. He also like ( Channel 4 News anchor green policy promoter perhaps fake public champion of freedom and democracy Jon Snow ) makes a big deal about going to work on his bike in the morning even if he gets taken home by car if he’s working late and its dark.
Perhaps the current Green Holocaust could never have happened but for the party politics system where each party tries its level best to impress the greedy stock market parasite celebrities in order to get large party donations, and perhaps it could be the case that ATOS are deliberately forcing WCA appeals to increase their profits.  Perhaps ATOS have also manufactured the long waiting times to give Labour ( who gave them the WCA contract in the first place ) an advantage in the theoretically caring about their fellow unfortunate people vote in 2015 although I suspect most people care more about the eco-fascist leaning university inspired theoretical welfare of animals than any of their fellow men and women these days.   The same principle probably also applies to perhaps Labour Party activist PCS Union DWP staff are dishing out benefit sanctions on the slightest technical whim in order to portray the entire Tory Government as extremely cruel,  just like Labour controlled local councils make the biggest cuts in services and charge those on benefits the highest new council tax rates.  There is also the possibility that the corporate software contractors entrusted with the development of the Universal Credit have deliberately screwed up the computer system in order to prevent its introduction and help Miliband in the knowledge that it could be cheaply adapted to use to administer a future Citizens Income without the obvious complications of incorporating means testing ?
IDS has always come across to me as being incredibly stupid, perhaps due to his Army pedigree where it would appear that the only thing you need to be good at to survive is bullshitting, and even IDS himself attempted to portray that he knew what he was talking about ( and people could survive OK long term on £55 a week today ) after a time when he was so feckless as to be forced to claim state benefits.   Perhaps our obvious UK political corruption situation honest people currently find ourselves to be in could end if all prospective parliamentary candidates had to stake £5000 of their own proven personal cash savings, and have no outstanding loans except a proper British traditional repayment mortgage on their own lived in home, even if the left would squeal like stuck pigs and falsely claim that working class people would be unfairly discriminated against ?

4 thoughts on “Is IDS a Mrs Wilberforce ?

  1. Sunday 24 October 2010

    Dear Nigel Evans,

    Proposed Welfare Reforms ?

    Now that the dust is starting to settle on the proposed Welfare reforms
    it would appear that the ConDem coalition have got got extremely dirty
    underpants on the particular question of the proposed means testing of
    ESA paid to severely injured troops. Means testing ESA after the
    first year is the equivalent of stealing at least 350K ( at current
    interest rates in a true safe account ) from severely disabled soon to
    be ex-soldiers. In actual fact it could be said that severely
    disabled soldiers are in a worse situation financially than they would
    have been before the compensation was increased a couple of years ago.

    The same principle applies to people disabled in accidents who over the
    past 20 years have received compensation based on the payment of
    Incapacity benefit for life. Particularly had hit will be those who
    managed their finances prudently. I believe that there are already
    some murmurs about exempting former members of the armed forces, but if
    its good enough for them its good enough for anyone who has previously
    worked hard and saved throughout their working life to give them a
    better standard of living in the event of being forced to effectively
    retire early.

    It would appear that the whole objective is to force all significantly
    disabled people to submit themselves to be ” battery farmed ” in new
    private care homes. Again it would appear that the primary aims of the
    proposed welfare reforms are to promote false economic growth in the
    private care home industry. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that they
    had already projected the private sector job creation potential.
    There is no doubt that the current proposals will cost the state more
    in the longer term, but perhaps not before the next general election.

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