Current Chart Pop Music ?

I try to keep an eye on all the potential Corporate-Nazi propaganda I can, and learnt most of what I know now from reading between the lines, and I even keep up with the latest chart pop music they push at our teenagers.  The current top five ( and if not the number 1 video ) portrays what everybody is expected to think are greenies riding around in an ancient VW camper van with no seat belts.  Theoretically cool representation of the freedom we once had in the 1970s before Denis Healey took out the IMF loan whist attempting to portray just how wonderful our green future could be if we keep building wind farms and continue funding green NGO’s and all the other EU/US environment policy fraud.  All sold on the back of a really brilliant saxophone instrumental apart from the occasional almost incomprehensible lyrics which probably makes some buy it just so they can work out what they are actually singing.  Eminem was probably the most successful artist for getting people to buy his stuff to work out the lyrics and could stay at the top of the chart until everybody realised his message was always bullshit, but its not as potent a pop sales tool now since YouTube where you can find almost all the current songs with lyrics subtitled, and which is probably why in Korean Gangnam Style did so well for so long by taking the piss out of the global executive class.
All the current top four feature videos of the tropics and attempt to lead people to fantasise about going on holidays only high income people could really afford if air travel was not subsidised by people like Kenyan farmers who ( despite many of there fellow poor countrymen starving ) grow runner beans to sell fresh in UK supermarkets at any time of the year.  Its the same with New Zealand butternuts, which admittedly make really tasty thick soup despite the fact that they are a major ball-ache to prepare, and like the fresh runner beans they cost a fortune in the UK, and whilst butternuts are perhaps valid as an occasional treat in UK season grown runner beans like peas are first rate, dirt cheap and hassle free frozen.  Perhaps some Ten Bob Fat Cats buy expensive flown in stuff to impress their dinner guests and all the ” five a day ” propaganda probably also increase the potential of what is so obviously a false market.  In any case if the UK built local medium scale ( take all your household rubbish plus combustible stuff like the scrap tyres which are fly tipped everywhere ) waste incinerators to get the heat from the original fraction of oil the from the cheap plastic packaging which ensures we get food in good uncontaminated condition.  If said incinerators were built in rural areas near enough to the towns to make small refuse collection vehicles economic apart from generating potentially cheap electricity they could also use the waste heat for large scale greenhouses and grow most of the exotic stuff now popular and flown in at home and reduce our ever increasing balance of trade deficit.
At least Number 5 ( it was Number 1 for one week ) is a decent old fashioned love song by Rita Ora who was allegedly born in Bosnia but speaks perfect posh English and  yet even she has to cram in a succession of changes into the latest stupid designer clothes heavy makeup and expensive hair styles including obvious extensions.  I rate her as one of the best female vocalists of all time and that’s probably the reason for her success and originally she attempted to portray herself as an American as integrated into the Afro music culture and its probably PC to be an immigrant even if you are white.  I can’t help speculating that big global female stars like Lady Gaga have shaven their heads to make it more convenient for them to use wigs, and perhaps the exception which proves the rule being Shakira but even she changes her hair colour. 
I must admit that I do enjoy some of the video special effects CGI fantasy compilations perhaps especially the now falling down the chart Dark Horse from US based Katy Kerry which takes an ancient Egyptian theme and originally ended with a shot of the last man who tried to impress her as a virtual Cleopatra was magically turned into a small dog sporting his head.  The TV soon clipped both the both beginning and the end and perhaps its subtle message to young women was that you could get on in modern life if you could get all the rich guys desperately wanting to shag you but not actually letting them get that far.
There are some good male mostly Afro American  vocalists about as well. probably fronted in an attempt to boost Obama’s popularity with the young and trendy, but the most recent Afro star Farrell probably only got going due to appearing in a video with white Robin Thicke which like the message in the song I thought was a total load of crap.  It was a massive sales success probably due to the fact that the video they were selling featured fit women with bare tits and skimpy tight underwear which left nothing to the imagination, whereas the UK music TV version showed nothing and featured see through plastic over-clothes which made the women even less attractive.  I particularly dislike BBC favourite Will I Am who despite usually having a catchy tune and his first rate vocals only ever sings about how wonderful it is to blow all your hard earned money to get incredibly drunk in nightclubs.   He’s also a big Co2 scam propagandists favourite although his credibility was deflated somewhat when he once flew in by helicopter into a corporate sponsored UK environmental event, although it would appear that Lady Gaga was having none of it.  She once attended a big event in a dress actually made from meat, and in probably her best ever video Bad Romance she wore a Polar Bear skin complete with head and teeth but now it would appear that she has paid the penalty for daring to be an eco-fascist quasi-religion blasphemer.  All her most recent stuff has been a flop probably due to the fact that they always make her look unattractive now and most people turn off even if she has one of the best voices in the business and her latest songs could actually grow on people over time.  
To conclude I have mention my opinion that Kelly Rowland has now proven to be the best vocalist to emerge from Destiny’s Child although they push what I feel third rate now Beyoncé as their ideal.  Kelly Rowland did a combination with Sean Paul last year entitled How Deep Is Your Love a brilliant love song with a good tune and positive message and yet although they did show it on music TV in the UK a few times for some reason it never got into the UK charts and perhaps it was never officially released here in the UK because there was no fancy makeup or clothing ?

One thought on “Current Chart Pop Music ?

  1. I think as parents and grand parents, you have to make sure the kids stay grounded and real..our music, tv programs and media brain wash the grand kids live in the city..have all the latest phones, ipods ect, but they beg to come to nannas house in the country..nothing at least 2 hrs to a mall or even a home depot/hard ware nothing around but forests, deer bears great lk superior, we spend hrs, boating, swimming, fishing, hiking. and yes rock hunting, talking and collecting..and barry are starving to get out of the hustle of rat race..a camp fire on the beach, make them start it..learning skills..are vip.they will grow to become anti cool-aid drinkers..

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