Arch Plan Agenda 21 Update !

I’ve just been speculating on the assumptions that can be drawn from reading between the lines of and particularly the spin on the proposed merger between Astra Zeneca and Pfizer which the stock market parasites seem to be frothing at the mouth about with the FTSE up leveraging the imaginary money they pretend they have proven by the bid price, which has been festered by the fact that Astra Zeneca rejected the original Pfizer offer. Pfizer could probably use any trade restrictions or theoretical cast iron promises on job cuts to lower the price if they are honest, but they wont because the most probable reason they need to merger is the possibility that they are on the point of going bust and potential merger is an a attempt to at least hide it and support their future share price by paying good dividends. Like most of the Corporate Multinational Cartel ( including the Banks ) Pfizer are probably trading technically insolvent if their share price drops 10% yet Astra Zeneca is said to be turning a reasonable profit and had no plans to restructure ?

Perhaps Pfizer’s main commercial nightmare is the probability that sales of their ( aimed at the recreation market ) star drug Viagra have fallen because like most drugs its effectiveness significantly reduces if you take it regularly, and in any case most of the key target chronically sick men over 40 market Pfizer had long term projected had discovered that the ( out of patent dirt cheap ) Ramipril heart drug their GP had prescribed them had a similar side effect. Similarly the makers of Gaviscon have the impending headache of people discovering that if they go to a competent GP about recurrent heartburn he or she could give you Lansoprazole ( take one a day ) and you will never need to worry again and can eat anything without problem. The only reason I found out was because I told the on the point of retirement not my own woman GP ( who perhaps mistakenly diagnosed the urgent need remove my appendix when I was 18 I went to see urgent arranged that morning ) with a serious crick neck who suggested I used high dose Ibuprofen on top of my ( addicted to ) Tramadol to ease the pain. I told her no chance got bad heartburn so she suggested I take Lansoprazole. again cheap out of patent and free to me anyway as I have a prescription prepayment certificate ( £104 for the full year but you can get 3 months reasonable ) for all my other medication. I explained my observations to my own 20 years relationship now GP when I saw him shortly after so he put them on my regular monthly script, check situation when I see him at an appointment every year next one technically overdue now.

Despite all the Labour propaganda we have a good efficient Health Centre at Clitheroe now, daytime minor injuries Monday to Friday can be fixed in the Treatment Room just walk in ( and you can ring up in the morning to see a GP the same day ) but the money they spent bringing it up to modern standards hasn’t actually made the service any better. I go to visit the practice nurse ( officially around my birthday ) every year for my annual MOT and they now do a prior fasting blood test which is probably worth the hassle because you always get a competent nurse who can do it first stab despite the fact that my elbow veins are bad to see so I help by pointing to the approximate area from past experience. They never whinge when I initially ignore their reminder letter and wait until I’m certain to get my flu jab at the same time, none of them ever badger me about being significantly over weight or my openly admitted chain smoking which I believe is a key component in enhancing my creativity by improving my ability to focus my mind on the task involved.

A quick scan back through British history suggests that there were no big scientifically significant discoveries or advances in engineering technology until smoking became popular and useful technology advanced fastest when everyone could afford to smoke during the first two-thirds of the 20th century. Take R J Mitchell for instance, on the surface an ordinary guy who served his apprenticeship building steam locomotives yet he consistently won the Schnider trophy with his revolutionary aircraft design, then his Spitfire which probably saved our freedom in WW2. If anybody ever bothered to check I expect they would find there was a higher proportion of smokers ( when compared to the non smoking population ) who genuinely benefitted the advancement of humanity and forged real progress which benefitted everyone on our planet and it is therefore reasonable to believe that smoking is no bad thing even if it does kill some people early.

As usual I digress, but to get back to the Arch Plan it would appear that GWPF founder Lord Lawson ( who points to the danger of current energy policy ) is promoting the Pfizer takeover whatever the consequences when Astra’s main site former ICI group plant nestled in the foothills of the Peak District at Macclesfield is probably a key target for Corporate Ethnic Cleansing. Ancient Cheshire market town situated on the main Manchester-London rail line with a potential frequent semi-fast service when HS2 is completed and the fast trains currently going through but not stopping become redundant. the road link’s are not bad either. I went to the then ICI plant as last drop on a day run starting with the proportions of acetone and methylated spirits in drums to make nail varnish remover at since closed Vanda Beauty on the salt mine road at Winsford ( right on the bank of the tourist potential Weaver Navigation ) comprising most of the floor on a 40ft flat. Next drop was the now closed due to the digital revolution Kodak plant just outside Knutsford with some drums of hazardous chemicals for use in the photo processing they once did there, and after Macclesfield I went to pick up at Pointon.

It was obvious that there was serious manufacturing going on a Macclesfield and the stock market parasite asset strippers will be keen to get their paws on all the latest machinery and change money on it when its sold to China or India, then change money again when we import what was once made here and forget the future balance of trade deficit because it looks better in the short term. Other corporates will benefit by pretending to help the redundant workforce find new jobs and alleged low carbon Business Green subscribing fraudsters will be given generous government grants to locate there. All in all the perfect false economic growth scenario and keep the trade unions on board with good redundancy payments to squander on consumer goods for those with long service. I suspect that those with long service who had enough nouse to pay off their mortgage completely will be quite happy to retire and live relatively modestly off their probably artificially enhanced company pension ( until in addition they can claim their state OAP pension ) in total blissful ignorance of the almost certain impending global financial meltdown likely to wipe it out when the crash comes !

I am minded towards the conclusion that anyone in the UK who still religiously votes for any of the established LibLabCon politicians in 2015 is a 21st century equivalent of the WW2 Jews who willingly bought the train tickets to the concentration camps from the SS on the promise of a new better life after transportation to the east. The same principle probably applies with the Scottish independence and the SNP promising to end the Bedroom Tax and a better welfare state ( some German Jews were probably glad to escape the allied bombing ) , and were the recent Welfare Reforms part of the Arch Plan Agenda 21 to theoretically ensure a Yes vote. The Green Party’s policy is a sad joke apart from their Citizens Income proposal but even that’s projected too low anyway and poor people will be no better off after paying green taxes to subsidise renewable energy projects and fund the ever increasing unemployed due to high energy costs and are we all now experiencing the ” New Dark Age ” Winston Churchill foresaw ?


5 thoughts on “Arch Plan Agenda 21 Update !

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  2. The UK oil thief Nazi Yes bastards will allow Wall Street to turn the rest of the UK into Greece and we will have to privatise everything or starve and Scotland is not viable on its own anyway so the Scots will end up slaves soon as well, plus they will end our essential for our freedom nuclear deterrent by making it unaffordable !

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