Dummies Guide to Explaining the Co2 Scam on the Doorstep

According to the BBC, everyone knows that man made carbon dioxide ( Co2 ) is causing dangerous climate change and therefore we should willingly pay Green Taxes to espouse our inner guilt about our lifestyle and its impact on the ecology of our planet whist doing everything we can to minimise our Carbon Footprint.  At least that’s the EU quasi-religion  the teaching unions preach to our children in the hope that they will pester their parents to buy theoretically green products and recycle, buy a new fuel efficient car but never a question as to whether ordinary working families can afford it.


The fact is that regardless of financial circumstances everyone is expected to pay the same total green tax on their household energy bill, and whilst £200 might seem a trifling sum on the total energy bill for their centrally heated mansion complete with swimming pool its a lot of money to a chronically sick guy who has to keep warm to stay well living in a small house with perhaps just a gas fire and cooker.  Of course the Labour Party is always bleating about raising the top rate of income tax to theoretically take tax pressure off the poor yet it was them who introduced the current UK green tax system which taxes the poor the highest as a percentage of their income.  The Tories are just as bad, someone once calculated that road fuel duty at peak was the equivalent of 10p extra on the basic rate of income tax for anyone on minimum wage for whom a car was essential to get to their place of work on an average commute.  The Lib-Dems would have continued Labour’s reintroduced fuel tax escalator and however loud they crow about it was them who got personal income tax allowances increased, in fact its them controlling the Co2 stock market parasite investment scam agenda pushing for wind and biomass and ever increasing green taxes on energy.


The simple facts are that its well proven that neither Wind or Biomass reduce Co2 emissions and are therefore useless if your ideological objective in to reduce Co2 emissions and therefore its reasonable to believe that the true objective is to promote false economic growth in an attempt to plug the financial black hole in the stock market balance sheet.  In the UK today those virtually on the breadline are being enslaved to fund bonuses for most of the wealthy people in the country, if anyone had set out with an objective to transfer wealth from the relatively poor to the most affluent people in society they could hardly have done a better job of it than Green Taxes.


The latest cutting edge science is clear, no global warming for the last 17+ years yet Co2 levels in our atmosphere up 10% in the meantime and obviously Co2 has no impact on our climate whatsoever, all the latest evidence suggests that any Climate Change is ( observed ) solar activity driven,  From informed predictions based on past records of solar activity the emerging consensus is for global cooling until around 2035 for which we need to prepare our economy and adapt.


Our UK government at present is neither Far Right nor Far Left but all three of the main UK political ( LibLabCon ) parties could be accurately described as Far Stupid, whilst the Green Party alternative is also intellectually dishonest.  Think Hillsborough and Jimmy Savile and what else is our allegedly democratically elected government covering up if you don’t have free access to the internet and an enquiring mind !