Penning Axes the Disability Living Fund

People are coming round to my analysis !

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Mike Penning, Disabilities Minister. Now in charge of making things worse for the most disadvantaged.

Also in this fortnight’s Private Eye is the news that the Disabilities Minister, Mike Penning, has announced that the government is closing down the Disability Living Fund. The Fund, with a budget of £320 million, supports 18,000 severely disabled people. It allows them to remain in their own homes, be able to get into work and take part in other activities, which they would otherwise be unable to do. The Coalition had tried to close the Fund down last year, but a court ruling in November (2013) appeared to quash that. The court found that the government had not properly considered their duties under the Equality Act. This was to promote the rights and needs of disabled people to participate in public life.

The government, however, merely acted as it always does when its reforms…

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The Budget 19/03/2014 !

Carbon Floor Price to be frozen at £18 ton,( 2016 rate ) but originally it was only £6 so its gone up to triple and its a significant cost to industry and EU rules will block Osborne from opting out the big corporates whilst SME’s have to pay the full whack which is obviously anti competitive, and there is currently a big row in Germany about it !


Also smashed the stock market parasites in the face by giving people the option of taking their stock market savings as a lump sum, the whole object of the exercise being for people to put it into national savings, or get a real interest rate market going on the high street !