Green Taxes ?

I’ve been gloating about what Cameron said about green taxes at PMQs today but on a more serious note the green economics need exploding and perhaps ” measures to help the poor ” like the £135 quid towards subsidising bills for low income people in receipt of state benefits.  Scrapping all green taxes as identified by the main stream media would mean cutting the £135 to save £115 which on face value is negative in the quest to reduce poverty yet there is only a certain budget for the year and unless you have a social worker who is ” on the ball ” and they get you in early.  The result is that many of ” those in need “can’t claim anything and the energy bill can be the final straw on a family budget tipping point into debt and payday lenders, if everybody saved £115 it would have a better overall effect on those below the financial apartheid barrier.  


However, if the cost of providing grid connections for wind farms is taken into the green tax equation its probable that 20% of energy bills are due to green policy so a potential of saving at least £150 for everyone, and to maintain grants for new boilers everyone with a household bill 25% above the average, pay a 20% tax on the value of their bill.   In effect anyone with a bill over say £2000 per year would pay 20% tax on the cost above that.  A truly progressive green tax could increase to 50% on all household bills above say £3000 which would probably include those with swimming pools etc.   That could provide enough revenue to subsidise practical home insulation as well but you still have to heat the house up in the first place and its half gone through an open door anyway, the biggest potential saving is always new boilers.  Of course any tax free Energy Allowance would have to be index linked to average household energy bills and rise and fall with the true market we so desperately need in the UK, repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act and get back to Coal !


Green Holocaust


It is now published that the eco-fascists behind and probably in control of the the environmental NGO’s advocate a massive reduction in the human population on our planet, and therefore it is now reasonable to believe that individual governments may be secretly planning along those lines.   Having followed UK environment politics for well over 20  years now the evidence suggests that the UK has plans to reduce the population significantly, which may be significantly accelerated in the event of the meltdown of the global stock markets as part of an ” Austerity ” policy.   It would appear that the starting gun has now been fired on the Green Holocaust in the form of the current UK Welfare Reform Bill and particularly with policy relating to the chronically sick and disabled, like Finnish eco-fascist activist Pentti Linkola suggests, achieve the goal to kill all ” defectives ” by stealth.

Although it…

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