The Co2 Gas Price Scam plus Fracking !

Ever since Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act the whole UK energy market has been rigged to favour low carbon energy and particularly Wind Farms and the latest Strike Price for wind only compounds the situation.  The price of Gas is propped up by the Strike Price for offshore wind keeping the average wholesale energy price high as expressed per Kw/h of potential electricity generated.  The same principle applies to the Oil Price now that its planned to use diesel generators to back up wind in a ” Capacity Market ” probably leading to consumers having to fork out the interest payments plus profits on the capital of equipment basically paid to stand idle most of the time.   All in all the perfect welfare state for the stock market parasite investment scam, get domestic energy consumers paying a private tax to fund city bonuses and lifestyles which do far more damage to the ecology of our planet like flying around everywhere on a regular basis often in private jets.


At least fuel poverty has been forced onto the agenda with Shale Gas Fracking, not withstanding the difference in geology between the UK and the US and alleged UK fracking sites already operating without environmental problems the economics for fracking in the UK just don’t add up due to high road fuel duty.  George Osborne may be having economic ” wet dreams ” about the potential road fuel duty take, but it still wont be enough to escape the deficit for which the only true alternative remains default. What we really need to do with shale gas is use it as a bargaining tool to get cheaper gas off the Arabs longer term if we don’t go ahead with it, just keep it in the long grass for future reference !


The useful idiot eco-fascists have spoilt our negotiating position but then PCS Union ( who funded nodashforgas at Balcombe ) is mostly job centre staff wanting a high unemployment rate and likewise the rail managers union are probably just as much subsidy junkies as the wind industry.



The RSPB is preposterous

If only Pinocchio’s nose had been cut for timber !

Roger Helmer MEP

The RSPB, always rather a suspect organisation in terms of its political activities, has excelled itself.   It has formally objected to plans by Cuadrilla to drill for shale gas, on the grounds of potential damage to birds.

Remember that the RSPB is a knee-jerk supporter of green policies and “action to prevent climate change”.  As part of its approach, it is a vocal supporter of wind turbines, apparently oblivious to the fact that wind turbines, on many estimates, kill millions of birds (and bats) every year,  and are very ineffective at reducing emissions. The industry responds that cats, and traffic, kill more birds than wind turbines.  This may be true, but turbines preferentially kill rare birds, raptors, and migrating birds.

So let’s get this clear: the RSPB is a charity for the protection of birds.  The clue is in the name.  Well-meaning elderly folk leave the RSPB generous legacies

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Know your enemy : the “green” politician.

This guy gets it !


Any time you make an assessment of a situation or a group of people, you have to be aware that it will have a certain shelf life. Things change, situations evolve and new factors appear as time moves on. Of all the groups I’ve looked at in this series, that consideration applies to politicians the most.

It’s the pragmatic nature of politicians that they rarely make irrevocable commitments, because they are only too aware they’ll sometimes be obliged by changing circumstances to alter their position on things and it’s for that reason that the adjective slippery is so often applied to them. That may be a disagreeable fact to people but it’s simply the way Realpolitik has always worked. On the rare occasion that they make an unconditional promise on something that really matters and break it, electorates tend to be unforgiving.

For instance, as climate hysteria has died down, they’ve been slowly…

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From Steam to Ka, an essay on efficiency

This is one I wrote earlier than nollyprott !

Celtic Lion

Guest writer Gordon Pye looks at part of the efficiency of transport

Back in the 1870s Francis William Webb was an excellent steam locomotive engineer, having been trained by and followed in the footsteps of John Ramsbottom, the man who invented the piston ring. He introduced some really good designs like the express 2-4-0 Precedent ( Jumbo ) class, of which ” Hardwicke ” survives in the NRM today. He also introduce a cheap goods locomotive with patent cast iron wheels ( 17 inch coal engine four foot five inch wheels ), with an 0-6-2 tank engine version, for mixed traffic his ” Cauliflower ” 18 inch cylinders and five foot two wheels. All the ” goods ” designs lasted until after the second world war, Hardwicke was preserved due to it achieving 67 Mph average between Crewe and Carlisle in the great race to the North. A coal tank…

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