Germany’s rebellion against wind power picks up pace

The Germans will end the Co2 Scam First !

Autonomous Mind

Reading the propaganda that Greens and wind power fanatics churn out the state of affairs in Germany, one could be forgiven for thinking our Teutonic cousins are experiencing a universal condition of rapture and living in a wind energy utopia.

The reality is, as one finds all too often, very different.  As Dellers explained in his piece in the Mail on Sunday, sudden fluctuations in Germany’s power grid caused by the ebb and flow of wind have led to serious industrial damageand the number of short interruptions in the grid has increased by 29 per cent in the past three years – resulting in some firms on the grid reporting damage running into hundreds of thousands of euros as a result of unexpected stoppages.

In 2006, when wind farms were few and far between, engineers in eastern Germany running coal, gas and nuclear power plants took action to stabilize the…

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EXCLUSIVE: The main thing being produced by UK offshore Wind Farms – RUST….and CO2

Why Would anybody want to buy a used Rubber Wildebeest ?

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Another Whitehall SNAFU: maintenance costs to sky-rocket as the negatives of offshore wind power bubble to the surface

offshoreturdThe rusty white elephant leaves the room….to pollute our oceans. What a mess this is.

There is a private ‘arbitration’ case going through an English arbitration court at the moment. The 1996 Act passed to enable such things is basically a way to free up Court time taken up by complex technical disputes….and, dare I say it, keep prying eyes away from what’s going on. It involves two very large supply organisations. And from the sidelines, DEFRA is looking on with a growing sense of anxiety.

Britain blasted into offshore wind farms, and then upped the pace of it after being put on the naughty step by Brussels for not turning the entire country into a fart-recycling plant. In their haste to do Master’s bidding, the Mandarins of Whitehall called in some…

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