Bedroom Tax ?

I suppose that if it really got desperate for them the Tory government could spin the Bedroom Tax as an attack on the Corporates, and in particular the Banks, who have to keep house prices inflated or all the housing associations and buy to let landlords should go bust taking the Banks down with them.   If both corporate and individual landlords did the Christian moral thing and reduced their rents in order that nobody would be forced to move its likely that they would be unable to cover their debts to the banks and other institutions like pension schemes which would precipitate a crash on the stock market making all the Banks insolvent.  They must be pretty close to the edge as it is as both RBS and only the other day Lloyds had alleged computer problems for a short period indicating that they probably ran out of electronic money, and like with RBS earlier, coinciding with a big variation in the FTSE whether theoretically up or down.   Perhaps the only thing keeping the stock market alive at the moment is a potential influx of wealthy migrants fleeing civil unrest in their own country, in fact all you actually need is 18k in independent income, probably based on the stock market and they will always be given good jobs when they arrive in the UK.  Little wonder UK university graduates struggle to find work, their jobs are probably being taken by the weathy’s offspring of just as poorly educated immigrants with no true allegiance to the UK.

The UK really is the stock market parasite Noah’s Arc at the moment, everything inflated up to a point of financial apartheid dividing the population in order to maintain former Public Servants in the luxury retirement the Corporate-Nazi system awarded them for going quietly along with their Arch Plan and practice Corporate Ethnic Cleansing on the indigenous UK population.   If a 26K cap on benefits per household is fair game for the unemployed the same principle must also be applicable to public sector pensions in a situation of austerity mostly due to the miss management by them greedy ten bob fat cat selves.   The stock market is bound to implode soon so it would appear that the stock market parasites are putting all the crap into the lower final value schemes which would appear to have lost 20% in the last ten years even though the FTSE is back at almost record levels at the moment. At the moment the average household is paying a tenner a week to fund public sector pensions, and no one wants to deny retired people a decent living but funding regular round the world cruises and big fancy new  cars every 3 years looks positively ludicrous in the current financial situation ?

It clear that if we free the market, the Banks and pension funds will implode before much longer and hopefully in the summer months, if it doesn’t come off this summer they must keep it afloat until next year, a winter Banking crisis could kill people.  It might be a good idea for people to carry a cash float of enough to last them a month because Cameron is likely to dither at the crucial moment, and Miliband dare not challenge him as the full truth about what’s been going on in the UK for the last 30 years will come out, Hillsborough is the tip of an iceberg.

Its crucial to get interest rates back up to a reasonable level, just nationalise anyone who cant pay and punish them for being foolish enough to participate as the instigators of the banking scam, that is not to say the actual people, just their homes, no need to throw anyone out on the streets.  That includes taking back housing associations into council ownership, although most properties have crap modern bathrooms etc replaced as a carrot for privatisation when the old would still suffice for most people.  It going to be really painful for some people if we cut out all the dead wood of false economic growth generated in the past 40 years but in the end I expect the UK to be a more friendly and generally happier society than the Corporate-Nazi dictatorship we have in 2013 !


3 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax ?

  1. From this posted on Telegraph finance !


    If every bank manager has a target to raise his mortgage loans by 5% how is he going to achieve this if new house builds are 0.2%? Easy, lend more money on the same houses, and rely on the government to allow unlimited immigration so as to keep demand up and inflate the value of housing. And if first-time house buyers can not get on the property ladder buy-to-let landlords will buy the houses and get rich!

    Apart from your primary residence all residential property capital gains should be taxed at 100%, unfortunately all those Labour MPs “flipping” their houses would not get rich as well so their sense of equality suddenly dies a death.

    3:31 p.m., Wednesday March 4 | Other comments by expatbrat

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