Are Higher Levels of Carbon Dioxide Actually Having a Slight Cooling Effect on our Planet ?

The UK science establishment ( despite evidence like the CERN cloud experiment ( based on a 1995 theory by Svensmark ) and the research to prove it put off for years, plus Roy Spencer and NASA proving that the earth radiates far more heat to space than expected ) still clings to the run away man made global warming religion in the hope that the sceptics will go away when new evidence to the contrary is published weekly.  It is now even suggested that Co2 is not a greenhouse gas at all and can be proved applying Newton’s second law of thermodynamics, and some bloke in the earlier 20th century proved it, of course the eco-fascist leaning BBC is not reporting it and SKY is in bed with a match funding deal for WWF advertising their free range tiger farming, ( as if tigers are endangered, there are more breeding in zoos than are left in the wild but it makes big tourism money with the 1% international jet set ) Its the same with Polar bears, gone up to well over 30,000 now from 5,000 in 1950.  There has been no overall warming since 1998 and the Met Office data says its actually cooling in 2011-2012 despite ever rising levels of Co2 in our atmosphere, with the benefit of increased food production potential.  Similarly the sea level has not risen sharply as predicted, the latest latest research suggests the the area of permanently dry land on Pacific atolls is increasing, more extreme heat events / drought can look spectacular until you find that the 1930s was far more hotter and colder, 2012 Russia had the coldest December in 70 years again not reported in the UK.  It must be clear to anyone with a true education based on an open mind that the Sun is the primary driver of our climate, now astrophysicists can fairly accurately ( 85% ) predict the longer term weather based on the interaction of the magnetic fields of the earth and the moon.

It may therefore be reasonable to believe that Co2 has no effect on our climate or weather at all, but given Spencer’s observation on radiation to space perhaps Carbon Dioxide has a slight cooling effect for the following reason.  The Specific Heat Capacity of Co2 is only a quarter of that of water, therefore at higher concentrations of Co2 the air loses its heat to space far quicker, and particularly on a cloud free night making dawn temperatures lower, although on the same principle the air would heat up quicker during the day, overall no global average effect but colder winters in temperate regions, cloud cover being the main factor in summer temps but more frequently resulting in snow in mid winter. All based on basic secondary modern school physics as taught to 13 year olds in the 1970s but that’s the problem with the university boffins who would appear to have forgotten about the basics in almost every field of science and engineering these days.

The exact same principle must also apply to Methane which has a SHC just over half of water, so all the anti livestock farming rhetoric is just eco-fascist quasi-religious propaganda, and perhaps the same principle applies to their latest attempted black soot warming scare, that was the whole point of the secondary physics experiment, paint something sooty black and it radiated more heat cooling quicker, no overall warming effect if anything cooling when the sun is not shining or blocked out by any clouds.

Perhaps Man Made Global Warming was just a scam invented by the energy companies in order that they could increase their profits in a world said to be heading into another little ice age by the Sun watchers, a slick business opportunity to leverage the money from green taxation to gamble on the stock market during the period they held it and increase energy prices through speculation.   If only our politicians were not so brain dead as to still swallow AGW, the exception which proves the rule being Labour MP for Blakeley ( north Manchester ) Graham Stringer who refused to sign off the official UK ” climategate ” inquiry whitewash !


7 thoughts on “Are Higher Levels of Carbon Dioxide Actually Having a Slight Cooling Effect on our Planet ?

  1. Hmm… the energy companies simply climbed on the bandwagon rolled out by the UN.
    Here is a link where NASA shows CO2 saved the world. Yes, recently.

    And here the BBC mention the possibility of a Maunder type minimum and the Thames freezing over. Who would have believed it?
    Scroll to the 54 minute mark right near the end.

  2. If Co2 is a green house gas X and Co2 is a plant food more Co2 must mean better plants and crops . According to
    Gia theory life on Earth is a self balancing system X

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