Are Higher Levels of Carbon Dioxide Actually Having a Slight Cooling Effect on our Planet ?

The UK science establishment ( despite evidence like the CERN cloud experiment ( based on a 1995 theory by Svensmark ) and the research to prove it put off for years, plus Roy Spencer and NASA proving that the earth radiates far more heat to space than expected ) still clings to the run away man made global warming religion in the hope that the sceptics will go away when new evidence to the contrary is published weekly.  It is now even suggested that Co2 is not a greenhouse gas at all and can be proved applying Newton’s second law of thermodynamics, and some bloke in the earlier 20th century proved it, of course the eco-fascist leaning BBC is not reporting it and SKY is in bed with a match funding deal for WWF advertising their free range tiger farming, ( as if tigers are endangered, there are more breeding in zoos than are left in the wild but it makes big tourism money with the 1% international jet set ) Its the same with Polar bears, gone up to well over 30,000 now from 5,000 in 1950.  There has been no overall warming since 1998 and the Met Office data says its actually cooling in 2011-2012 despite ever rising levels of Co2 in our atmosphere, with the benefit of increased food production potential.  Similarly the sea level has not risen sharply as predicted, the latest latest research suggests the the area of permanently dry land on Pacific atolls is increasing, more extreme heat events / drought can look spectacular until you find that the 1930s was far more hotter and colder, 2012 Russia had the coldest December in 70 years again not reported in the UK.  It must be clear to anyone with a true education based on an open mind that the Sun is the primary driver of our climate, now astrophysicists can fairly accurately ( 85% ) predict the longer term weather based on the interaction of the magnetic fields of the earth and the moon.

It may therefore be reasonable to believe that Co2 has no effect on our climate or weather at all, but given Spencer’s observation on radiation to space perhaps Carbon Dioxide has a slight cooling effect for the following reason.  The Specific Heat Capacity of Co2 is only a quarter of that of water, therefore at higher concentrations of Co2 the air loses its heat to space far quicker, and particularly on a cloud free night making dawn temperatures lower, although on the same principle the air would heat up quicker during the day, overall no global average effect but colder winters in temperate regions, cloud cover being the main factor in summer temps but more frequently resulting in snow in mid winter. All based on basic secondary modern school physics as taught to 13 year olds in the 1970s but that’s the problem with the university boffins who would appear to have forgotten about the basics in almost every field of science and engineering these days.

The exact same principle must also apply to Methane which has a SHC just over half of water, so all the anti livestock farming rhetoric is just eco-fascist quasi-religious propaganda, and perhaps the same principle applies to their latest attempted black soot warming scare, that was the whole point of the secondary physics experiment, paint something sooty black and it radiated more heat cooling quicker, no overall warming effect if anything cooling when the sun is not shining or blocked out by any clouds.

Perhaps Man Made Global Warming was just a scam invented by the energy companies in order that they could increase their profits in a world said to be heading into another little ice age by the Sun watchers, a slick business opportunity to leverage the money from green taxation to gamble on the stock market during the period they held it and increase energy prices through speculation.   If only our politicians were not so brain dead as to still swallow AGW, the exception which proves the rule being Labour MP for Blakeley ( north Manchester ) Graham Stringer who refused to sign off the official UK ” climategate ” inquiry whitewash !


The Alleged Unintended Consequences of the Carbon Dioxide Causes Climate Change Scam !

Anybody who worked in an outside job through the late 1980s and early 1990s could probably have been forgiven for believing the media hype about how man made Co2 was causing Global Warming and that urgent action had to be taken to reduce emissions, or so the environmental NGO’s like FoE and WWF would tell everyone, I must admit that I myself was a believer.

I even wrote to Friends of the Earth pointing out that the traffic calming they were promoting at least doubled pollution, especially the toxic type it has since been established that traffic calming increases Co2 by 83% and NOX ( the stuff that gives you asthma ) by 37%.  In 1995 I wrote an article about it increasing pollution and sent it by snail mail to FoE, I waited a couple of weeks but received no reply so I rang their office and asked if they had received it, pointing out what it was about and was then basically told to get stuffed and the phone was slammed down on me.

By the time I had got my first internet access in 1996 I had written to every alleged environmental charity in the country and again not one single reply, I also wrote to Peg Alexander then leader of the fledgling Green party on other transport issues pointing out how to reduce emissions and costs on transport and how to get more freight on the railways based on my experience from time exploring in New Zealand and before that Australia.  Again no reply as if it had never been written so I did start to seriously question the true motives behind the green movement.

I did eventually get a response from Greenpeace who simply said they didn’t care about the extra pollution just so it aggravated people so much that they walked, cycled, or took the train / bus, needless to say for anyone with a true road safety culture if anyone had deliberately set out to design death traps for cyclists they could hardly have done a better job of it than traffic calming. 

It may in fact lead to a situation where said cyclist would cause more traffic pollution than what he would have done if he had caught the bus instead and the new junctions in towns with cycling priority encourage the potentially dangerous practice of passing a left turning HGV on the nearside, if you get run over by an HGV or bus at 5 Mph it leaves you just as dead as it does at 50 Mph so 20 Mph Zones are pointless and cause an extra 10-15% pollution.  Of course the cynic would say that its all about getting people to pay more in road fuel tax as increased above the rate of inflation by the escalator, which in turn decimated our manufacturing industry ( especially up north ) during the late 1990s before it was brought under control by virtual riots.

At least all road fuel tax increases have finally been abandoned now that the oil price is inflated by speculation, it was a direct tax on low income people in rural areas, someone once worked out that it was the equivalent of 10p on the basic rate of income tax for anyone on minimum wage, its always the poor who get hit by Green taxes almost as though the whole object of the exercise was to economically cleanse low income families from rural areas, now squarely Corporate Ethnic Cleansing by the current high oil price.  

The very latest alleged Green potential ethnic cleansing scam is the impending Carbon Floor Price, basically a tax on your coal, and the only other alternative heating electricity price will be inflated as coal generation is currently the cheapest market option, yet another direct attack on lower income rural people on top of other stock market parasite ( Neo-Liberal / Corporate-Nazi ) ideologically inflated costs like insurance for young drivers. 

I suspect that they will continue to escalate the price of coal in the UK until it works out at the same price as bottled gas, I know of a case where two teachers installed bottled gas central heating in the remote house the woman had been left to her, they just couldn’t afford it so what will happen with farm workers etc and others on low incomes like pensioners.   It would appear that the whole object of the Green taxation exercise is to prop up market prices for energy speculators. I believe the Energy Bill currently includes a minimum ( ” Strike ” they allege ) price for energy, so we wont see any economic benefit from shale gas even if they do waste it generating electric when it should be used to secure a longer term future for current UK industrial and domestic use.

Looking at the broader global picture its clear that the push for bio-fuel the green NGO’s were all pushing for in the 1990s has precipitated mass destruction of of rainforests especially the habitat of the Orang-utan for Palm Oil which I am informed by a 1941 book has the highest calorific value of any vegetable oil and makes the best bio-diesel as under enforced use under an EU directive, similarly ethanol from Corn stealing food from the starving millions and inflating world cereal prices for the stock market parasite speculators yet again.  Its all about generating false economic growth which in turn increases the financial apartheid between rich and poor which even in the UK could eventually precipitate regular riots for more false economic growth repairing the damage on the insurance if you can afford it.  

Its the same principle with wind farms, if they ever meet the EU target it could precipitate regular power cuts and cause anarchy in towns an cities unless we pay twice for our generation capacity, wind farms don’t save any Co2 if your primary objective is to keep the lights on 24/7/365. The special magnets in wind turbines use rare earth metals which have turned where they are made in China into the most toxic area on the entire planet, you probably use twice as much Copper for wind farms as conventional power plant generation so the stock market parasite speculators are snouts in the trough again.

Their latest investment scam is wood bio-mass which puts further pressure on the rainforests in that it probably makes chipboard more expensive in comparison to imported ply-wood, I almost had a heart attack when I got the bill for some softwood joinery today, with hindsight perhaps it would have been cheaper to do the job in UPVC again to the profit of the oil companies the eco-trendies claim to hate so much.

I could go on and detail overseas examples of Corporate Ethnic Cleansing in places like Uganda where 1000s of subsistence farmers were thrown off their land and an entire village forcibly cleared in the name of a UK company Carbon Capture forestry project where rich people could buy credits to offset their flights for example and espouse their inner guilt about how their luxury lifestyle was impacting their revered mother earth.  

I am informed that WWF cleared an entire African village to make it theoretically safe enough from Prince Charles to go out there and present them an eco award, similarly their Tiger farming projects are ejecting the harmlessly farming locals and making good food productive land turn back to rough scrub, all those ethnically cleansed expected to go and live in perpetual poverty and squalor of the slums in the big cities.   Time to forget the cute cuddly Polar Bear image and wake up to the fact that like the real thing they ( WWF etc ) will rip your head off given half the opportunity !

If only Pinocchio’s nose had been cut for timber, then perhaps we could have built ” Jerusalem ” in England’s green and pleasant land, not the virtual ” West Bank ” separation in a nation divided by financial apartheid we would appear to be heading for if current UK government policy is not changed entirely. 

We can be lighter in our footprint on the ecology of our planet if we demand that consumer goods must last a lifetime if you look after them properly, perhaps the only legislation that would be needed would be a ban on consumer credit for anything that didn’t last at least 30 years. An example would be a new car you bought in your 20s that you could hand on to your kids when they in turn passed their driving test ?