The Badger Cull

At long last DEFRA is going ahead with a cull of badgers despite all the eco-fascist protestations over the course of recent years and more recently the court case, environment policy handed back to the true environmentalists our farmers and the true indigenous local tribe, a victory for the ancient British, at least as far back as the Civil War.  The famers understand the land far better than any education you can get at university, the grammar school near me has a higher proportion of farmers kids.   The fact is that if you are an idiot with your land you will soon go out of business as a farmer, farming is far worse now so the pressure is on to cut costs but its already cut to the bone, many farmers relying on the OAP to keep afloat, lose the ability to sell stock and you are stuffed no chance for younger farmers to survive.   That’s what university trained environmentalists want in order that farmers will be forced to leave the industry freeing up the farm property for speculative developers tapping into the stock broker retirement market.  Likewise wealthy immigrants, all spurred on by programmes like BBC Escape to the Country, ( and its on almost every day now ) the consumer dream of living in the country and in fact perhaps the only factor putting the brakes on their eco-trend is the lack of fast Broadband in many rural areas.


Of course the government is promoting fast broadband, politicians believe that it will improve their local economy which it would theoretically do if all the rich people who move in buy local, but the net result must be lost jobs from those displaced into unemployment in the larger towns.  Of course anyone not paying the higher rates of income tax doesn’t matter to the BBC, everyone has to be a good Ten Bob Fat Cat and play the property speculation game, local councils are all run to theoretically increase the value of property in their area, cut speed limits in residential areas, introduce weight limits was the original favourite.   In fact like the SS in Nazi Germany getting the Jews to willingly buy the train tickets to the concentration camps, anything to promote false economic growth by increasing the cost of transport, not least not objecting to the Road Fuel Tax Escalator and other ” green ” taxation principles.


If the current trend continues then there will be very few of the original indigenous population left in rural areas, the very same people who in the 1960s had an environment where thrushes thrived despite the fact that the local kids would raid the first round of eggs laid by wild birds and take them into school for the ” nature table ” strictly verboten now, despite the fact that it probably did more good than harm.  The point was that the kids would take the first round of eggs laid in the early spring and perhaps hatched before enough food was available for the chicks.  The song birds simply laid another round of eggs and the chicks thrived in the warmer conditions, kids fun over for the year and no harm done.   Our local problem with declining thrush numbers only started when a pair of Peregrines moved into the face on the local quarry, after about 15 years there are no thrushes in our local area. still plenty of Blackbirds though, probably because the hawks think they are crows.  I remember BBC Bird in the Nest once showed a peregrine nest where the parent cam back with a brown thing that looked like a thrush but the camera was edited at the critical point, the wildlife presenters know full well hawks eat small birds, how can Attenborough state that peregrines only eat pigeons.  He also claims they always kill first strike yet whilst racing pigeons I had several survive hawk attacks, a member of the public once alerted me to one he had found that had been two thirds plucked before it escaped, I nursed her back to health.


The lesson must be that perhaps like the original Hillsborough reports alleged ” eco-friendly ” as portrayed by various NGO’s and universities policy is not to be trusted, the indigenous people know better how to protect the local environment and sustain the agriculture we all need to sustain our longer term survival, the latest cabinet appointment of Owen Patterson gives us some hope of achieving a sustainable rural future !


7 thoughts on “The Badger Cull

  1. farmers are desperate, because of the supermarket chains squeezing them down. There is very little cross-transference from badgers to cattle – the biggest reason for the spread of this disease is the conditions the cattle are raised in, types of conditions that lower their natural immunity.

    this is a completely unnecessary slaughter. The Tories know it. The Govt scientists know it. Most educated farmers know it, and the Public are learning quickly. This is yet another ‘throw a sop to the right-wing media’ campaign, and a particularly despicable one.

    oh, and there is nothing automatic about “indigenous” peoples caring for the land. We are indigenous to the EARTH – think about it. Not doing a great job, are we?

    more genocide will not help, no – not even against the “UK’s Panda”.

  2. Its the supermarkets as well, but its their supply chain screwing the farmers for increased transport cost dur to eco-fascist policy on fuel taxation and imposing weight limits over the past 30 years. How can Badgers be the UK’s Panda, they are far from rare in fact the bloody things are everywhere, perhaps they were once rare and that’s why all the leftie leaning useful idiots think they should be protected instead of being seen as the vermin they actually are.

  3. I was just thinking about the ecological impact of said cull of badgers, they eat earthworms etc which must be a loss to the true ecology, worms do a good job keeping the soil in good condition, look how they can work in a compost heap situation, will convert even hen manure into top class soil ! Contrary to popular belief it would appear that badgers are bad for the environment, perhaps they wouldn’t be so bad if they ate rabbits like stoats and weasels.

  4. University inspired environmentalism is little more than a quasi-religion, would they question the environmental credentials of an Amazon Indian living off the jungle ?

    In many areas of the UK the farmers are still the indigenous population and hold a knowledge of the local land built up and passed down through generations, not a few townie kids still wet behind the ears who have only studied from books for a few years.

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